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Chapter One

Peaceful. That was the only word that was thought of to describe the almost deserted beach on that clear, full moon night. At midnight, not many people walked by that beach but there was one person that could be seen standing watching the small reflecting waves come rolling in and gently departing.

The person, a young woman, looked melancholic, as if remembering something so sad that it could break the spell that place held. She stood so silent and motionless, as if posing for a picture, for hours. Only as the moon was setting did she finally move.

Leaving the beach behind, she climbed into a small beat up car with dark tinted windows. She pulled out onto a highway that was devoid of cars and headed to her apartment, trying to beat the oncoming sunrise. The young woman was cursing herself mentally for staying so late at the beach. Just as the first rays of sunlight were peaking up from the horizon, the young woman pulled her car up to the apartment complex. Rushing up the stairs to the sixth floor, she pulled out the key as the sun was starting to seep through the window panes.

Finally reaching the correct floor, she ran to the door and jammed the key in. Throwing open the door, she ran to the windows and pulled the thick black curtains across them to block the stream of sunlight that was just reaching her floor. Sighing in relief, she slid down the wall she was leaning against to sit.

"Close call again Emiko," the woman, Emiko, heard from the entrance of her apartment. "Seriously, if you know you're allergic to the sunlight, why do you always cut it so close?

"It's none of your business Amanda," snapped Emiko at her neighbor.

"Well then don't make so much noise in the mornings when you're coming in," Amanda snapped back, "or else Ill petition against you again." With that said, she slammed Emiko's door shut.

Ever since Emiko had moved into the apartment complex two years ago, Amanda had been trying to get her evicted. The first time was because she never went out during the day and she always had her windows covered with black, heavy curtains. When approached by the other neighbors about it, she explained that she needed them because she was allergic to the sun's light. After much speculation, Emiko opened one of her curtains and put one of her small, pale, delicate-looking hands into the beams of light. Seeing her hand quickly turn red, someone whipped the curtain back into place while another person got her some ice for the burn. Ever since that day, nobody had signed another petition against her.

Getting up from her position on the floor, Emiko walked over to a picture frame and picked it up. Looking at it with a sad gaze, she took in the little boy and girl smiling back at her. Running her fingers over the Asian features of the boy's face, the woman sighed and replaced the frame.

Just before she entered her room for the day to rest, she murmured, "I'll find you someday big brother."

End of first chapter

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