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Having obtained the power of the kings, Lelouch moved forward to seize the world his father had created.

Having fallen from his goal, he waited, forgotten and ignored by an ungrateful world.

Now, he rises from the ashes once more, to reclaim that which has been denied him in the past.

Having ascended to a Code, Lelouch can no longer experience death.

Yet, it's taste still remains ever present on his tongue.

Having been betrayed by all, waking in a white desert of cold,

He walks on.

Moving slowly forward in a world that has turned and long since left him for dead.

After several hours of pressing through the frozen wasteland, the effects of the last few years on Lelouch's body became apparent.

Immortal does by no measure mean invulnerable.

The stamina Lelouch once had was gone, where once strong flesh and sinews had been, was now atrophied into weak muscle that could barely walk. Keeping his eyes open was torment, fighting the hunger and fatigue that begged for the sweet release of rest.

C.C. could tell that he wasn't going to travel much further in this state.

She gripped the a Dream Ball on her waist and pressed the button, sending out a Musharna. "Secret Power." She ordered, directing the pink elephant's mist to envelop the snow in front of her, carving a cave out of the ice below. "This way." She ordered, grabbing the enfeebled Lelouch and dragging him into the pit, Musharna closing the entrance behind her as she returned to her pokéball.

The cave was well lit, despite the lack of any visible source of light. Leaving Lelouch sat against the wall, C.C. removed the laptop computer from her bag and opened a few files.

Within minutes, the cave was decorated with furniture drawn from the databanks of the machine, and they were both warming up by the fireplace.

As Lelouch shivered in front of the flames, he pondered.

The world had moved on without him.

"How long?" He asked the witch as she began to remove her outer layers.

"It's the third of January, Three years after Zero." C.C. replied, shrugging off another coat. "You should be honoured. Every calendar in Britannia is a reminder of you. They started counting after they killed you above the Pacific."

Lelouch didn't even glance at her, eyes trained on the embers.

"What was that pokémon you used just now?" He asked.

"Musharna." She answered. "They started showing up during Suzaku's conquest of Britanninia."

Lelouch's eyes narrowed. "How many other new species are they?" He snarled.

"One hundred and fifty, give or take." C.C. shrugged, sitting down on a cushion. "According to your theory on Geass Evolution, someone found Mew."

"You said Suzaku conquered Britannia." Lelouch said, dodging the veiled comment. "Charles's Geass failed during the battle. Where was he?"

"I don't know." C.C. told him. "I sensed him travel to Ireland, then reappear at Cinnabar."

Lelouch's eyes shot open. 'C-Cinnabar!'

"Then he vanished." C.C. continued. "disappeared from the face of the planet. Just like Cyrus."

Lelouch's panic calmed down, burrowing into confusion. 'No... no even with the death of Marianne, his determination to kill me would have been enough to keep Azelf from abandoning him...'

"You're plotting something." C.C. commented with a mild smirk. "What do you have up your sleeve this time..?"

Lelouch merely frowned further.

There was a twinge in his brain as something whispered a quiet, but forceful, No.

"I'm working on it." He lied. "I haven't had that much time to think lately."

C.C.'s smirk faded.

The fire crackled.

"Hey." She said, breaking the silence. "Pass me the cherish ball on your waist."

"Hm?" Lelouch asked, before looking down and reaching for the sphere. "Oh, sure."

C.C. took it from his hand and opened it.

"LULU!" A voice screamed, tackling Lelouch to the ground as he let out a squawk of alarm.

Reorienting himself, the black prince was able to see who was smothering him.

Dark skin, orange hair, limbs morphing into tentacles...

"Shir-Shirl-MPH!" He began, before getting his mouth covered by a mass of writhing flesh.

"That's not my name." The deoxys said, looking down. "I know that's who I look like. I know that's who I remember being. But that's not me." She said, blinking the red from her black eyeballs. "Lulu... please... not that name..."

He blinked in shock, then nodded, sliding back slightly.

