"Oh. My. God!" I heard May whispered from the doorway. "I can't believe it!"

"The kid has skills. I have to give him that. I figured she would've punched him in the face by now." I heard Roy say.

"They look so cute together." Al whispered from a distance.

"He better not break her heart. If he does, he's asking for it." I heard Riza's voice ring out softly.

I stirred and trying to move but was blocked. I slowly began opening my eyes and say Ed and mine legs intertwined with one another in the black satin sheets of his bed. I was draped across his chest, which was completely bare. But what I noticed the most was the hand on my ass.

My eyes widened and I screamed pushing Ed awa,y which only caused him and I to both fall off the bed. He landed on top of me and had somehow managed to stay asleep throughout the whole ruckus

I heard a large amount of laughter from the doorway and saw Al, May, Riza, and Roy standing in the doorway laughing their asses off.

Ed began to stir and slowly looked up, opening his eyes. When he realized what was going on his eyes widened and he quickly pulled himself away from me. "I am so sorry Winry!"

"It's fine!" I laughed standing up and readjusting my clothing.

"So you two finally got up." I heard Riza say.

I spun on my heel and ran over to her and hugged her tightly. "I'm so glad you're doing better. I was so worried about you!" I cried into her shirt.

"I don't know how they did it but the boys made it in a time and got me to the hospital and got me fixed up pretty quickly." She smiled and hugged me back, pressing her face into my hair.

"I'm so glad." I sobbed into her shoulder. We stood there for at least five minutes just hugging with me sobbing into her shoulder.

As we released one another, Roy wrapped an arm gently around Riza and she leaned against him, thankful for the support. I turned and looked at Ed who was now sitting on my bed and I asked, "How did you even know we were in trouble?"

Al piped in, a smiling gleaming brightly upon his face, "You have a pretty loud scream, I'm fairly sure even the neighbors could hear it Winry."

I blushed as he said this and I looked down at my feet. "Well I'm glad I screamed then. I don't know what would've happened if you all hadn't shown up. I actually don't even want to think about it." I hugged myself and shivered lightly. "Okay all you males get out. I want to change. May, Riza, Ranfan if you want to stay you can. I don't mind having you two around." I looked at them, a hint of fear gleaming in my eyes hoping that they would stay and not leave me a lone in the room.

"Of course we'll stay!" May giggled and wrapped are arms around our necks pulling as down at an angle because of how short she is compared to the two of us as Ranfan stood to the side and smiled gently..

The boys waved and left the room. Ed followed them reluctantly and but followed non-the-less.

I walked to the closet and began digging around through the clothing in an attempt to find something to wear. "I didn't even get hurt and I'm terrified." I whispered softly, my hand lingering on a soft dress.

"Maybe if we hadn't split up none of this would have happened. It's all my fault." May scowled and climbed onto the bed sitting like a pretzel.

"Don't blame yourself May. We all agreed to it so we're all at fault here." Ranfan stated calmly putting a soft hand on the tiny girls shoulder.

"She's right May. We all agreed to it so we're all at fault. It's my fault for recklessly opening that door and not thinking of what could be behind it." Riza scowled as she ran her hand over her bandaged injury.

"Who even was that?" I asked looking behind me at the three girls sitting on the bed. "What does he even want?"

I snatched a shirt off the hanger and pulled a pair of jeans from a shelf in the back of the closet. "Shouldn't that be a concern to us?" I asked them as I pulled my PJ shirt off and slipped clasped a strapless bra on quickly. I grabbed a pair of boy shorts and stepped into the bathroom quickly changing into them.

I walked out and looked at them, concern evident in my facial expression. "Right now we should just calm down and not think about it. We can talk about it with the boys. They've been doing some digging and hopefully have come up with some information." Ranfan stated as she leaned back against the headboard of the bed.

I scowled then smiled lightly. "Alright, and next time Riza, I'm going in first." I smirked looking in her direction as I zipped the strapless top up.

"But that's-" She began but I cut her off quickly.

"No buts Riza. You put yourself at risk so if anything like this happens again it's only fair that I do the same as a favor to you." I said forcefully. I finished pulling up the jeans and quickly zipped and buttoned them before readjusting the top so it laid on top of the pants.

Riza frowned but said nothing else. May stood up and linked arms with Ranfan and I and pulled us out of the room. I grabbed Riza's hand and pulled her along with us. "May I have not even brushed my hair yet.
"I complained as she dragged us up the stairs.

"I'll brush it while we watch a movie or something." She giggled as she pulled us into the living room where the boys were sitting and eating some breakfast and watching morning cartoons.

I mumbled a few incoherent passages under my breath and just let her drag me along behind her.