Black Jack: Heart Beat

Hello! This is the sequel to Black Jack: California Madness or whatever it's called. I forget and I'm too lazy to check! But it's definitely a sequel to something! Please read and review! I DO NOT OWN BLACK JACK!

Chapter One

Black Jack and Pinoko had a blissful and short period of courtship. Within one year, the couple were married. They married in the springtime, in Hokkaido, where they would have the ceremony and also their honeymoon. This way it was cheaper and less stressful, and also it was lovely considering that the cherry blossom trees were blooming generously at this time of year. Pinoko wore a lovely white dress with a lot of lace, and a long train to match. Black Jack wore a simple elegant tuxedo.

They had few people attending the wedding and in fact, Kiriko was the only one that was in their wedding party. (Pinoko had insisted that SOMEONE be in the wedding party…) The guests that attended were among Kuwata Konomi and her husband Rock, Kisaragi, and a couple of other doctors that didn't necessarily hate Black Jack. Despite the smallness, it was a beautiful wedding ceremony, and it was a lot of fun.

Five years later, and the couple were doing alright. They were still in love; they were still happily married… Yet of course, for most women around Pinoko's age (which should be about her early thirties), something was missing.

They were sitting in their bed one night, and she was lying there on her side, thinking about things, and Black Jack was reading a book on something medicinal related. She glanced over her shoulder at him, and then sat up.

"Black Jack?"


"I think we should have kids," she stated firmly and suddenly, not even needing to hesitate.

He stuck a bookmark in his book and shut it slowly. She waited for his response.

"No," he said finally, setting the book aside on the nightstand.

She arched a brow at him. "Well… why not? Shouldn't we have a child before you get too old?"

"I'm old now?"

"Well you're older than me. You know what I'm saying."

"I don't understand why you would want one," he admitted. "I mean, they whine, beg, go through various temper tantrums, and they aren't potty trained till at least the age of ten. Why would you want to take care of something like that?"

She paused for a moment, and then it hit her. She turned around to face him.

"Wait a minute—you won't take care of it?"

"Of course I would. But you would be the primary caretaker. You're the mother, and you have more time than I do."

She crossed her arms. "That's sexist."

"Well, it's just common sense." He rubbed the back of his head nervously. "And um… I…"


"Pinoko." He gently took her hand and gave it a squeeze. "It's not a good idea, okay? Your body can't handle that kind of trauma. You couldn't handle going to school—and now, you want to try going through labor?"

She froze, staring up at him. She was slightly horrified.

"I mean, you've had various… surgeries… and medical problems in the past. I don't want to risk it."

She crossed her arms, and bit her lip; turned her head away so he wouldn't see that she was getting a little emotional.

"You know what I find funny, dear? How I can't do anything you don't want me to." Her voice broke slightly, and she wiped at her eyes.

"Pinoko, no."

"Well it's true! I can cook, I can clean, I can assist you in your surgeries and be loving with you, but I can't go to school, and I can't get pregnant…" her lip trembled and she started crying.

"Pinoko, it's not like that. It's never been like that." He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. "Please don't cry."

Don't you know I can't lose you?