The Goblin King

Chapter One


Bright emerald green eyes took in the scene before her in awe, her short pink locks blowing in the breeze. Someone tapped on her bare shoulder, and the woman turned and looked back at her two friends.

"Um, Sakura, are you sure we should be doing this?" a woman with long ebony hair asked. She wore a short, form-fitting purple dress, which had a sweetheart top and was strapless. The top was lined with a blue ribbon, and the bottom of the dress had ruffles made of the same material. She had a choker of the same blue around her neck that covered the entire column of her throat, with small petals of material fanning out onto her collar.

"Of course Hinata. We never get to do anything fun." A blonde woman interrupted with a whine. Her long blonde hair cascaded around her, her bangs covering over the right half of her face. Her necklace was a loose gold band, with one large coin hanging from the center. Her top had two thin straps keeping it up around her neck. It covered her bust completely and snugly only wrapping around the necessary skin. Her skirt sat low on her hips, made of a blue fabric similar to her top. It was short in the front, and then grew longer in the back, flowing to the floor. A lighter blue sash was tied around her waist over her skirt, with large golden coins hanging from it to match her necklace. Around her ankle she had on a bracelet to match everything else, dangling over her bare feet.

Sakura smiled. "Well, we do fun stuff, just not this fun." She giggled, looking back out over the field. She took a small step forward, allowing for the sunlight to hit her bare toes.

"Sakura," Hinata grabbed her shoulder. "What if we get caught? You know it's dangerous to be out here. There's humans, not to mention goblins, and-"

"Hinata, will you please calm down?" Sakura said. "If it will make you feel better, I'll check it out, and then tell you if the coast is clear. Okay?"

The ebony haired girl nodded, though her lavender eyes were filled with doubt. "Okay."

The pink haired woman turned back to the field, freeing her arm from her friend's grasp as she slowly walked out of the forest and into the sunlight. As the warm rays hit her skin, she smiled, looking up to the clear blue sky. It was so nice out here, she didn't understand why the fairy elders forbade them to leave the safety of their village and explore the forest around them. It was their forest anyways, right?

She looked back at her friends, who were still under the cover of the woods, and smiled. Then she held her arms out and twirled in a circle, giggling happily as her short pink dress fanned out around her. It was made of a nearly sheer material, and was snug around her bust, the rest of it flowing loosely around her legs, stopping just above her knees. A light pink ribbon made up the straps, lining the top of the dress, as well as beneath her breasts, tying in a bow in the center of her breasts. Small, white daisies were woven around the straps, and along the top of her dress. "You guys, this is so great!" she exclaimed, running out into the field of wild flowers.

Not needing more prompting than that, the blonde ran out into the sun with her friend, twirling about and letting her shimmering wings flux in the brilliant rays. They sparkled even more so then usual with the light, and only appeared more yellow. "It feels so good to explore!"

The ebony haired woman slowly walked out into the light, still appearing cautious. "This is really nice." Hinata said, looking around as her pale blue wings fluttered a bit in the wind.

Sakura began to twirl as well, laughing brightly as she danced among the flowers. "We should have snuck out a long time ago." She said to her friends, her own pink wings fluttering in her merriment.

"Well if they didn't scare the crap out of us when we were young with tales of goblins and 'the terrible Goblin King', we would have." Ino smirked, making a gross face and chasing after Sakura with feigned claws. "If goblins really took fairies to procreate with they wouldn't be so gross looking!"

Sakura let out a squeal of delight and began to run away from her blonde friend. "Yeah, but they still wouldn't be as pretty as we are!" she called back to the blonde.

"Sakura if they did they wouldn't be as ugly as they are. I mean they're just repulsive. Living in the mountains, no trees at all! No grass! Just nastiness!"

"No animals, no sunshine, and no fun!" Sakura said, continuing to run. They passed Hinata, and Sakura grabbed the other woman's hand so that they were both running away from Ino. "Run Hinata! The nasty Goblin King wants to take us away!" she giggled.

Ino snickered and continued to run after them. "Bwahaha! I am the Goblin King! Fear me! I will take you and bed you in my sheets of shale!" she called, pressing her thumb against her nose and pushing it up so she looked more pig like. "Come here little pretties!" she cackled, chasing them into the other woods.

