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Part 7: Brick by Brick

Their lips crashed in a way that was between needy and soft, like it was what the two of them had wanted to do since they had met. In a way, that was true; or at least for Chris who had to endure a one-sided crush on Darren since he had met him for the first time in Ryan's office.

But that didn't matter right now. Ever since the Payley fest, Chris thought that nothing that happened between them had any significant meaning to Darren; he thought that Darren always did everything "just for fun" just because he was the nice guy that hung out with everyone and liked everyone, and everyone, naturally, liked him back.

And now that same boy who seemed so careless, so distant, and so unreachable and far away to him was the one who was grabbing Chris by his arms like he was afraid he would go out running because they were kissing.

Darren kept a tight grip on Chris' arms, because of his shirtless torso and thinking about boundaries that he just wasn't sure he was entitled to cross by touching his white skin, even though he was aching for it ever since their lips met. But then when Chris grabbed him by the wrist and moved his hand down his back Darren lost it, shifting closer to Chris on top of the bed and situating his hand just in the small of Chris' back, loving the feeling of those little probably blonde hairs that were there and caressing his skin like he wanted to do.

Then Chris decided to deepen the kiss by licking Darren's lower lip, just softly, and Darren literally moaned inside his mouth and parted his lips to grant him permission to glide his tongue inside his mouth, both swirling and dancing with each other. Chris was sure he was moaning too, but he was trying not to be too obvious, even though Darren's body kept pulling him closer and closer until their limbs just became a tangled mess, Darren's hands one on the small of Chris' back and the other one was caressing his cheek, and Chris was grabbing Darren tightly by both sides of his shirt. Their legs started to touch each other until Chris moved slightly so he could glide one over Darren's, and then he felt the pressure of one of Darren's knees between his legs and he released a moan so high pitched, it made Darren wonder if he had hurt him.

"Did I do something wrong?" Darren asked with his breath uneven, panting slightly.

"N—no. It's just that…" Chris was absolutely sure that if they kept going, he was never going to be able to tell Darren everything he wanted, but everything felt so good and Darren's skin was so hot against his naked chest. But he had to tell him first. He had to get his point across before diving in too fast.

"I'm just…" He muttered, feelings his cheeks blush intensely and Darren shifted a little bit more towards him to envelop his body in a tight embrace.

"Overwhelmed. I was going too fast, wasn't I?" Darren asked, petting Chris' hair and loving the feeling because he had the softest hair he had ever touched in his life.

"No, well, it's not that." Chris replied, moving away just in order to watch Darren's eyes beneath the moonlight that was gliding inside the room through the windows. "It's just that… Darren, can I be really honest with you?"

"Alright, shoot." Darren said without a hint of hesitation and broke the embrace, but Chris whined a little under his breath and grabbed one of his hands to place it on top of his hip. Darren took it as a permission to caress the soft skin there with his thumb and so he did, making circles over it. Chris felt a shiver running down his spine when he felt the slightly calloused touch of Darren's finger on his skin, and continued.

"I've liked you since… ever. I am a huge fan of your work, AVPM and all that… And of course I've found you attractive since I first laid eyes on you. I prefer your short hair right now, though, but that's beyond the point." Chris heard Darren giggle under his breath and his grip on his hip tightening as he continued. "I tried to avoid you and not getting too involved. When you first brought Maya to the studio I felt that it was my duty to forget you and completely get over you. But… well. You're kind of difficult to ignore with your flamboyant ways and your – those things you do. And you grabbed a hold of my heart and refused to let go. But I still was in denial the whole time, or, you know, just thinking about boundaries. And Maya was in the middle of it all and I really, really tried to not to get between you two. So I need to apologize. Because I did. I ended up getting in the middle of your relationship with a girl you've known even before you knew me. And I'm sorry, Darren."

Darren moved a hand to Chris' cheek and caressed him softly. "You don't have to apologize. Honestly, you just don't. Maya… Maya was me, being safe. Being stuck in the same place for four years, and God knows how longer just because she decided to break it off every two weeks. Maya is a person I know from way back, and she's just… kind of always there, you know? Kind of… being back somewhere you know. But she never really liked me; we were together because we both felt the same way." He made a pause to exhale a big amount of air and continued. "She liked what I was becoming and she decided to stay even if she hated long-distance relationships, something she told me in college. It meant… free passes to mostly prestigious events, like Charlene's concerts… She even liked Glee so the fact that she got to be on set and meet Cory and Mark and… well, everyone." He let out a long sigh. "She was pretty much using me."

