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Narcissa sighed as she sat back down on the edge of the bed. The sun had not yet risen but she doubted she'd be getting any more sleep, making this yet another encore of the past two days she'd been awakened by her morning sickness. Each time she closed her eyes, intent on falling asleep at last, she found her mind flooded by her own thoughts of the radically changed future she would be subjecting herself and her family to, and whether that future was really the one that was best for all of them…

"Cissa, is everything all right…?" Lucius muttered, sleep still heavy in his voice.

Narcissa gave a small, startled gasp. She hadn't at all expected him to be awake, not at this hour.

"H-how long have you been up?" she questioned, hoping it hadn't been thanks to her that his rest was interrupted.

"About since the time I heard you retching, I suppose" he admitted, a faint smile beginning to form on his lips. "To be quite honest, I-"

"I'm sorry, Lucius." Narcissa lowered her eyes, no longer wanting to meet his gaze. "I really did hope you wouldn't have to deal with all of this again…"

Lucius's smile faded just as quickly as it had appeared. He found that he no longer had the heart to tell her she had woken him the past few nights as well, having refrained from coming to her side only to save her the embarrassment he was sure that would have caused her. Still, even he could see that it wasn't the morning sickness or his having heard her that she was upset about. It simply wasn't in Narcissa's nature to be so upset over something so trivial, something so beyond her control.

"Cissa…" He sat up, and lightly touched a hand to her shoulder, his concern apparent. "What's troubling you so? Tell me truthfully."

She spent a moment in silence, collecting her thoughts and considering carefully her words. "It's hard for me, Lucius. It's been over two weeks now, and I still haven't spoken a word to Draco… He should have been the first to know; my pregnancy will effect his life just as much as ours! I don't even know how to even approach the subject… It's not something you can say in a letter, but don't want to just pull him out of school to tell him, either, not when I don't know how he's going to react… Oh, Lucius, the more I put it off the more I wonder if this is what's best for all of us… Maybe I was wrong, I keep thinking, maybe I didn't want this like I thought I did after all…"

He listened patiently until she finished and told her softly, "Narcissa, I wish I could understand how you could go from being so thrilled to…well, this, in just a matter of days."

"Oh I know it's just these… These bastard hormones, but I-"

"You must know you're not alone in all of this, yes? Your children do have a father, after all." He moved closer to her, allowing his hands to find their way to hers. "Just think, it won't be long at all before Draco is home for the holidays. We'll have plenty of time to tell him he's to be an elder brother then."

A look of uncertainty passed over Narcissa's face at the suggestion, but Lucius continued.

"As for whether or not you having this child is for the best, well… I can say with the utmost certainty that it's what's best for me, at any rate. Seventeen years ago I was absent for so much of the first year of Draco's life… Every time I remember that never again will there be days, or even weeks that I can't safely return to you from the battlefield…Well, I can honestly say that I haven't been so excited for something in quite awhile. This is what you've been wanting for years now, Narcissa, and I'm positive that what you're feeling will pass just as quickly as it came."

Narcissa took a moment to wipe a the tears from her eyes that had begun to form through Lucius's speech.

"You're right," she said. "You're right about all of it. Like I said, it's just these-"

"Bastard hormones. I know." His smile found its way back to him as he recalled the first time his wife was with child and how very similar the experience was for him then as now. "From what I can recall, it was the hardest for you in the first few months the last time, too."

At last, Narcissa met his eyes once more, a faint smile starting to form on her lips as well. She hadn't expected him to remember something like that, not when he had had so many other important things on his mind at the time. "Yes, I remember that clearly."

"Then you also remember how happy you were, far more often than not, to be becoming a mother, no?"

"…I do, very much so," she said, her small smile quickly transforming into a grin.

"That's exactly how you'll again, feel in these coming weeks and months, I'm almost certain of it."

He sounded so sure of himself in this that Narcissa would have been hard pressed not to take his statement as anything but fact. "…Thank you, Lucius. For talking to me like this, and for helping me get through these rougher spots… I doubt that anybody else could cheer me up as you do."

"I'm just glad I can finally be here for you when you need me. Now please, try to get some more sleep; you and I both know you need it now more than ever," With but a shadow of reluctance, she removed her hands from his and laid down next to him. He may have been correct, but she certainly wouldn't have minded staying up to talk with him longer. "If there are any other doubts in your mind when you wake up, I'd be happy to listen. As much as I'd like to, if I tried that now, I may well end up very rudely falling asleep in front of you," he explained, stifling a yawn.

