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It was a surprisingly quiet couple of days.

Dean stayed by Sam's bedside, never straying far, as his brother slept.

Bobby had insisted that the group of hunters gather at his house for a celebration of sorts. Dean wasn't celebrating until Sam woke up. He hadn't really felt like celebrating for a long time now. Definitely not since Sam had...changed...into the traumatized remnants of a man that had once been strong, determined, stubborn as heck, and kinda, sweet, honest, and just Sammy.

Dean restrained a sigh, full of sorrow and regret.

In respect of his wishes, the hunters had agreed to put it off till Sam could celebrate with them...if he wanted to and was able to.

Come on, Sammy. I'm going stir crazy here and I need...I need to make sure you're okay.

Sam stirred.

Dean sat up straight, feeling more alert than he had since it had all ended several days ago.

"Sammy? You awake, buddy? You're safe, I promise. You're okay." Dean hoped that this would help his baby brother remain calm.

He wasn't sure he could handle a panic attack after the long few days, weeks, he had had.

Sam's eyes fluttered open and Dean froze as Sam's eyes slowly scanned the scene, freezing on Dean and widening.

"D-Dean?" Sam sounded confused.

He wasn't nearly as confused as Dean, though. Sammy's talking. Talking to me. And looking at me.

"A-are you okay?" Sam's brows furrowed at the look on Dean's face.


Suddenly, Dean found himself pulled into his little brother's arms, held tightly against a form that seemed so much larger than it had in recent weeks.


Oh gosh.

It's Sam! Really Sam!

Cas...Castiel. Thank you. You meant whole...whole...oh gosh.

Dean wrapped his arms around Sam, restraining a sob of joy and relief.

"Sammy. Crap, Sammy, you had me scared to death, kiddo."

"I'm okay. I'm okay. I...I don't remember it, Dean. I know it happened, but...I don't remember what I saw. I'm okay. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

Dean pulled back, cupping Sam's cheek with a hand gently, his voice firm. "None of that, Sam. It wasn't your fault. You saved the world, kiddo."

Sam shook his head. "We saved the world, Dean. You and me. Couldn't have done it without you, big brother."

And Sam's face lit up with a bright smile that Dean hadn't seen it weeks. A smile that had Dean suddenly tearing up and laughing all at once.

The scarring darkness was gone.

His Sammy was back.

"C'mon, Sammy. The others are waiting for us. We have some celebrating to do."


After the celebration that lasted for days and had Dean swearing off alcohol and Bobby's chilli forever (not that Sam believed him at all), the boys decided it was time.

They stood outside, gazing out at a fresh morning that looked brighter than any morning ever had before.

"What do you want to do, Sammy? I mean. We, uh, we can do whatever you want." For once, Dean sounded unsure of himself, his normal cockiness gone. "You...you could go to college, Sam. I know that's something you wanted to do. I could always hang around. Meet some cute girls. Find some new bars. Or we could find a nice place to settle down. Get jobs. Be normal civilians." Dean glanced at Sam, his face slightly red from the show of emotion that wasn't instigated by someone dying. "Whatever you want to do, Sam."

Sam's gazed up at the sky a moment, blinking rapidly. Don't be a girl. Dean's embarrassed enough as it is. But Sam couldn't help but be touched by Dean's offer.

Sam kept his face straight as he tilted his head, as if in thought. "Well...I don't know, Dean. After defeating the devil...everything's going to seem so boring..."

Dean froze, staring at him openly for a moment, before busting out laughing in a fit that had both of them on the ground, gasping, by the time they finished.

"Here I am being all nice and sweet and crap and you make a joke." Dean gasped.

Sam grinned brightly. "Someone has to be the man here, Dean."

Dean gaped. "Why you-"

Sam laughed. "Don't worry, Dean. I won't tell anyone that you're secretly a girl."

Dean punched his brother in the arm, shaking his head, restraining a grin.

They were silent for a moment, both lost in thought, when Sam finally spoke.

"I don't want to move on, Dean. Maybe a long time ago I would have...but after everything that's happened... I just don't think I'm meant for a civilian life." Sam shook off his moment of melancholy, throwing his suddenly concerned brother a smile. "Besides, you'd be bored within a week."

Dean snorted. "Whatever." It's probably true. "Hunting it is then, huh?"

Sam nodded. "Yeah. We make a good team."

"We make a great team. We're awesome."

"You're modest, too."

"My specialty."


"I know, my brilliance astounds you."

Bobby's voice suddenly rang out through the yard. "If you ladies are quite done, breakfast is ready, then I think I found a hunt for you."

Dean forced himself to his feet, then offered a hand to Sam, who grasped it, letting his big brother pull him up.

"Alright, then. Look's like we have work to do."