Chris smiled bitterly at Darren, because he knew all along and didn't want to comment on it as he was sure he was always overstepping. "I thought that after the last time, you would open your eyes and… probably see how things were not okay anymore." He muttered instead, smiling a little even though what he said next wasn't a happy thing. "When I saw you get back to her… that's when things started to get complicated." He laughed then, and Darren decided to interrupt.

"I know; it must have been hard for you. And I'm sorry. I just… never quite got around to actually giving myself time to think about my feelings for you. But that kiss…" Darren licked his lips just after that phrase and Chris felt a jolt in his spine. "It was kind of a revelation. Everything just… made sense. And I want you. Not what you represent or whatever excuse. I want you for you, because you like Harry Potter, because you are addicted to diet coke, because…"

"Shut up and let's kiss, please."

"Yeah, okay." Darren moved smoothly towards Chris while the younger man whimpered a little as he felt the grip on his hip get tighter, and then he moved towards the center of the bed and felt Darren move swiftly on top of him, smiling a wicked smile.

"Since you asked so nicely."

Chris moaned as Darren literally dived towards his mouth, Darren's hands moving smoothly through Chris' hair, pulling at it slightly making Chris groan inside the kiss and thrust his hips upwards to meet Darren's involuntarily. When he heard the strangled moan the other man let out from his lips, he shamelessly moved his hips again; generating friction and making him notice how hard Darren was. He smirked slightly when they moved away from each other to breathe.

"That was unexpected." He heard Darren pant, while his shoulders moved up and down with his erratic breathing.

"That's what happens when you tease me like that." Chris retorted, the smirk not leaving his face, making Darren shiver. In a second, their positions changed and now it was Chris who was straddling Darren against the mattress, his hands grabbing the other man's wrists strongly.

"We should make up for the time we wasted talking, shouldn't we?" Chris asked, Darren nodding fervently and his eyes fluttering shut when he felt Chris lowering his hips to meet Darren's in a needy thrust. As Chris moved his hips, he kissed down Darren's neck while his hands released the other man's wrists in order to remove his shirt, sliding it above his shoulders and his head, throwing it over his back not caring where it landed, just focused in kissing every inch of newly exposed skin.

He took a moment to look, though. He took a couple of seconds to completely enjoy what was in front of him; the tanned skin, the chest hair, the chiseled hipbones; all of it completely in display for him to enjoy. He licked his lips unconsciously and Darren whimpered beneath him at the gesture, moving his hands on Chris' upper back and caressing him there, feeling the lightly built muscles and enjoying the view in display for him as well. The moonlight was lighting all of Chris' pale skin, he was nearly glowing and Darren couldn't quite believe he didn't notice how beautiful Chris truly was until this point; until he reached a point of desperate need in which his body was shouting out he was a moron for not kissing him sooner and getting rid of the leech that was Maya in the first place.

"I want you so bad." Darren heard himself whisper, when they both made eye contact and everything felt so heavy and intense around them. Both of them were panting and trying to even their breathing, like they were exhausted but nothing had happened. They were just drinking each other in, like it was meant to be from the start, enjoying each other's company.

"I want you too." Chris muttered, returning to his previous position to kiss Darren's collarbones.

That night, both of them took the time to explore each other's bodies. Darren was delighted to kiss, lick and mark Chris' torso as long as the night let him, and Chris was fine with letting him do that as long as Darren granted him permission to do the same to him later. They both shared sweet nothings between shivering breaths and lingering kisses in the dark, and when it got too heavy and they noticed everything was falling into place, they held each other tightly until they couldn't bare it anymore, panting and moaning and feeling everything quite so intensely.

They were both so overwhelmed with sensations that even after their climax, they kept touching each other softly, feeling the skin and the sweat, and letting out little whimpers and laughs and giggles because this was happening and it wasn't a dream at all.

They fell asleep tangled in each other's arms, with a little smile lingering on top of their mouths because everything turned out better than they had expected.

The next morning, Chris Colfer woke up with a warm feeling spreading across his chest. He felt lightheaded, accomplished, with a minor headache but, overall, his head just whirled around one thing: He felt happy. It could've been better if Darren were right there in bed with him.

But Darren wasn't.