She withdrew the tentacles from his oesophagus, allowing the air to flow freely into his lungs.

She knew he was in no danger of dying, no matter what happened to him, so she could be rough if it meant he got the point painlessly.

It was thanks to him that she was like this.

"Shirley Fenette was a young woman who loved you." The deoxys explained, hair covering her face. "I am a pokémon that was given a psyche based on her memories. A pokémon that was captured by you."

Lelouch blinked again, unable to take his eyes or comprehend the situation he was in.

He couldn't even glance towards that damned witch for an explanation to what the hell was going on?!

"So... Lulu..." The deoxys said, raising her face to look him in the eyes. "Give me a name!"

"Huh?" Lelouch asked, mind going blank at the absurdity of the situation.

"A Nickname, Lulu." The deoxys pleaded. "Some identity. Any identity that can be mine! My own self! The Me that I have created for myself."

"Why... why do you need me to name you?" Lelouch asked, swivelling to his knees. "If you are you're own self, you can be whoever you want to be-"


The secret base shook at the screech, Lelouch rolling backwards into his front. He got up to see that C.C. hadn't gotten off so lightly from Shirley's outburst-

Except that wasn't Shirley stood there.

That was a deoxys.

Clear as day.

"This is what I am Lulu." The deoxys sobbed, a red tear trickling down its cheek. "I can't be what I want to be because I am your pokémon lulu. I will fight by your side forever lulu. Because that is what I am lulu. And a pokémon needs its trainer to name it lulu.

"I can never be Shirley Fenette lulu." The pokémon stated clearly, the tears flowing freely down its face. "Please don't make this hurt more."

And Lelouch got the message.

"I understand..." He said, looking down, not meeting her eyes. "Serenity."

She transformed back into a human shape instantaneously. "S-Serenity..?"

Lelouch nodded, painstakingly turning to look into those pitch-black eyes with white iris'.

No matter what he did to look at her, he couldn't change what he saw.

Her face.

Her expression.

The way her hair fell around her body.

Her blush at the supposed act of affection.

The way she shook her head to clear her thoughts.

"Okay!" She shouted, pumping her arm excitedly, her black eyes flashing into that familiar shade of green just long enough to unknowingly twist the knife into what was left of the demon prince's heart. "I'm gonna make us some soup! Just let me grab my apro-Ah!" She shrieked.

"Hm?" Lelouch asked.

"S-sorry, I always forget..." Shirley- Serenity said, covering herself up. "Um, d-do you want me wearing... clothing..?"

Lelouch honestly hadn't thought about it.

"Go with whichever you prefer." Lelouch sighed, sitting down to look into the fire. "That's an instruction from your trainer."

Shirley-Serenity- The deoxys "Hmm"'d, then nodded with her same old bubbly nature. "Right! To the kitchen!"

C.C. sidled over to Lelouch as the other girl rushed into the kitchen, no doubt tripping over some pans by the sounds of the crashes.

"You handled that better than I-" C.C. began, stopping as she noticed his shoulders shake.

And the tears leaking from his tightly shut eyes.

Silently, she pulled him into a hug, letting him rest his head against her as he let out a silent sob.

While Lelouch wept over the fading memory of a long-dead girl, what about his estranged best friend and the ruler of over a third of the planet?

He was too busy fawning over the most perfect little princess in the whole wide world to be troubled by such matters at the moment.

The six-month old princess laughed as Suzaku gently tossed her into the air, only to catch her again a moment later. His guards had very strict orders that they were, under no circumstances, to interrupt his family time.

This was Felicity's time.

And Suzaku knew that if he was willing even to cut one minute from the precious time between two and three o'clock, then it would be so much easier to cut five minutes from this sacred hour of the day.

Then ten minutes.

Then fifteen.

Then thirty.

And before he'd know it, he would spend the entire day without seeing his precious daughter.

Then weeks.

Then months.