Hinata was actually laughing now as her and Sakura ran away from the 'Goblin King'. "Never!" she cried out, running with Sakura. They disappeared through the trees and Ino chased them until she began to slow, since they were nowhere to be scene. She looked around and noticed that she could no longer see the meadow from before.

"Sakura?" she called, actually sounding worried. Without her friends there with her these woods seemed much more menacing. "Hinata?" she continued in, looking around for any sign of them. But she couldn't even hear a sound. "Guys?"

"What happened to the terrible Goblin King?" something sneered from behind her. Ino went wide eyed and whipped around, but saw nothing, only the echo of dark laughter. She felt her blood turn to ice in her veins and started running back in the direction she thought the meadow to be. She didn't dare shout out for her friends and give her position away. Hopefully they were safe. But the woods all looked the same, and when she'd been running for a long time she stopped and looked around. Everything looked the same. Tears began to well in her eyes and once again she could hear the laughter all around her.

And it began chanting. "Pretty little lost fairy." Over and over.

"Leave me alone!" she screamed, breaking into another run, only to feel something heavy collapse on her. Her eyes widened and pain shot through her as the thick ropes scratched against her folded wings. "Please! Let me go!" she cried out, only to see the disgusting mutilated feet of a few goblins.

"Now, now, now. We hit a jackpot. Why on earth would we let you go? After all, your ignorance infuriates his majesty. And you need to be taught a lesson." And that was the last thing Ino heard before something hit her in the back of her head and knocked her out cold.

Sakura and Hinata stopped running when they could no longer hear Ino behind them. "Ino?" Sakura called, turning and looking around. "Ino!"

"S-Sakura, I don't think Ino's there." Hinata whispered, clutching her friend's arm as her eyes filled with fear. She looked at the woman next to her.

"Oh come now Hinata, you mustn't think like that. We lost her, that's all. All we have to do is go back the way we came, and we'll find her eventually." She said, pulling her arm from her friend and grabbing her hand as they headed back towards the meadow.

"But, what if goblins got her?"

Sakura rolled her eyes. "Please. Ino is smart enough not to get caught by some stupid, ugly old goblins. She's probably hiding to try and play a joke on us. You know how she likes to do that."


They wandered through the forest for a while, with no luck of finding their blonde friend. When enough time had passed that the position of the sun in the sky had changed, Sakura grew worried herself, but she tried not to let it show. They last thing she needed was to freak Hinata out even more. Sakura froze suddenly, causing Hinata to stop short right behind her. "Do you hear that?" Sakura asked softly.

The ebony haired woman strained her ears, hearing a voice through the brush. "I do."

"I think it's Ino!" Sakura squealed, running forward, still holding Hinata's hand in her own. She pushed some of the brush aside, a bright smile on her face when they entered a small clearing.

"Ino!" she exclaimed, the smile falling right off her face when she saw her friend bound and draped over something's shoulder, similar grotesque creatures around her. Hinata's expression was just as alarmed, and the two began to slowly back up. "Y-you're…" Sakura pointed, unable to form the proper words to finish her sentence.

"Goblins." A voice said next to her ear, making her whip around, seeing one of the creatures had been next to her. She took a step away, fear still evident on her face. Then she paused, and frowned, seeming to gather a few shreds of courage.

"You!" she pointed to the one holding Ino. "Give us back our friend! Right now!" she ordered, pointing to the forest floor. "That is not how you treat a lady!"

The goblin smirked. At least, that's what she thought it was doing. "Well, lookie here men. We got ourselves a brave fairy. His majesty will like her." He looked somewhere behind the two fairies then. "Tie em' up." He ordered.

Sakura looked to the right and saw that Hinata had already been grabbed. She felt strong hands grab her arm and turned to see the goblin from before leering at her as he reached for her other arm. She jerked it away from him, turning and punching him right in the eye. It shouted in pain and released her, and a pleased smirk came to her face. It vanished as quickly as it had come when the goblin recovered and grabbed her hands roughly, tying them together throughout her struggles.

"No! Let go of me!" she cried, stomping on the goblin's foot. He grimaced and looked to the leader.

"Man this one's annoying." He said, trying to hold onto the pink haired sprite. She gasped, offended.

