AN: Okay so another Drabble series only this time they will focus solely on John and Shayera...I am still working on a drabble series surrounding the other couples of JLU as mentioned before, however I do have a surplus of drabbles based around these two so I wanted to share them with you.

Other characters will be mentioned in and out and I will mention if necessary whether the drabble is set pre or post Starcrossed as that seems to be the major timeline event in their relationship. As before with my other drabbles, these are in no particular order and do not follow a timeline, they are simply moments/events that I have thought of and typed up. Hope you like these anyway and all feedback is welcome :)

Oh and the title was selected for symbolic purposes, 'Hearts and Minds' after all is the episode where I think both of them become fully aware of their feelings towards each other :)

Of course Justice League and its characters do not belong to me, instead they belong to their respective owners :)

Watching and Waiting

The canteen is busy and despite herself she is seated with other Leaguers, half of her is relieved that she can sit amongst people without feeling guilty or feeling that she ought not to be there, but the other is craving solitude.

'You need to know...I'm staying with Mari'

She shudders involuntarily and one of the costumes asks her if she is quite alright, she nods and smiles although it doesn't reach her eyes.

Her eyes are drawn up and she realises that whether she is looking for him or not, and regardless of how large the crowd is...she will always see him, always watch him.

He is with Mari and her heart tears a little more but she has become a master at concealing her pain, at least until she is alone. She likes Mari, but the friendship is becoming harder, requiring too much energy, energy she isn't sure she has left.

As she sits with her lunch her attention no longer on her company, but on the man who so frequently invades her dreams, she watches him. Watches as he nervously rubs the back of his neck, the way his eyes shift to look around the room, the way he smiles, but the smile she is seeing is unlike the ones she has seen before, it is different, strained.

Despite knowing that she should try to move on with her life, and create a new one for herself with someone else, she knows that there is no one else she would rather spend her life with. She tried to move on, she tried with Carter, but there was something about her and Carter that seemed wrong, she knew why it felt wrong.

She wasn't made for him.

So instead she watches the man she is made for and waits for the day that he realises like she has, that there is no one else for them except each other.