Okay, this chapter is a bit different, but I hope you still enjoy it!

He silently walked down the streets of Freetown, watching the people moving past him, each in their own worlds. Some were shopping, others working. Either way, they all had one thing in common; they all ignored the white man as he walked through them all.

He blew out the smoke from that last pull of his cigarette with a deep sigh, ignoring the harsh burn in his lungs as he did. He was a solitary man and always had been but there were most definitely times that he could have done with some company. It wasn't the same since the civil war. People had mostly gone back to accepting white men but there were still some communities that refused to accept them as equals. Communities like Freetown. He turned a corner and had just brushed past a small group of prostitutes when he heard it. A female's voice, calling out from across the road.

"Danny Archer!"

He froze and momentary panic threatened to grasp him. Last time he heard that name, eighteen years ago now, he'd ended up being shot and almost killed. He glanced towards the voice trying to contain his paranoia and quickly relaxed when he noticed that the woman calling and waving her arms enthusiastically was not looking at him. In fact, she was looking towards a teenage girl just a bit further up the road from him; a teenage girl with long, wavy, light brown hair. At the sound of the shout, he watched the girl's head snap up, a glare on her face and he shivered at the steeliness of her gaze. However, when she saw who yelled, he watched as she changed into a cheerful and ecstatic teenager, flailing her arms in the air and squealing excitedly.

"M'kida! Oh my god! Hi!"

He watched as she ran across the road and quickly embraced the other woman. Now she was closer, he could see her more clearly and when he caught sight of her face at such a close distance he almost gasped at how much she looked like the man he once knew. There was something about her that also seemed familiar, like someone he once met, but he couldn't quite place it. He decided instead to shrug it off and sank back into the shadows as the girls started walking his way. He chuckled as she punched the girl that called her and the other girl scowled as she rubbed her arm.

"Ouch! I haven't seen you in four years and that's how you say hello?"

"Well, you shouldn't call me Danny then, should you? My name's Aida. And my middle name is DANIELLE, not Danny. Why Josh decided to call me by my middle name and then shorten it I still don't know."

M'kida laughed and put an arm round her best friend.

"I've missed you so much my friend. I'm so happy you're back. How long for this time?"

This time it was Aida's turn to laugh.

"Forever. I finished high school so will be studying for my degree here. Mom agreed and everything."

As the two girls finally reached his spot, he shrank back even further. Fortunately neither girl noticed the movement as they were both too wrapped up in their conversation.

"So how is your mother? Is she here with you?"

Aida shook her head.

"Nah. Last I checked she was in Libya, chasing yet another article. They said she wasn't allowed to go but she went anyway. That's my mom for ya though!"

The African girl laughed even harder and the pair continued on down the road, arm in arm and chatting away. He slid out of his hiding place and couldn't help but stare after them. Why was she so familiar? And was it possible she could be related to Danny Archer if so, how? He intended to find out and wouldn't rest until he knew the answers.