Then the perfect little stranger would be bringing the boys home to the palace, and he would scream and panic over where his little girl was, and who she had become, and where his precious daughter had vanished to.

Suzaku knew what it felt like to have a father who, slowly but surely, let running a country become more important than his family.

And that was not going to happen here.

Still, he could see his aide, Sabrina, standing near the door, waiting impatiently, her black suit contrasting against her red blouse, clearly wanting his attention.

Whatever business she had, Suzaku could tell that it was urgent.

Regardless, he turned his attention to what was really important, and nuzzled Felicity in the nose, causing her to squeal in delight as she flailed her arms about.

Nothing was more urgent than right here.

"I am Ghetsis..." The old man with the green mane declared to the crowd, standing atop a pedestal, surrounded by his armoured guard. "Ghetsis of Team Plasma. What I have to tell you all today concerns the liberation of Pokémon."

The crowd stood in this park of a small city on the east coast of Britannia. The crowd had gathered here, not so much of interest, but of convenience as they passed by, deciding to stick around to see what the fuss was about since, well, it was a nice day and they weren't in any particular rush.

Ghetsis flicked his mane as the crowd voiced their confusion. He wore an extravagant red and gold cloak around his suit, swishing majestically as he casually turned, attracting even more attention from the passing populace. "We humans have lived together with Pokémon." He declared, carefully modulating his tone of voice as he read the atmosphere. "We require things from each other, and consider some partners... All would seem to think this is the case, in fact.

"Yet, is it really true?" He asked his audience. "We humans all entertain only that same thought... Has there never been the consideration that it might not be?"

Some of the people in the crowd began sharing confused glances with each other, the situation seemed to be as ridiculous if the green-haired man wasn't so serious. "Trainers order Pokémon to do whatever they please..." Ghestis continued. "They work them hard under the guise of being partners..." He smiled. "What if that were to be prevented by someone to clearly divide them?"

The crowd was stunned into quiet shock and outrage at the suggestion, Ghetsis almost expected to see someone faint. "Don't you agree, everyone?" He asked. "Pokémon are creatures whose sheer potential is limited by humans. We are beings who feel they must study a great many things. But what should we humans do to be ambassador to the oppressed Pokémon?"

"Liberate?" Kallen asked, looking up from the crowd as more people voiced their disbelief. "'Is this guy for real?'

"Correct!" Ghestis shouted. "We must liberate the Pokémon! And once we do, humans and Pokémon will for the first time stand as equals. Everyone, please do consider what must be done to properly get along with Pokémon." He put his hand to his chest and bowed. "And thus, I, Ghetsis, conclude my speech. Thank you for your attention."

With that, he stepped off the pedestal, his men quickly dismantling the stage and moving out with their leader.

"Man, whatta kook!" Rivalz shrugged, turning to the redhead. "Honestly, I'm trying to be ungrateful for the way things turned out, but seriously, all this liberation miiiight be starting to get to people's heads."

Kallen snapped her head to glare at Rivalz, then sighed.

To be honest, she had to partly agree with him.

Since the Empire had become the commonwealth, all the numbers had been somewhat liberated.

The numbered nations had regained their previous identities, and ran their own government, under the direction of Brittanian governors.

The caste system had been completely demolished, despite the Royal family remaining in place and in full power. What this meant was that while the nobles remained wealthy and powerful, that power and authority was no longer an innate right of nobility. A Maori pauper had just as much chance of running for political office as the Emperor's cousin.

While it was a great opportunity for so many liberated numbers, it did cause quite a stir amongst some of the more, power hungry and traditionalist nobles.

That Ghestis for example.

He was a Count before the new regime started.

What Kallen couldn't work out, however, was why he was singing the song of Liberation.

What he being sarcastic, comparing pokémon to the numbers..?

Or, was he actually serious about what he was saying?

"Tell me, what do you think about what he was saying?" The voice on the other side of Kallen asked, making her jump.

She turned to see a pensive young man, holding his chin gently between thumb and forefinger as he considered the words that had been exchanged.

