A Britannian stronghold on a peninsula of southern Spain. Even as England was lost to Napoleon in ancient times, Gibraltar has always remained as part of the Britannian Empire.

Until this day.

Looking up to the sky, the citizens and military of Gibraltar saw the skies fill with Flying pokemon. This was an outright ambush, without so much as a declaration of war.

"SCRAMBLE!" General Henry Burke roared, sending his soldiers into a panic as they dashed to the bases for their rifles, sending out and leaping on their flying units along the way.

Fire fell from the skies, and Burke was hoisted up into the air by massive black talons.

Struggling, he tried to get as much information out of the situation as possible. Red. There was a lot of red, the creature seemed quite thin, so not a dragon.

He had never seen a pokemon like this before.

But he recognised the rider.


Yveltal screeched, dropping the General from great height as the European Forces ravaged his city.

The Camelot had just returned to Britannian airspace when Prince Consort Suzaku learnt of the attack. Skyla patched the decks main screens through to a Spanish news network, which was providing coverage of the assault along with the European's declaration of war, announcing Zero as the Reichsmarschall of the European Universe Armed Forces.

"The Fourth Reich..." Lt. Hank whispered, remembering the furious battles against the National Socialists from when he was a fresh recruit in the Britannian air force, almost four decades ago.

The war where England was returned to the Britannian Empire.

That would be the European's next target.

"Your Highness, what should we-" Skyla asked, turning around to find the Prince Consort absent from his throne. "Your Highness?!"

The door to Lelouch's cell opened, and the black prince smiled. "Taking me to my execution, are we Suzaku?" He asked coyly as the acting Emperor of over three continents gripped him by the collar and lifted him up and slammed him against the wall.

"You did this." Suzaku snarled. "YOU DID THIS."

"Did what?" Lelouch asked. "Suzaku, I was dead until yesterday. A few hours ago my only concern was getting to civilization. I don't think I had any involvement in whatever 'this' is."


Lelouch's eyes widened for a moment, then furrowed.

"Not by my hand."

"We are at war." Suzaku said, fists shaking.

"What would you have me do?"

Suzaku locked eyes with Lelouch, scanning it for any signs of deception, pleasure, satisfaction, ANYTHING but the overpowering sense of honesty and determination that emanated from Lelouch's eyes.

Loosening his grip, Suzaku lowered the traitor so his feet touched the ground.

"I'm going to host your wedding, Lelouch." Suzaku said with a slightly maddened smile. "And then I'm sending you off to war."


Even shorter than the FES teaser chapter, but just putting it out there. I'm not dead, just broken. The machine lurches, but it's recovering. Soon. Soon.