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He didn't do it because he wanted to. She knew that much. But she found it strange, all the same, that a boy so stubborn as he was would commit such an entirely selfless act. She thought she knew him better. At least as well as he seemed to know her.

And as he lay there dying, with people cheering on his last tragic, broken act, she looked up to the sky, wondering why God never answered her. Ever.

She looked back down at his bloodied body, still barely clinging to life. She almost thought it fitting that he tried to communicate with her, and she smiled. Not a smile of happiness, but of fondness, and memory. Too stubborn to let even death take him from her- that was her warlock. By this point, of course, he was too weak to do anything but weakly blink. C.C. couldn't bear the weak look on his face, as if he was using that last minuscule amount of strength on her. Wasting it on her. She let a tear trickle down her cheek, but that was it. It fell down onto his face, cupped in her hands, and caused him to blink again.

That was it. After a few more attempts at telling her something with his eyes, they closed forever. But C.C. thought she saw something else in that small second before he faded. Lelouch had smiled at her, through all of the pain- not only of the wound in his chest, but of the weight of the World. C.C. never knew whether or not that smile was for her, or just one of relief. It was over. The last, powerful move had been made.

"Checkmate," she said.

He would never laugh, cry, be sad, confused, or happy ever again. C.C. knew she would miss that, no matter how much she tried to hide it from herself. Still, she couldn't understand why she continued to cry over his dead body, silently letting tears fall onto him. It didn't make sense.

"Stupid boy," she said miserably. "You made me cry."

She stood up, wiped the tears from her face, and walked out through the crowd that was still cheering. Some looking at her angrily for having seen her come from Lelouch's side, some of them looking sympathetic at seeing her tear stained skin. They would never know, she knew that much. But the saddest part of all was that they could never know.

"You proved me wrong, Lelouch," C.C. said to herself as she walked the streets, "A witch can bleed."

And she smiled.