"Erm... he's got his own views..?" Kallen asked, caught off-guard by this man a little more than she would have liked.

He wore a white shirt, no coat even in the January cold. His wild, green hair flowed down his back, his eyes were shadowed under his cap, but those eyes were the main reason this man made Kallen's skin crawl.

She didn't like how... above it all he was.

"I suppose everyone is entitled to those, aren't they?" The man replied, turning to face the couple. "Regardless, I think your pokémon would be most upset were they to be 'liberated' from you. Your pokémon have such a close bond, not just to the two of you but also to each other. That kind of interlacing bond is most incredible."

"Eh-eh?" Kallen asked, dumbfounded as she stepped back into Rivalz.

"It has been a pleasure to meet you both." The young man smiled, before stepping past them and continuing his travels.

Rivalz waited until the young man was out of earshot before he discharged the energy that had been accumulating in his bionic arm.

"You too, huh?" He asked, eyes narrowing as he watched the fading back of what his battle-hardened instincts screamed was a very dangerous enemy.

"How did you find me?" The perpetually teenage boy asked, opening his eyes to the glare of the snow.

"Mountain, solitude, it's where you usually go." Cynthia replied, walking behind him and taking a seat in the snow beside him. "Just a matter of finding out which one."

It was a mountain high up in the peaks of Canada. The view was obscured by the low cloudline, and though the snow had fallen thick, there was no immediate blizzard.

Even though, it was far too cold for a young man to be wearing short sleeves. like Red was.

Red sighed. "I'm not taking part in Suzaku's Geass control thing." He stated adamantly.

"I don't blame you." She replied. "I'm just glad he doesn't know about mine."

"Yeah..." Red asked, turning to her. "How did you get that? There are no male Code's that haven't been missing for the past quarter decade."

"Your brother had to sleep sometime, before the battle." Cynthia admitted with a hint of guilt "It has proven to be a most interesting experiment."

"Yeah?" Red asked her. "What's it do?"

Cynthia smiled.

"I can hide." She said. "I just have to activate my geass and no one knows I'm there, even if they were looking directly at me moments before. People simply fail to notice me, or refuse to acknowledge me as anything out of the ordinary."

Red's eyes snapped open, then he laughed.

The laugh was part out of pity.

Part out of sympathy.

Part out of how much this was going to suck for her.

"What's so funny?" she asked him.

"It's just..." He shook his head. "Have you ever heard of a Geass Runaway?"

Cynthia turned to face him head on, then raised her hand to her face.

And brushed the blonde hair that covered the left side of her face.

Revealing the blazing geass that covered her eye, then asked the Grand Master a question.

"Why do you think I came for your help?"

The second the hour hand hit three pm, Sabrina ran into the garden, sprinting towards Prince Consort Suzaku- a meaningless title, as he was effectively the Emperor in charge of the Commonwealth, while his title suggested that he was nothing more than the Emperess' spouse.

The fact was that Suzaku was the one who had conquered the entire empire within a three-month campaign. The only reason he took that title was so he, through his marriage to Empress Euphemia, would have right to the throne as royalty, as well as through conquest.

The not-emperor sighed, placing his daughter onto the picnic blanket as Sabrina stamped into the grass to stop her acceleration and immediately dropped to one knee. "Sire. We have urgent news."

"I noticed." Suzaku replied. "Thank you for maintaining our privacy despite the urgency."

"Thank you your majesty." She replied, rising as Suzaku gestured for her to rise. "The team pursuing target Gracidea have been wiped out."

Suzaku's eyes shot open.

"The audio data from their audio indicates that it was about to transfer the Hidden Power." Sabrina continued, using the code words to emphasize the severity of the situation. "They then accepted an order from an unknown source and proceeded to kill each other."

"Where." Suzaku demanded.

"The satellites lost signal with their tracking devices as they entered a blizzard thirteen hours ago." Sabrina reported. "The trackers were then destroyed, and their last traced location was in northern Prussia."

