[During the Final Battle for Japan... at The Altar of Zero, Cinnibar Island]

The Emperor remained composed as the portal opened before him, revealing what was best described as hell. A twisted, spiralling void of pain and hatred devoid of light or solace. The only thing that kept him from laughing aloud in twisted throes of madness was his reverence and terror he felt in the face of this realm... and his sheer hatred of the boy he had once called son.

A silhouette from the void resolved itself into the figure of a man, who strode from the warp before the Emperor. The man was an enigma – his features were regal and charismatic, and a long green mane of hair framed purple eyes that shone with dissonant serenity. If any emotion other than apathy existed in those eyes, it would be hatred.

Hatred for the wretch that stood before him. Hatred for a world driven to the brink.

"My Lord Missingno..." The Emperor declared, falling on one knee and lowering his head. "I pledge unto you this world for your vengeful wrath."

The figure raised a hand to the Emperor, and words echoed through the world inside the old man's head.

[ SEAL ]

The Emperor remained calm as all light in the world turned to darkness, a black fog so thick that he couldn't even see his own body. He bid his heart to still, and spoke. "My son has betrayed me and stolen everything I ever loved," the Emperor continued, knowing he was within the abyss of the Code. "This world, and all that is in therein, is yours if thou wilt merely drag him under all."

"The one that ye seekest hast been unwritten." The figure said, footsteps hitting the stone around the emperor, who noticed the crash of the waves around him. "The Missing Numbers, demons as thou callest them, have been removed from the Code, as hast thine eyes. Thou art blind in body as thou art blind in mind."

The Emperor's heart froze at the figure's words, and he broke into a cold sweat. "I- I don't understand-"

"Mene Mene Tekel Upharshin," the young man said, walking around the Emperor as a purple light began to consume the desperate old man. "I have numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. Thou art weighed in the balances, and found wanting. You kingdom is Divided, given to the Numbers and the European Universe."

"I am N." The young man said as the purple light reached the Emperors horrified eyes. "And you, old fool, are nothing unto me."


Ryujin dove under the water, Ho-Oh swooping through the gap in Giratina's barrier and consuming the Brittanian advance team in Sacred Fire.
The great bird dropped Rivalz, who unleashed Regice, Regirock and Registeel into a weaker point behind enemy lines and unleashed havoc with his machine hand of death, crushing skulls as the three titans tossed the pathetic mortals aside.
A Tornado in the ocean, a tempest of power, burst through the bridge of land and rose up to meet the spiralling holy flame from above, creating a mighty thunderstorm that struck through the many mighty airships in the Brittanian Navy, breaking their seals and sending the huge hunks of useless metal onto the soldiers below.


A swarm of deoxys was deployed from one of the remaining Rayquaza ships, meeting the Black Knight horde of the same beast, this time led by a girl named Shirley who flew on wings of blood.


The white knight tore through the Broken Brittanian army on his Altaria, slicing through soldier and pokémon alike with his burning blade, charging to meet Brendan, the World Bearer, who jousted atop a screaming rayquaza.


The sun grew dark as Cynthia's black rayquaza warship swept its tail through six consecutive wailord carriers, tearing through flesh and steel in the sky that fell to the men below.


Red fired shot after shot with his handguns. Pika and Vee danced around him, unleashing more death as a scream of loyalty tore through the air above him.
Jeremiah landed amongst the Undying Britannians, his Geass crushing their Codes, and he unleashed the lightning of the gods.


Silver rode on his entei, slicing foe after foe with his lance, pausing only to grin at his ally Gold, who speared through foes with his own lance, riding through the battle on Raikou.
Until he fell, a spray of blood staining his Raikou's pelt as a stray bullet tore into his skull.
Silver's courage turned to horror, which then swiftly turned to rage.
The fires of hell were unleashed, burning those below who were unfortunate enough to escape the Sacred Fire from above.

Rifles rang out as the Brittanian force held the line, infantrymen sending their Pokémon as the numbers began to charge onto the landmass, over the ruined airships.
The air soon became filled with blackness as the Brittanian pokémon were captured, some even from their pokéballs, by the legion of Black Pokéballs that flew at the hand of Vengeance.

This was not supposed to happen.
The heretic numbers were outnumbered.
Outdone in every way.
Yet they fought.
And they conquered.
Xingke, Cornelia, Toudou and Lelouch commanded these few.
These brave few.
The work of death worked unceasingly on both sides.
Yet the Empire could not advance.
Then the news rang out.
The Emperor was dead.


The survivors of the Brittanian armada, their Army, Navy, Air Force, all those with enough sense to fear surrendered.
Despite the heavy losses on both sides, it was clear.
Despite the might of the Empire, only one side could have overcome the other.
And the Black Knights are never defeated.
Zero stood tall above the battlefield as the victory cry rang out.

The tyrants were toppled.

The world sang with the song of justice, led by the Black Prince.

Only to be silenced with a knife to his back from his oldest friend.