"Am not!"

"Are too!"


"Oh will you just shut her up already?" another goblin walked up and covered Sakura's mouth, tying off the cloth so that she could no longer speak. She turned to glare at the creature before letting out a startled noise as she was hoisted over one of their shoulders.

The group began to walk through the woods then, headed to what Sakura assumed was their lair. She wriggled and turned a bit, trying to get a look at her two friends, and saw that along with Ino being unconscious, Hinata had fainted, probably from fright. Sakura rolled her eyes at this and continued to look around at her surroundings, trying to memorize where they were going in the event that she was able to escape. Because there was no way she would become the bedmate of some nasty, disgusting, idiotic goblin king.

It began to darken as the sun started to set and they reached the mountains. They started up a path and then turned into a dark cave where the goblins lit torches to light their way. They continued downwards until finally they emerged in front of a massive gate. The sky was now orange, and the area they were in was surrounded by the massive range. When they walked through the gates, Sakura's eyes widened in horror. It was a labyrinth.

"Yeah you just try getting out of here." He said, patting her behind.

Even if she could memorize every turn, she knew there was something magical about this place. The walls probably shifted, and there were monsters in wait for unsuspecting wanderers. It took even longer to get out of the labyrinth than to get there. And when they emerged, Sakura was even more surprised, because on the other side was a massive kingdom carved from the stone, and it was magnificent. There were green trees scattered amongst the buildings and houses. Torches lit up the large area, and the sky above was open and littered with stars.

"Welcome to your new home little fairy. Welcome to the kingdom of Silex Silicis."

Sakura looked around the place, actually surprised. They were underground, and yet you could see the sky. They even had plants here, which was completely unexpected.

They began to climb a tall hill, travelling through the village's winding cobblestone roads. The villagers stopped and stared at her and her friends as they passed, and Sakura couldn't help but notice that the closer to the top of the hill they went, the less grotesque the goblins were, until they almost appeared like humans.

When they reached the top of the hill, they walked through a large courtyard, until they entered the palace. Sakura's eyes widened, because here, the goblins did look human. What was this about? Why did they all look different? Every other mystical creature looked similar to its brethren, but why was it that the goblins had a scale of completely hideous to somewhat attractive? It just didn't make sense.

Her attention was taken from her thoughts when they stopped suddenly. Sakura tried to get a look, but all she could make out was a pair of large, tall, oak double doors. The goblin at the front of the line cleared his throat. "Please announce our presence to the king. We seek an audience with him. And trust me, he'll want to see us." He smirked, motioning with his head back to the goblins holding the captured fairies.

They nodded, and each grabbed a handle of the door, pulling it open. "Your royal Highness, some of the lesser goblins have captured and brought you something."

There was an irritated sighed and it sounded anything but happy. And it also didn't sound as the ones who had grabbed them. "Get the fuck out. I don't care." They came in anyways and threw the three to the ground, Hinata and Ino by now having awoken and were staring horrified at the massive throne that was before them. There was a redhead sitting in it, leaning against one arm and his legs draped over the other. He was dressed in tight black pants and a loose black long sleeved shirt that cut open near his throat. He wasn't even looking at them, simply picking something from his claw-like nails. There was a crown adorning his head and was crooked, but he didn't seem to care. It was cast of gold and many different precious gems and had a white fluffy rim and a red velvet top over the center.

There was a man beside him, dressed similarly, only wearing a dark blue shirt. His hair was dark as night and he only appeared vaguely interested in the fairies that were thrown on the floor. But one thing was for certain, they were incredibly good looking. He nudged the king's foot with his hand. "Gaara, I think this will actually interest you." The man said. "It's not every day the lesser catch three fairy maidens."

Jade eyes glared up at his friend and he stopped in his previous actions. With a sigh, he looked over and examined the three, scowling. "Kill them."

All of the goblins went wide eyed and backed away from them. "But sire-"

The redhead shifted in his seat and stood, glaring down at them, looking even more threatening than before. "Did I stutter? I said kill them. I don't need any more useless little frail fairies." He ordered.

Ino and Hinata went wide-eyed, but Sakura just glared at the goblin king. "mejgefkhasdnfkfvnkf." Her words were muffled behind her gag, but it was clear to everyone else that whatever she was saying wasn't nice.

