Chapter 7- Annoyance

Bastion was sent to Master Sartorius when he got off the ground. Like everyone else that Jaden had defeated, they had seen the light and Sartorius was very pleased that he got him. Alexis and Jaden accompanied him to his office. When they approached the door, it opened and the three of them walked in. The room was an exact copy of his office on his boat, but slightly larger and here it was brighter. To non-society members, you would have to keep your eyes closed to even be able to sit in the room.

"Master Sartorius I have brought you Bastion as you requested" Jaden said as he bowed to him.

Sartorius stood up "very good, please leave me and Bastion alone for a little while." Both Alexis and Jaden walked out of the room.

They walked back down the hallway and up the stairs to get back to Jaden's room.

"Man, that was annoying" Alexis said to Jaden. He nodded and put his arm around her and she giggled.

"Yah, but it had to be done."

At Sartorius's office-

Bastion walked over to Sartorius's desk and bowed. Sartorius gleamed at his new follower.

"Ah Bastion, you have achieved enlightenment" Bastion nodded in agreement.

"Yes master, I have seen the glorious light and willing to serve it"

Sartorius smiled smugly "very good, I have a job for you" Bastion looked at Sartorius's eyes which were a sparkling purple, full of mystic. "Yes Bastion, it has occurred to me to use your genius to my advantage."

"Thank you master" Bastion liked the compliment that his master gave him and it fed his new white ego.

"Yes Bastion, I need you to hack the computer system in this school. I believe a task like that would be trivial to you"

Bastion nodded "consider it done"

Sartorius's smiled curled up in a slightly evil way "excellent"

At the lair of doom! No not really... at the Slifer Dorm

Chazz was opening a box he had just ordered from the school store. Sitting around it was Atticus, Chazz, Syrus, Hassleberry, Mindy and Jasmine. They all looked terrified, except for Atticus who was reading a teen pop magazine and smiling to himself.

Chazz pulled out sunglasses and started handing them out to everybody.

"Um, what the hell are these for?" Hassleberry asked dangling the sunglasses with his fingers.

Chazz snorted "what are they for? Don't tell me you can see two feet in front of you when Jaden or Alexis come near you"

Atticus was wearing his right now and continued reading the magazine. He was only one who actually looked good in them. It made Chazz look like a turd (being completely covered in black); they were way too big for Mindy, Jasmine and Syrus, and way too small for Hassleberry.

"Man, this sucks" was all Hassleberry said and everyone nodded.

At the school computer lab—

Bastion was sitting at a computer and was hooking his up using cables. Alexis and Jaden were watching him, highly uninterested in whatever he was doing. Bastion was now wearing the society white, which honestly, didn't look to bad on him.

"Are you done yet" Alexis sneered at Bastion. She was getting impatient, but she couldn't leave because Sartorius told them they should be there until the job was done. Why did she and Jaden have to watch some computer nerd do his thing if they were the king and queen?

"Not yet, it's going to be a couple of more minutes" Bastion said and Alexis sighed. Jaden wasn't paying attention to the two people arguing. He was sitting on one of the desk glaring at the door, making sure no one got in.

Alexis decided to sit next to him, and she snuggled up next to him.

"What's wrong Jay, you seem awfully quiet?"

Jaden just looked straightforward "that's what is wrong" and he pointed out of the window next to the door.

Outside wondering around the campus, with a picture of Jaden, was none other than his least favorite fan club.

"Oh no, not her" Alexis said aspirated. Sure enough it is everyone favorite Jaden fan girl, with her long black hair, short black miniskirt and Slifer jacket. That's right Blair, is asking where she can find Jaden.

"Done!" Bastion said happily. He unhooked up his laptop and closed the computer that he was on. He looked at his mistress and king (do you guys know what the male equivalent of mistress is? Is it duke because I know it isn't mister)

They were both scowling at someone outside the door and Bastion looked confused. "Um…"

Alexis turned her attention to him "what?" she said annoyed.

He faltered a little bit "I'm done"

"Finally" and she got up but Jaden didn't move. She looked worried at him. "Are you okay?" He didn't answer and Alexis got the message. "I'll deal with her Jay" and she walked out of the computer lab.

Bastion and Jaden looked at her walking out the door, and she looked pissed.

"Do you think she's going to kill Blair?" Bastion asked Jaden worriedly.

Jaden shook his head "no, she's going to play with her a little" and he let out an evil grimace. This was going to be fun to watch.

Alexis walked out of the computer room and she did not look happy. 'Little slut scaring my Jay' she thought angrily to herself. A couple of society students saw her and bowed, but she dismissed them, way to focused on her current objective.

