Alright, so…I got into a new crack pairing. Pangea(Pangaea-I spell it both ways…and both are correct-) and Primus. Pangea is an OC I created in the Hetalia Axis Powers (World Series) universe and Primus is from transformers. Both are sort of planets and both share similar stories…sort-of.
And here is another poem…with another OC. Panthalassa is the name of the giant sea that surrounded Pangaea when it was together.

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformer or Hetalia…the OCs are mine….not the ideas of the them are though.

he surrounds me...but I feel no love for him.
He is as moody as his natural form.
Something not for me.
And he often leaves me to be to myself,
I feel so alone.

But then,
my Star appears in the heavens.
A bright light, shinning for me.
I wish to be united with my heavenly lover... be stuck on the Earth...
alone and with the 'all sea'.

Why must the one I know I truly love,
be so far away.

Must we be apart?
I feel the yearning in my heart.
It burns for him in the stars.

Panthalassa knows of thee,
he is jealous. jealous as a moody sea can be.
But I do not let his words and jealousy get to me.
He is just...
with me.

Oh please, my star,
come for me.
Send me something that I know will mean you are listening.

Hurry my star,
not for because of Panthalassa.
No, my children.
My Firsts,
are coming forth.
They going to be born.

And once they are...
I will go to sleep and rest.

As will Panthalassa.

Primus...if you hear me, send me a sign.
Send the Earth...send me Pangea...a sign.
A sign of love.
Or a sign of rejection.

Send one please...
I rest... love, my star...Primus...

…and did Primus send a message? Well, his children came to the Earth…I guess it is a message…sort-of.
Anyway…hope you enjoyed reading it.