The King looked slightly intrigued and glanced back at the one beside him. He stepped down and stopped in front of Sakura, looping his finger beneath the gag and lowering it down around her neck.

"-completely unnecessary. You are despicable." She spat. "If your stupid cronies have the gall to just go and tie us up, bring us to your kingdom, the least you could do was make them take us back to the forest. And while you're at it, you could at least teach them how to treat a woman, though judging by their leader, I can see why they don't know any better." She said with a nod, visibly giving him a once over.

He just smirked, grabbing her face and forcing her gaze up, and her silence. "Please…if you can see that, what on earth makes you think I would let you go?"

"I was just trying to be polite and give you an opportunity to have at least one redeeming quality." She sneered.

"Hmm." He rubbed his chin, his smirk only growing. "Nah. I like being coldhearted and vindictive." He released her then and moved back. "I'm done. Kill them, cut off their wings and throw them off the ledge into the stalagmites."

Sakura gasped, finally appearing alarmed. "Well if you're going to kill us can we at least keep our wings?" she asked, her pink wings lowering so that they were closer to her body. "They're what make us fairies."

Gaara stared down at her, shaking his head in slight amusement. "If I leave your wings on, when I throw you off a cliff, you'll just fly away. Please. You little prancing princesses know nothing about goblins, we're not all idiotic." He walked away from her them and snapped his fingers. "Do it now, I'm starting to get irritated."

The guards along the walls stepped away from their posts, and the goblins who had captured them grabbed onto each of the fairies' necks and grabbed a fistful of their wings, pulling them painfully so they had a clean cut. The guards unsheathed their swords and stopped beside each of the women. Gaara sat back down on his throne and simply watched the whole ordeal.

"You know," the dark haired man spoke up, looking to the redhead. "We've never actually mixed fairy blood with our own before. The results would be interesting, and their own gifts along with ours would be a bonus." He commented.

"I don't like fairies Sasuke. They're flimsy and annoying." He nodded to the guards who then lifting their swords, but hesitated. They all looked wary at the idea of taking such beauties in such a way. "Did I say stop? Clip them off!"

Sasuke shrugged. "It was just a suggestion. A fairy as our queen…or even as one of the men's consorts…" he trailed off.

"Like any of us would want to be with some pigheaded, vile, repulsive goblin." Sakura said. Then she looked at the goblins behind her. "Are you going to chop them off or not? The way you're pulling them is starting to hurt." She glared. If she was going to have to die, she wanted it to be over with as soon as possible. The quicker it happened, the quicker she didn't have to be in that arrogant man's presence.

"Sakura." Ino hissed, glaring at her friend. "Shut up." She seethed. "You're only making this worse. You know the amount of pain we will be in if they cut off our wings. And I know you weren't paying attention that day in rituals, but if we lose our wings we will not transcend when we die. We will sink into the earth and burn in the inferno of the earth's magma for eternity." The blonde looked back to Gaara and sucked up her pride. "Please! Don't cut off our wings. We'll do anything!"

Sakura looked at her friend. "Don't tell them that! I would rather burn than do anything for them!" she said to the blonde. Then she looked at the ebony haired woman. "Right Hinata?"

"I just want to go home." Hinata said softly, a tear sliding down her cheek. "I told you both this would happen, but you didn't listen." Sakura sighed with a roll of her eyes and looked forward once more. Clearly she was on her own with this one.

"We could use them as maids." Sasuke mused. "Or something. At least they're nice to look at."

"Hold on a moment." Gaara said, raising his hand. "Release the blonde one and bring her here." The guard behind her lowered his sword and helped her onto her feet, much more gently than the ones who had brought her. The king gave her a once over and leaned back in his chair, looking at his friend once more. "Do you want one?"

"Not particularly." Sasuke sighed. "They'll just annoy me."

He nodded and looked back to the fairy. "And you will do anything?"

Ino looked nervous but nodded. "So long as you don't clip our wings and let us go eventually."

"Not all of you." Gaara said with a small smirk, standing and looking down at her. He took some of her hair and examined her, letting it run through his fingers. "I'm going to give you to a good friend of mine. After you've been his slave for six months, I will release you. And I promise, no harm will come to you. Do you agree?"

