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Chapter Eleven

They were quiet for a while, sitting and thinking, when Kei got up and put his glass next to the sink.

"Let's go out. Grab some coffee, ice cream, and go to the beach to hang out. We aren't going to have any jobs for a while since we have to lay low," Kei suggested. "Besides, we have ten hours until we have to go back to hiding away from the big bad sun."Emiko sat up and leaned her head in her hand then said, "That's what I would do on my days off. That is, only when I didn't have to meet with the private detective. It's peaceful and quiet since most families are at home, tucked away from the looming night."

"Alright then, let's go if we're going," Sho said, getting up and grabbing his leather jacket. "By the way, I split the takings from the job. Here is your takings and we need to stop by Son's place to drop off his share even though he isn't expecting anything."

Sho handed Emiko an envelope filled with money. Taking the envelope, she looked inside and her eyes widened.

"Before you say anything, it is the same amount everyone got," Kei butted in. "We only give Shinji part of his because if he had all of it, he would just use it for drugs. Sho goes over and gets his bills then pays them with the rest of the stash we held on to." He handed Emiko her coat and purse then put his own red leather coat on.

Shaking her head, she took her coat and made her way out the door after tucking her envelope away. The two men followed after her, Kei taking the time to lock up after them. While waiting for Kei, Emiko put her purse over her shoulder then her coat on her body and buttoned it up. Sho watched her with raised eyebrows. Looking up, Emiko saw Sho staring and shrugged.

"What? I don't want to get mugged. Don't worry; I can still get to everything perfectly fine."

Kei chuckled at her response and motioned for them to leave. They showed her some of their frequent stops, that way, if she was ever out and they weren't home, she would have a chance to find them. They talked throughout the night of the different adventures they had while growing up, mostly to keep Kei from blurting out embarrassing stories of Sho and the others. She, in turn, told them of how she refused to learn English and go to school as well as her refusal to speak to her guardians in any language but Japanese.

"I didn't want to forget my language and not be able to communicate with Toshi or you and your brother. Obviously I learned English but I kept my accent since I learned it in my teens. I was homeschooled up to my eighth year of school. So I was thirteen when I made friends then gave them up after three years."

The trio was sitting on a log, watching the waves roll in and eating ice cream cones. There were boxes sitting on plastic bags in front of them as well as plastic spoons. Again, the two men surrounded her, as if protecting her from unseen forces.

"So now that I'm back and the only girl of the group, you all aren't going to become knights in shining armor right?" she asked them then took a bite of her cone.

"Course not. We will look after you cause you're one of us," Sho said with a nervous chuckle.

"Why would we change our ways now?" asked Kei.

"Just remember, I may look fragile but I am just as strong as Kei," Emiko reminded them as she finished off her cone.

"He's only strong if he remembers to feed," Sho told her without thinking. She heard a muffled 'thunk,' then an 'ow,' and shook her head with a sigh.

"Kei, you are going to stop starving yourself. After all, how are you going to remain the badass protector if you're not strong? If you don't drink blood, you can't stay with Sho or the others. I can barely hang on to my mind when Toshi and Sho are in the same room," she told the other vampire softly. "I have thought about leaving so many times since I've gotten here, I'm surprised I haven't. I'm afraid to live with Toshi by myself."

Kei put his arm around her and pulled her into his side. He took a deep breath then sighed, letting it go back to the sounds of nature. Emiko let a few minutes pass in silence but knew Kei had something bugging him.

"Kei, what is on your mind?" she finally asked, looking up at his face.

"Emiko, the vampire that made you," he started slowly, not wanting her to feel like he was prying, "was his name... Luka?"