For a minute he just laid there, still and relaxed. But when he realized that Darren wasn't in the bed with him he felt panic starting to build up inside his chest because, what if it everything had been an alcohol-induced dream? What if he had been tipsy and arrived home and just fantasized the whole Darren thing? He was indeed tipsy the night before, and he had those kind of dreams about Darren quite often ever since their kiss in Chris' trailer. He suppressed a sob when he sat up in the bed, but then he released a breath he didn't know he was holding when he noticed that the pillow that was resting beside him had the form of a head that obviously had slept there. Then he took in the whole sight, and smiled a little, his heartbeat starting to get even when he saw the covers sprung into his side of the bed, and a shirt lingering in the corner of the bed, threatening to fall down at any moment. It had been the shirt he gave Darren the night before to sleep in. It was the one Chris personally removed.

It hadn't been a dream, at least. He smiled softly and laid down once again, grabbing the pillow where Darren had rested the night before and briefly moved it towards his nose to breathe it in. It smelled like him, like that intoxicating perfume that was impregnated on his skin. He hugged the pillow tightly and moved his legs happily, noticing how the whole room smelled like Darren. He couldn't suppress a giggle.

"Chris? Are you awake?" He heard Darren's sing-song voice coming from the kitchen and released the pillow somewhat reluctantly while he stepped out of the bed.

"Yes!" He replied, looking for his sweatpants that had been forgotten the night before between kisses and touches and moans; finding Darren's lying next to his on the floor. He flushed slightly and stood up, watching the other man's figure enter the bedroom, only wearing a pair of boxer briefs and an apron. He felt a jolt of heat spreading down his chest and repressed a moan.

"I was making breakfast." Darren said, smiling somewhat goofily at Chris, Darren's hair was standing up at the strangest places, making Chris aware that it was a sight he could never get tired of. "I had a hard time finding actual food in here but I made some toast and you had some marmalade and cheese and everything else… Well. Give me a second, will you?" He said, turning around and Chris widened his eyes at how perfectly tight those boxer briefs were and decided to put on his sweatpants and sit on top of the bed if he wanted to hide how hard it had made him to see Darren's behind. He waited sitting a couple of minutes, cooling himself off by thinking in other things like work and annoying phone calls or emails.

"Bonjour, good day, how's your family?" He heard Darren sing, while he entered the bedroom with a platter on his hands with two plates and glasses, placing the glasses in the bedside table and sitting carefully with the platter on top of his legs ushering Chris to grab his plate and eat.

"Breakfast in bed?" Chris asked, looking a little bewildered at how attentive Darren was being with him that morning, and of course, that apron was a great distraction for his usual train of thought.

"How's that for romance, Kurt?" Darren smiled, winking at him and putting on a cocky smirk that made Chris chuckle.

"Stop making me laugh or I'll spit all my juice over you." Chris whined, eating his toast with marmalade and taking a sip from his juice with the other hand. Darren smiled at him warmly. "And you've got to stop with this character bleed thing. I hope this is not just a phase or an experiment of yours just to see how much I am like Kurt or something."

Darren almost seemed wounded but he knew Chris was joking, so he followed along. "Did you know I have the hugest kink for tight pants? Because I kind of do…" The saucy comment slipped from his lips without a filter and Chris' face reddened almost so much that it seemed purple.

"You… do?" He replied, coughing because a piece of his bread tried to go down the wrong pipe. "Because I could wear tighter pants if that suits your—" He coughed again and punched his chest feeling the air entering his lungs properly once again. "Fancy."

"Chris, I'm joking, you know?" Darren said, smiling and laughing about how funny it seemed to embarrass Chris. "If you were to spit your juice over me you'll have to clean it up, by the way."

"DARREN!" He exclaimed, feeling another piece of bread trying to obstruct his air conducts while the shorter man laughed loudly, feelings his cheek flush but, it was so easy to make Chris flustered. It was amazing, and taking in account the fact that was Chris the one who was more aggressive in the intimate stuff, him being shy out of that context was hilarious.

"Would you mind? I'm trying to eat while you're making fun of me, thank you very much." Chris muttered, with his rosy cheeks and Darren sat straight, smiling at him.

"All right, I'll let you eat and then we can kiss for a while before going to the set."

"Darren! Shut up!" Chris exclaimed again, trying to eat in peace while Darren made puppy eyes at him, asking in the sweetest voice.

"You'll kiss me anyway if I don't?"

"…Yes." Chris replied, helplessly smiling. Darren was acting like a five year old but that was one of the things that had made him feel so fond of him since the first time.

"That's fine with me, then." Darren ate one of his toasts rather quickly grabbing another one. "I like your kisses and I can't stop telling you how much I want you to kiss me."

"Shut up and eat. I want to kiss you already and if you don't finish this in the next five minutes I won't kiss you."

Darren shut up and finished his breakfast in silence faster than ever.