The blonde looked horrified but surprised at the same time. "Just six months?"

"Sure. Why not? I'll even bind myself to oath for it. And that's unbreakable."

"I know." She blinked, "Really?"

"Yes. Really." Gaara glared at her, growing annoyed. Seeing that she was trying on his nerves she nodded.

"Yes. Thank you."

"And if you try and escape, you will all be executed, after we hack off those pretty little wings." He told her, giving the other two warning glances.

Hinata stepped forward as much as she could. "I will do the same!" she declared a bit loudly, and then blushed as everyone's attention was on her. "If that's okay." She said, her voice back to its quiet tone.

Gaara blinked, both he and Sasuke looking surprised she had been so outspoken. "Alright." The redhead said, gesturing for her to be brought over. The guard did so and he gave her a once over. "You look much more innocent and tender than this one here." He pointed to Ino.

She just shrugged. "It's true, she is."

"Do you mind someone kinder?" the King asked the dark haired girl. "He's somewhat annoying, but I think you could tolerate him."

Hinata blinked, a bit surprised, but knew better than to try his patience. "Yes." She nodded. "That would be fine. Thank you." She smiled slightly.

The two fairies looked over at Sakura, who was still glaring. The pink haired woman looked at them, a silent debate going on. She appeared like she would refuse, but both of her friends were sending her the most pleading looks she had ever seen. Finally she sighed, her frown falling off her face. "Fine. I'll be somebody's servant too." She said reluctantly. She didn't want to leave them, after all. And this whole thing was kind of her fault.

"No." Gaara said simply. "I don't like you. You're rude and distasteful and you talk far too much. And your attitude is more than I am willing to put anyone through."

Sakura just smiled brightly, appearing to perk up. "Well then I can happy all the time, see? Happy, happy, happy!" she said, sounding like the happiest person in the world. "And I don't have to talk, I wouldn't want to converse with anyone here anyways!" she told them, the fake, bright smile still on her face.

"Man you're annoying." Sasuke said, causing her to glare at him, before quickly smiling once more.

Gaara just looked even more irritated. "God. Seal them all." He ordered. A man with dark, spiky hair walked out from one of the doorways. He did not look please, in fact, he looked like it was such a task just to walk across the room. He dipped his hand in a bag and pulled out some silvery dust and threw it over Hinata's and Ino's wings. And then he did the same to Sakura.

"Now you won't be able to fly until I give you recipe to wash the dust off." He explained. "Sasuke take these two to Kiba and Naruto. And you, annoying, loud one. I'm giving you to the ones who captured you." He gestured for the repulsive goblins to come forth. "Do whatever you want with her." He said, sitting back down on his throne.

Sakura's eyes widened. "Please don't make me go with them!" she pleaded, looking back to the redhead. "I'll be good, I promise. Just don't make me go with them. Please."

"And why, dare I ask, should I listen to you? You've been nothing but condescending since the moment you were dragged in here. Did I order for you to be taken? No. Did I tie you up and bind you? No. And yet you're taking out all your rage on me, who had nothing to do with it. Just because these morons think fairies are pretty and like to please their king is why you are here. And you have royally pissed me off. So please inform me of why I should give a rat's ass about what you want." Gaara said, his glare focused on only Sakura as he sat back, arms crossed, and waited.

She fidgeted as much as her bindings would allow. "Um, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. Well, actually I did, but I shouldn't have been so rude." She looked to the floor before glancing back up at him. "Your Majesty." She fidgeted a bit more. "I don't really have a reason, other than that I would be eternally grateful if I could go with someone else. Anyone would be fine. Just not them." She looked warily at the goblins that had taken her, not appreciating the malicious glint in their eyes.

He just laughed and gestured for Sasuke to leave, as well as flashing a glare to his underlings, who caught the look and exited as quickly as they could, all looking disappointed. "Fine." He said, but before any hope could build within her, her heart froze. "Take her to my bed chambers and lock her there."

"What?" she asked in slight alarm as she was lifted by two guards and carried towards the exit. "Why there? Wait!" she called as she was carried into the hall before her questions could be answered. Her panicked gaze turned back to the hall as she watched with dread as she was led through the palace. Towards what was sure to be her doom.