"I'll hold you to that," she told him with a laugh. "Goodnight, Lucius."

"Goodnight, Cissa." Before falling asleep with her, he leaned over her and, much to her surprise, kissed her.

Narcissa struggled against him when his lips first touched her own. Had he so quickly forgotten that not thirty minutes prior she had been in the restroom vomiting? Still, as he persisted, Narcissa acquiesced and allowed it, in spite of how very vile she imagined it must have been for him.

"I know what you're going to say," he said immediately as he parted from her, "and I can't say that I much care."

Narcissa rolled her eyes, not much caring to let it show how pleased these words had made her. "Goodnight, Lucius."

When Narcissa awoke for the second time that day, she felt nothing but well-rested, for the first time in days. She sat up and stretched, and looked over to her right; her husband's side of the bed. Noting his absence, she glanced at the clock that hung on the wall, and was not at all surprised to see that she'd slept quite a few more hours than she ordinarily would have liked. She ran a hand through her hair, her brunette locks intertwining with the blonde. She recalled the words Lucius had spoken to her in the hours prior, and she couldn't help but grin. For the time, at least, she couldn't have felt better. She was happy.

She heard the bedroom door creak slowly open, and turned, a bit sleepily, still, to see Lucius at the doorway. "'Morning, love," he said softly. "I was just coming to see if you might be up."


"You received a letter this morning, from Andromeda. I didn't open it." He entered the room and sat near her on the edge of the bed, and handed the envelope to her.

When she had written to her sister just yesterday morning to share the news that she was pregnant, and hadn't exactly expected a reply, not after everything that had happened to the older woman in the war. She quickly opened the envelope, eager to read her sister's words.

Dear Narcissa,

Congratulations! I hope you'll believe me when I say I couldn't be happier for you - though I must admit, the announcement certainly came as a surprise! I'm glad to hear your husband is taking it well; I'm sure Draco will as well once you tell him. If I were you, I'd simply tell him straight, as soon as you see him next; there's no need to try and prepare anything or to estimate his reaction. You know as well as I he won't like what he hears at first, but he'll come to accept it and love you all the same.

I just wish you hadn't felt that your good news would hurt, or offend me after all that's happened. In fact, I have to tell you, Cissy, that when I first read your letter I felt not anger or sorrow but instead hopeful that perhaps young Theodore might have a friend his own age to grow up with - that is, if you and your husband would allow it…

Again, congratulations and best of luck to you! Please remember I'll always be here for you if I can help at any point along the way, or if you just want to talk. I too know how stressful all of this can be, after all!

All my love,


She read the letter aloud to Lucius after reading it once to herself.

"I'm glad she's so supportive, even after… Well, everything," he said.

"What do you think about what she said, Lucius? About little Teddy Lupin, I mean."

"I think… As the current patriarch of the Malfoy family and as a pureblood, I want to shun the idea completely. But as a father and as your husband… I don't think it would be bad at all for our child," he admitted plainly.

"I can certainly understand that… I do want my baby to have every privilege that comes with being a Malfoy, but in this changing world we live in… Well, we've got plenty of time, I suppose, haven't we?" Her eyes were bright when she spoke, still plenty ecstatic about her sister's positive reaction. She felt she was in no position nor had any desire to make such major decisions so very suddenly.

"Y-yes, of course we do…" It wasn't every day he saw her in such a pleasant mood, and he certainly didn't wish to ruin it by saying the wrong thing regarding their son or daughter's future as a pureblood as he knew he inevitably would.

"Lucius," she said, her smile as bright as her eyes. "Let's not even think of it now. We'll make the best choice, whatever it may be. I know we will."

It made him smile as well to see her so positive, particularly after her experience with the opposite emotions the night before. He nodded. "I wholeheartedly agree."

Narcissa put the letter back in its envelope and placed it on the nightstand near her bed. She would take Andromeda's advice as well as Lucius's: they would tell Draco when he arrived home for Christmas, and refuse to worry about the rest until then. All of her past worries, she was certain, would turn out for the better. And how could they not? They were, Malfoys, after all. They were a family.