Blue flames danced within Suzaku's fist.

"Prepare S.S. Camelot." Suzaku ordered. "I want a full attack squadron and a complete heatran bombardment unit ready within the hour. We launch at sixteen hundred hours."

"Yes." Sabrina knelt again. "Your highness."

Sabrina's pokénav buzzed.

"Dismissed." Suzaku announced, turning around to leave his aide to answer the call and prepare what was needed.

"Yes?" Sabrina asked the caller, turning to walk away, then stopping. "WHAT?! SIRE! CODE BLACK!"

Suzaku span around to face her instantly as she barked orders at the staff monitoring the walls, ordering the television screen to open in its port on the massive stone wall and turn on.

The Prince Consort paled as he recognised the figure on the screen.

_\_ "People of the world..." _\_ The man wearing the mask announced. _\_ "I... am ZERO!" _\_

Lelouch, C.C., and the Deoxys all sat around the dinner table as they ate.

"It's good." C.C. said, dipping a slice of pizza into the mushroom soup, drawing Serenity's attention away from Lelouch, who was eating absently while pouring over the last two years of newspapers over the internet.

"Th-thankyou." Serenity replied, blushing slightly, now wearing a simple blue dress.

It was easier like that.

The room turned silent again, Lelouch only concerned with gathering as much data as possible.

He was plotting.

Serenity didn't want to disturb that.

"Hm?" Lelouch asked, noticing an alert popup on the news site. "Breaking news?"

He clicked the link, leading him to a live stream that made him smile.

He had a secret admirer.

_\_ "This world created by the new empire... a falsehood of oppression posing as freedom..." _\_ Zero sneered behind his mask. _\_ "Emperors have fallen, names have changed, roles have been reversed, but what HAS CHANGED?!" _\_

Kallen and Rivalz paled, watching the screen in the interchange.

_\_ "This world is just as rotten as before." _\_ Zero continued. _\_ "No... even the last empire had the decency not to hide its corruption and injustice... but THIS?!" _\_ he flicked his cape out menacingly. _\_ "THIS WORLD IS STILL ONE WHERE THE STRONG EAT BY TRAMPLING OVER THE HEADS OF THE WEAK!" _\_

Silver snapped the pen in his hand, glaring from his desk.

This wasn't just copyright theft against the Order of Zero.

This was a sick joke.

_\_ "I HAVE RETURNED FROM HELL TO FIND IMPOSTERS, BUREAUCRATS, LIARS AND NOBLES EATING YET AGAIN AT THE WORLD, THIS CANCER KNOWN AS BRITANNIA!" _\_ Zero roared, lifting a man- Schneizel of Britannia- by the hair and slicing off the head with a black sword. _\_ "And to THINK I had to kill this fool just to stop yet ANOTHER power hungry noble from plunging this empire into another dictatorship, YOU CANNOT RULE!" _\_

_\_ "I led you into battle." _\_ Zero snarled. _\_ "I overcame Charles. I brought freedom to Japan and opened the way for the liberation of the ENTIRE Britannian empire, and YOU STAB ME, YOUR SAVIOUR, IN THE BACK!" _\_

Suzaku clenched his fist, his eyebrows burrowing.

"I've seen enough." He told his aides. "Prepare the launch."


"Where to, sire?" Sabrina asked.

_\_ "There is only one solution to this foul plague..." _\_ Zero announced.

"Russia." Suzaku repeated. "The police can deal with this cheap imitation."

_\_ "I, ZERO, WILL CONQUER THIS EMPIRE!" _\_ The masked man declared triumphantly.

"Interesting..." Lelouch smiled, watching the video play.

_\_ "You with power." _\_ Zero warned, flicking his left hand out from his cloak. _\_ "FEAR US! Those without power…" _\_He flicked his right arm with the snag machine out. "JOIN US! WE! TEAM SMOGON! SHALL RULE! THIS! WORLD!" _\_

Lelouch laughed as the video turned to shocked news anchors in the studio, the message from 'Zero' ending and the reporters struggling to make sense of this declaration of war.

