Chapter One;

Jack Sparrow sat in a bar in Tortuga waiting for inspiration to strike; the Pearl was in a bottle, and neither Jack nor Gibbs could think of any way to remove her. Even the large tankard of rum wasn't doing anything to improve his thought process, or his mood.

"This is not right, Mister Gibbs."

"What be not right, Jack? As far as I can see, everything is going swimmingly." With a drunken smile, Gibbs toasted his tankard to Jack, and proceeded to drain the contained alcohol, spilling most of it down his chin.

"Gibbs, The Pearl is in a bottle."

"We've established this Jack." Gibbs was obviously not happy about the way the conversation was turning towards sobering thoughts, and cast about, as if sure there was no way he could have just finished the last of his drink. "But there's nothing we can do about it now."

"This still leaves us with the problem of me sitting here, with The Pearl, in a bottle."

With that Gibbs stood up, gestured by pointing towards the ceiling and wobbled before proclaiming

"Well in the case, I'm going to see a man about a goat."

Taking one step, Gibbs misjudged the floor and proceeded to fall, face first, flat onto the floor. Draining the last of his beverage, Jack stood up, stepped over his unconscious first mate and staggered across to the bar.

It was an eclectic mix of patrons that filled The Drunken Parrot that night; naval sailors drowning their commission into piracy, pirates revelling in the drunken-ness of it all, there was even a fight taking place in the other room, but despite this obviously violent outlook, the bar thrummed with life. Everywhere you looked, something was happening; drunken harlots plying their trade, captains signing up young, would-bees to sail on some 'venture or other; landlords struggling to keep a semblance of order.

As Jack elbowed his way through the throng and made his way to the serving bar, his eyes alighted on the only table in the place that was unoccupied, or at least it appeared to be. Watching this pocket of silence, Jack observed a shift in the shadows, and it became apparent that the table was not unoccupied. There was a silhouette of what appeared to be a woman; a female; of the opposite sex. Grabbing a two bottles of rum from the counter, Jack made his way to this hurricanes eye. The table itself was unremarkable, tucked away into a corner of the room. It was surrounded on two sides by a set of right angled benches that were, at one time, attached to the wall, but with the years of fights and other exploits they had become unfastened. The dark teak table-top bore its marks of abuse, from typical beer stains to deep and deliberate knife grooves, obvious in the flickering candle light. Its knotted surface was unremarkable in the usual aspects; the single left foot, garbed in a water-stained leather boot that rested on the unoccupied bench was anything but.

A twinkle appeared in Jack's eye. Perhaps this foot was attached to a leg, and that leg was attached to a body that would provide a welcome distraction for the next few hours. The boot was made from a stout dark chocolate-brown leather with a silver buckle across the top, and normally would travel all the way up to thigh level, half way between hip and knee. Today however, the top six inches were folded over to create a shorter, more practical boot. Small veins of ware criss-crossed around the heel and ankle, showing that this boot was well used.

Tracing his eyes upwards, Jack aimed a smile to where he guessed the face of this shadowy person was.

"Mind if I join you?" Jack questioned, proffering one of the full tankard of beer.

The shadow nodded and Jack sat on the half empty bench, pushing the rum towards the corner. It disappeared into the darkness.

"So," Jack said, placing his hand on the cloth covered leg and deliberately placing his fingers over the knee. "What makes a person like you, sit in a corner like this, in a place like here?"

The candle flickered as the shadow shifted. The person leaned forward, allowing the light to fall upon their features for the first time. Mahogany hair caressed tanned skin, while chocolate eyes watched Jack with a bemused expression from under simple brows. As half smile tilted the corners of full lips, Angelica replied

"The same thing that makes one person leave another on an island."

Oh dear, what will happen next :D Stay tuned to find out :P