Chapter 1- Jaden's transformation into the light

Note- before I begin, I read something like this and like the idea. However I'm going to add my own twist and since they aren't updating their story anymore, I'm going to finish my version off.

Jaden fell to the ground, his cards flying out of his duel disk. People in the stands stood in shock as the king of Duel academy was beaten.

"Jaden!" numerous people in the stands shouted. He had just lost to the pro, Aster Phoenix and his Destiny Heroes.

"What the hell happened, Ill I did was beat him?" Aster looked confused and took at the body that laid in front of him.

People used down from the stands to help him, but no one knew what was going on in his head.

In Jaden's mind-

"Where am I" Jaden asked into the nothingness.


Jaden jumped "Who said that?"

"Come Jaden see the light"

"The light, what do you mean the light?"

"The light that will purify this world from darkness. I have Chosen you to help me, Sartorius, in this crusade against the darkness."

"But why me?"

But before Jaden's question was answered his mind was engulfed by a purifying light and his mind fell into it.


Jaden was still on the ground but this time people surrounded him all in shock.

"Jaden, Jaden." Syrus was shacking Jaden's lifeless body which was limp. Chazz and Hassleberry were picking up the cards that Jaden had lost and were making a pile.

"Please wake up." Alexis said. She then turned to Syrus. "Let's bring him to the hospital wing he's turning white." (No shit)

Syrus nodded and he and Alexis lifted Jaden's body and carried him out of the arena and over to the hospital. When they got there, it was almost completely empty and they laid his lifeless body on one of the beds.

Ms. Fontaine, the nurse and head of the girl's obelisk blue dorm looked at Jaden. "What happened to him?"

"We don't know" Alexis said. Syrus was in shock seeing Jaden's body so lifeless, and if he wasn't mistaken, saw a light glow from it.

"I'll keep him here over the night, give him some rest and I'm sure that he will be back on his feet tomorrow." Alexis sighed and guided Syrus out of the hospital ward.

"I hope he's going to be okay Alexis" Syrus said dispersedly.

"I'm sure he will" be she sounded doubtful.

'Please be okay Jay' Alexis thought to herself.

Jaden woke up later that night and stared into the darkness that was around him. He looked around him and knew he was in the hospital ward. He knew where he needed to go and got up. He left the ward silently and swiftly and walked towards the forest.

He walked in for a couple of minutes and then saw a figure waiting for him. He had a white suit on and multicolor hair that went below his shoulders. Jaden knew who it was; it was his master and savior.

"I have been expecting you Jaden." Sartorius said.

Jaden walked up to him and kneelt on his knee. "Master, thank you for guiding me into the light."

Sartorius gleamed evilly at Jaden "I knew you would see it my boy." Sartorius handed Jaden two things, a new deck and a white school uniform. Jaden took the new things and bowed his head.

"What is your binding my master" (does anyone else get reminded of Star Wars by this?)

"I would like you to convert the obelisk blue dorm to our cause tonight." Jaden stood up and took his old deck and put it into his pocket and inserted his new one into his duel disk. He switched his red jacket for the new white one and bowed again to Sartorius.

"Your wish is my command." And Jaden left to conquer the whole blue dorm that night.

At the Slifer dorm—

Hassleberry, Syrus, Chazz and Alexis were sitting in Chazz's renovated room thinking to themselves.

'Man I hope Sarge is okay, he's my best friend.' Hassleberry thought he started punching the coach just because.

'Jaden, you're going to be okay… I hope' Syrus thought and he seemed like an emo.

'Jaden, I can't live without you. Please be safe' Alexis thought. She had a couple of hidden emotions about him, but tried not to show them.

'Damn Slacker loses and now is in hospital, now everyone is getting upset about it… I wonder if there is cake in the fridge.' Chazz thought thinking about the cake in the fridge.

Bastion walked into the group of depressed group holding the cake that was in the fridge.

"CAKE!" Chazz jumped up and grabbed it; everyone else just stared at him.

Alexis was mad "OUR FRIEND IS IN THE FUCKIGN HOSTPITAL AND ALL YOU THINK ABOUT IS FUCKING CAKE!" she punched Chazz in the gut who dropped the cake but was grabbed by Bastion.

"The miss is right" Hassleberry said, "We should visit Jaden."

"That would be a problem." Aster said walking in the room.

Everyone glared at him. "Why would that be?" Syrus asked.

Aster sighed, "I went to check on him and when I got to his ward, he was gone."

Alexis was shocked "he's gone"

Aster nodded "just left, everything of his was gone, deck, disk and everything."

Hassleberry stood up "it's your entire fault the Sarge is like this!"

Aster stood back a little by the sheer force that the dino duelist projected, who was practically dino himself. "It was a duel, how was I supposed to know he would faint and be rushed to the hospital?"

"Aster's right" Chazz said getting up. "He's just stunned that's all. He will be back to normal tomorrow." He then glanced at the cake.

"Yah I bet he's fine." Alexis said and sat down.

Aster sat next to her 'I hope so, I don't like the feeling I'm getting. Something seems, wrong.' He then glanced over to Chazz who had his whole head in the cake which was thrown by a angered Alexis.

'man his friends are crazy, but I got crazier'