Blair saw her and smiled, until she realized that she was wearing that white outfit. 'What's up with those white outfits?' Blair thought to herself.

Alexis approached Blair and smiled evilly at her. "Hello there Blair" (that rhymes—tee hee)

She didn't smile back "do you know where Jaden is?" She didn't want to deal with one of these Society of Light people right now. She doesn't know that Jaden is the one who is 2nd in command of it yet.

Alexis just smirked "I'll tell you if you duel me" and she activated her white duel disk.

Blair looked excited, she knew where her Jadey was and if she won, which thought she would, then she would tell her. "You're on" and she activated her duel disk.

Blair vs. Alexis the White Queen (let's try not saying white Alexis shall we, besides a title like that is more… epic)

LP 4000/4000

"I'll go first" Blair said and drew. "I play Mystic baby Dragon in attack mode!" (Atk 1200/def 800, star 4. During the End Phase of a turn this card was destroyed by battle, you can Special Summon 1 "Mystic Dragon" from your hand or Deck.)

A small green dragon appeared with a horn on the tip of its nose. It was still in a half egg and smiled at Alexis. She just scowled at the little Dragon.

"With that I end" Blair said.

"Fine loser I draw" Alexis said and Blair scowled at her.

"I'm no loser!" Blair said angrily.

Alexis just ignored her; she didn't have to waste her time with the likes of her. "I play white blizzard" (Each time a monster your opponent controls is destroyed by battle, inflict 600 damage to your opponent. When this card is destroyed, select and destroy 1 card you control.)

"Then I play my snow fairy in atk mode" (atk 1100/def 700, star 4. Your opponent cannot activate Spell Cards from their hand, or activate Spell Cards the turn they are Set.) "And set one card and end my turn"

"Then it's my move" Blair said and she drew. "I set one card and my mystic dragon attacks your snow fairy!"

Alexis snickered "not so fast because I activate my white ice shield!" (As long as this card is face up on your side of the field, your opponent's monsters atk power is halved during the battle phase)

"But that means…." Blair said horrified.

"That you're Mystic Dragon is goodbye"

The dragon charge at the snow fairy but a wisp of snow weakened it; so on impacted it exploded with the fairy.


"And another 600 because of white blizzard!"


Blair then grinned "now since my turn is over I can summon my Mystic Dragon!" (Atk 3600/def 2400 star 8- This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card only can be Special Summoned with "Mystic Baby Dragon". When this card destroys a monster by battle draw a card.)

A large green dragon appeared with horns on his muzzle and growled at Alexis. She dint falter but sniggered.

"Oh so you got a big dragon, well two can play that game because I activate cost down!" (Discard 1 card from your hand. Reduce all Monster Cards in your hand by 2 Levels until the End Phase of the turn this card is activated.)

"Then I summon my white night dragon!" (Atk 3000/def 2500. Star 8. Negate the activation of any Spell or Trap Card that targets this card, and destroy that card. When a face-up monster you control is selected as an attack target, you can send 1 Spell or Trap Card you control to the Graveyard to change the target to this card)

A large white dragon made of ice appeared and snarled down at Blair who just laughed. "It's so weak Alexis!" she laughed at it but Alexis just grinned wider.

Just then Jaden walked out and was looking at the duel. Blair saw him and nearly screamed and delight, then she stopped and saw the white blazer he was wearing. He had the same evil smile as Alexis and looked humored by the duel.

Blair glared at Alexis "what did you do to him?"

She just snickered "nothing but soon you shall see the light"

"Fat chance, I still got a stronger monster then you"

"Not for long because I play ice strength and equip it to my dragon." (When this is equipped to one of your monsters, increase it atk and def power by 700 and when that monster destroys another monsters in battle, deal the atk of the destroyed monsters atk points to your opponents life points)

The white dragon glowed a bright white and increased in size so that it towered over the Mystic dragon.

"Now my dragon attack!"

"Not so fast because I activate ring of destruction!"

Alexis laughed and Blair looked blankly at her duel disk "why isn't it working?"

"Because of my dragon's affect, so now finish her!" and the white dragon shot a beam of ice at her dragon and Blair screamed as her life points fell to 0.

Later that night.

Alexis was sitting in her room and waiting for her brownies to come. She took out her microphone and screamed out of her room.

"Where are my god damn cookies?" she screamed through her microphone.

A girl walked into her mistress's room holding a tray of warm brownies. She had long black hair and wore a white school girl's uniform.

"Her you go mistress" the girl said.

Alexis smiled at her "thank you Blair, your brownies are always good."

Note- muhahahahhahahah Blair is Alexis's slave.