"What's so amusing?" C.C. asked Lelouch as he closed the lid of his laptop and turned to his soup.

"Some people will never be satisfied." Lelouch laughed, downing another spoonful. "What kind of encore replaces the leading man?"

Mars heard the heavy door open in front of her.

She didn't even bother raising her head.

She'd been in this cell or others like it for the last... long time.

She wasn't even sure of the passing of time anymore. She had been tied up and kept blindfolded for a very long time.

Occasionally someone came to give her a sponge bath. If she had to guess a time frame for that, it'd be twice a week?

She wasn't sure any more. But she'd been cleaned too recently for this visit to be anything more exciting that a meal.

It's not like there had been anything to see for the last thousand times the door opened for her food.

Not that she'd know at any rate.

"What's on the menu today?" She asked. "Lemme guess, slop I can drink through a straw so I don't bite your fingers off, right?"

She heard someone kneel down in front of her, then place a hand on her shoulder.

She couldn't sense anything from this person.

That was bad.

"Well, it's a hot dish, so it can't be revenge." Her visitor told her, "And it's going to be one you'll need to feed yourself with."

She felt hands around the side of her head, and begin to untie the black goggles from her face.

She gasped in pain and squinted as her unused eyes dilated against the light that burned into her eyes.

And as she focused, she saw two purple eyes.

'GEASS' she panicked, flaring up her own.

Nothing happened.

"Mars." The man told her with a gentle smile. "I am offering you freedom. You don't have to come with me if you don't want to."

Colour was still a difficult issue with her for the moment.

But she could see.

She could see.

Almost as importantly, she could hear the siren and the approaching boots that rushed towards the open cell door.

The immediately pushed up and kissed the mysterious man as fiercely as she could. 'I don't know who you are.' She thought desperately as she felt the psychic connection pass the message. 'But I'm with you. Just get me out of here and I will be your slave. Please just get me out of here...'

The man reached around her body and lifted her up into his arms, breaking the kiss. "Thank you sirs, but we'll be taking our leave now." The man declared as the armed men aimed their pistols at the man with the Code.

There was a terrific smash, and the prison wall crumbled, as the hulking grey behemoth blocked off the entrance into the prison cell with the indoor landslide while clearing the way outside through a wide tunnel.

"Great timing Terrakion." The man laughed, hopping onto the Cavern pokemon's back. "I'm going to have to ask you to carry us, since you can run a lot faster than we can and they have pointy things."

The beast grunted, then dove down the pit, Mars screaming as the mystery man whooped like a cowboy, lifting his hat into the air as his green mane flowed behind him. "THANK YOU SO MUCH TERRAKION!"

"Sire." Sabrina said from behind Suzaku. "We are ready to launch."

Suzaku gave Euphemia's hand another squeeze.

"Don't do anything you don't want me to find out." Empress Euphemia warned him, pulling him into a tight embrace.

Suzaku smiled.

"I'll be back soon, Euphie." He promised, giving a peck on the cheek before turning to the little lady in her arms. "And you should be in bed when I get home, right?"

Felicity flopped forwards into her mother.

"Atta girl." Suzaku smiled, turning around and boarding the massive structure built around the rayquaza. "PREPARE FOR LAUNCH! ALL SOLDIERS AT THE READY FOR COMBAT!"

The door closed behind him, and Euphie sighed, then sobbed, her sister Cornelia pulling her into an embrace as the Rayquaza roared, then launched forwards into the sky, breaking the sound barrier with a loud CRACK as the giant serpent accelerated into the ozone.

In her chair, a blonde young woman smiled, her eyes opening into a sneer as her servant returned into the room.


So, yeah. How was it?

Yep, my mission has been completed, and the world of Pokégeass turns once more.

And no. Nothing is as it seems. This could go any way you can imagine.

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