Suzaku struck Lelouch down for his sins and burnt him to ashes.

And that was how the day was won.


[ Two Years Later, Pendragon Imperial Palace ]

Suzaku Kururugi Li Brittania, Prince Consort to the 100th Empress of Brittania, awoke from his tormented dreams with a jolt. His hands griped his sheets as his eyes darted around the dark room, panting deeply in shock.

It was only when he felt the Empress' sleeping arm subconsciously grip around his waist that he regained his senses.

He looked at her, her pink locks framing her beautiful face as she slept, having a good dream for the first time in months.

Silently, Suzaku wiped the cold sweat from his brow and slipped out of the bed.


The Prince Consort was soon found by his closest friend, tossing bones from the previous night's feast into the incinerator.

"Isn't it amazing, Lancelot?" Suzaku asked his companion, both of them watching the emboar skull collapse into ashes amongst the flames. "We take from life, we return what we don't use, and life repays us in full."

The fire dimmed and a newborn tepig popped its head from the ashes, coughing as it climbed out of the incinerator.

"A perfect Revolution of life." Suzaku concluded distantly.

-You had that Memory again-

"It was one of the most horrific battles in history, Lancelot," Suzaku reminded his friend. "I'm not the only one who still bears the scars."

-It's almost as if you reject the blood on your hands-

"I know..." Suzaku said with a silent sigh. "Euphie keeps telling me that I did the right thing. The new world works, so I shouldn't feel guilty." He rubbed the tepig's warm head. "I'm starting to believe her."

-Do you not desire to be happy in life?-

"More for her sake than anything," he admitted, smiling sadly. "Lancelot, you know what goes on in my head."

- I am not the only one-

"You had that nightmare again, didn't you?" Empress Euphemia asked from the doorway, her silk nightrobe wrapped tightly around her slender frame. Her voice was soft, with a note of concern, but also understanding. A year ago he had barely been able to shut his eyes, so damaged he had been. But now, he was healing, as was the rest of the world. It had been almost a year since peace had been established around the world, bar a few guerrilla groups, and three years since that battle over the pacific.

Three years since Zero.

Suzaku broke into soft laughter.

"What's so funny?" Euphie asked, a small smile playing on her lips.

"Nothing." Suzaku said, standing up with the small piglet. "It's just, life is good, Euphie," he explained, placing the tepig into her arms. "Life is good.

Far away, in the arctic wastes of Russia, a demon gasped for air.

His mind raced through the broken memories. He'd woken up without lungs, without bones, without hands, and frozen to death a thousand times in the bitter snowstorms that plagues this arceus-forsaken expanse.

Yet, not this time.

This time, he was warm.

There was someone with him.

He saw a familiar head of green hair pressed against his chest, huddled with him inside the beartic skin that acted as their only shield from the elements. He brushed his hands against the curve of her back as the good memories came flooding back, filling him with warmth.

The awakening witch pulled herself up his body, and breathed his name. All of her wit, sharpness and brilliance, gone in this one moment. One perfect moment that he waited an eternity for.

Years were like moments to her, but not these few.

The black prince raised his lips to hers, but stopped as he heard the gun click.

"Don't you dare spread that geass of yours, witch."

The warlock craned his head to see seven figures standing in the mouth of his small cave. Seven SAS guns were trained on the two Codes, the team's satisfaction and diligence quickly turning to horror as they realised who their target was with.

"Tell me, when is a man truly dead?" the demon asked, his pale, malnourished frame standing up against the most hardened soldiers who had faced the worst tortures. "Is it the moment his heart stops beating? When he ceases to stand up against the injustices of this world?"

A black shirt was flung over his shoulders, and he grinned at the terrified veterans.

"Or perhaps..." he asked as they brought their rifles to bear. "Perhaps a monster cannot truly die while there are still mortal tongues left to utter its name."

A gun fired, and bullets imbedded themselves into the warlock's chest. The battle was over before it had begun – because his Geass had began to blaze.

"I, Lelouch Vi Britannia, command all of you, DIE!"

The panicked voices of the soldiers died in their throats as their minds found a singular imperative.




After my baptism of fire and my coldest hell, Truly, I was like unto Prometheus.

I brought light unto the world, and so this justice was carried out, so others could find mercy in my death.

So be it.

I shall become like the Lightbringer of old.


"Lelouch," C.C. asked, wrapping herself in her winter coat. "What do you intend to do with your extended existence?"

The dark prince clipped his pokeballs, his only comrades that had never once betrayed him, to his black coat.

"I set out to topple Britannia and bring Justice to this world," he answered, pulling a white winter coat over his head."I don't quite remember completing that task."

The witch smiled, taking a rifle into her gloved hands and heading to the mouth of the cave.

"I seem to recall you finding snow to be quite beautiful," C.C. commented over the roar of the blizzard. "I find it a harsh mistress myself."

In the darkness of his hood, the demon smiled.

"Lead the way, Witch."

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