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Eric's POV

It was a normal morning with me doing normal things, and before I knew it I was ready to go to work. I was about to grab my keys when I heard a crash. That couldn't be good, I hated burglars. Because I worked 24/7 with agents I knew some basics about burglars. So I grabbed a weapon and was about to sneak up on the intruders, but I never got the chance, my arms were grabbed by a, I have to admit, a very strong man.

"Are you here alone?" That voice sent chills down my spine and it didn't help that he had said with a lot of hatred. Well, I guess me not answering didn't make that guy happy because all of a sudden I had a gun in my back. I couldn't help it, the gun in my back made me whimper.

"Heh, you don't like the gun do you? I can take it away if you just answer a few questions, ok?

"O-Ok, please" my voice sounded shaky, but under the circumstances I figured it would.

"Good. Now once again are you here alone?"


"Ok, I think we are making progress. Now, are you Eric Beale?"

Always lie about your identity. That's what Callen and Sam said anyway so that's what I will do.

"What? No, my name's not Eric it's Barrett Foa."

"Really? Because you look a lot like an agent that broke into my bosses house a little while back? Not that it matters now, because I don't work for him anymore."

No. I knew now why his voice sent shivers down my spine. This was the same man that at Fadhil's house punched and pistol whipped me. Should I keep lying or should I tell the truth.

I never got to decide because I felt the gun move away, I felt a pain in the back of my head and then I blacked out. The last thing I heard was,

"Well, I guess we'll just have to verify your story then."