"I like Kurt's pants but I prefer yours better." Darren said when he leaned in to touch Chris' cheek with his nose waiting for him to turn around and kiss him.

"You're not getting any kisses from me today, Criss." Chris smirked, kissing Darren anyway; because he could.

In the next hours they showered together, went out for lunch and decided to stroll around the city while they waited for the nightfall to go to the studio. Blaine and Kurt's scene would be filmed at night so they weren't feeling any rush. Once they had entered some libraries and got back to Chris' house Darren sat on the couch and made a gesture for Chris to sit with him, wrapping his arm around Chris' waist once they were close together.

"There's something I've been meaning to tell you since the sleepwalking incident." Darren whispered in Chris' ear, holding him tighter. "And I hope it doesn't sound crazy or anything."

"You can tell me anything, Darren. I'm your friend." He heard Chris whisper, but he felt Chris' heartbeat get a little bit faster and he felt his heart clench.

"It's nothing bad, you know. So you don't need to get scared every time I tell you I have to… tell you something." He smiled and placed a kiss on the back of Chris' neck, hearing him chuckle.

"I'm sorry; this is just so… surreal." Chris muttered, grabbing Darren's hand and lacing their fingers together.

"Let me finish, okay?" Darren whispered softly, now petting Chris' hair with his free hand. "I know you sleepwalk quite a lot, and it happens whenever you're under some kind of stress. I also have heard that sleepwalkers tend to stop if they sleep with someone who holds them still at night. I know this might be soon but… I have seen how we work together, Chris. And I've been doing some thinking." He made a pause to make Chris look at him in the eye while he caressed Chris' cheek. "I want to move in with you."

Chris gasped. He wasn't expecting this one, not at all. But his heart sped up at the idea of waking up each morning next to Darren, helping him move in, even re-decorating his apartment… and Darren was a great cook and that made up for his obvious lack of cooking skills. They did work quite well together and Darren could actually be helpful with his sleepwalking issues… He blinked twice and exclaimed:

"Oh my God, Darren. I never thought you would… Yes! Yes, yes, please. Yes."

And they hugged so tightly Darren thought Chris was going to break his ribcage.

They were kissing again. Their faces were heated and they were looking at each other with raw emotion, feeling heat and sweat and the echo of their breathings. Like there was no-one else in the room, like there was no-one else in the world. Darren moved and kissed at Chris' collarbone and heard a whimper come out of his lover's mouth, not resisting the urge to kiss him fiercely, nearly devouring him.

The lights were burning their skin and the cameras were rolling, but there was only one truth, and it wasn't what Brad had expected at all, because the scene… well. The scene was going to get edited and retouched a lot. What he was witnessing was a passion he had never seen in his life. He even felt his face starting to blush; because everything Darren and Chris were doing on that bed felt so intimate he was ashamed that he was interrupting something.

"I love you so much, Blaine."

"I love you too, Kurt. You don't even know."

He heard their whispers in the right cue and told silently the cameramen to stop rolling. But Darren and Chris didn't stop; they were still kissing and touching each other, bare-chested, on top of Kurt's bed.

"Okay guys, I think we can call it a wrap for the day." Brad whispered to the rest of the crew, who were silently leaving and whispering at each other, dazed at the scene they were witnessing.

A few more minutes passed and they decided to look around. There was a cleaning lady that was wiping off dirt of the ground with her broomstick, but there was no-one else of the crew nowhere to be found. They both bushed in an intense red color and smiled at each other, like two kids who had caused a ruckus.

"I'm starting to move my things today, you know." Darren said, once they got off the bed and went over to wardrobe to retrieve their clothes.

"I'm fine with that." Chris replied, offering his hand to Darren in order to tangle their fingers together in a firm grasp.

"We can make this work, you know. How do you build a house in the first place?" Darren said, the smile gleaming in his eyes.

"I guess it's brick by brick, isn't it? Little by little." Chris replied, feeling lightheaded and just happy.

Darren felt a vibration in his pocket and retrieved the device with frown eyebrows. The screen was glowing with the sign of a phone call and a picture of a girl showed in the caller ID. The name was Maya.

"I'm getting a new cell phone number tomorrow." He said, pressing the red button to end the call and stuffing the phone inside his pocket without ever letting go of Chris' hand.

"Yes, you do that." Chris replied, laughing, because he had seen it coming from the beginning, because that was so like her.

But this time, Darren didn't have the need to be safe anymore. To excuse himself into a life made out of routine and feeling like he owed her something. This was his turn to be happy.

And Chris was going to do his best just to make him happy in any way he could.

The End.

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