Izumi Saitou – Age 18. Half American Half Japanese, born and raised in the US, US Citizen, spending senior year in Japan as an exchange student. Enjoys reading, music, dancing. Good at math and English. Not genius but works hard.

Summary: Takashi meets his first love, but will they be able to stay together? Lemonish. Book 1: High School.

Note: I don't mean to offend anyone with the ethnicity comments. I have a few half-japanese friends who told me about the Okinawan part. I'm Asian myself, so I know, from personal experience, about the "light" complex.

Note: The school year in Japan is different form the US, which if you're into fanfic, you probably already know this… but for reference:
April – 12 (start school year)
May - 11
June – 10
July – 9 (summer break, mid-July)
August – 8 (summer break)
September – 7 (start 2nd trimester)
October – 6
November – 5
December – 4 (late December, end of 2nd trimester – few weeks for winter break)
January – 3 (start last trimester)
February – 2
March – 1 (Graduation)

Note: This is my first fanfic story EVER. So please be easy with your comments. I wrote it in about a week so I didn't spend much time on this. Please review. Would be interested in seeing if anyone wants to know what happens beyond the end. Or if my writing is so terrible I should just stop now LOL.