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Chapter 1

Sarabi panted and screamed in in pain as her cub made its way through her. Today, why had it have to be today? Why couldn't her cub wait a little longer? These thoughts swirled in Sarabi's pain filled mind as she pushed. Mufasa, her mate, laid just beyond the entrance of the cave, not aloud to enter for the fear of Sarabi's wrath for disturbing her entrance into motherhood. She could feel her cub moving to the last part of the birthing process and she couldn't wait to have it out of her so with one final mighty push, Sarabi screamed and felt her cub move out of her.

She laid on the ground, panting heavily and she felt overly tired, her shoulder length blond hair was sweaty and sticking to her skin, making her cool slightly from the activity of giving birth.

If this didn't show that females were stronger then males then by god I'm gonna kill someone was what Sarabi thought as she lifted herself to take care of her cub. Outside the cave, Mufasa was pacing back and forth from one small boulder to another yet slightly larger one. What was taking so long for Sarabi to have his cub? Surly it didn't take this much time for his mother to bring him and Taka into the world did it? Then again Taka, to the rest who knew him; he was Scar, was premature and his mother taken longer due to his early date of birth. Though surely it didn't take so long to have his cub, his heir or heiress now did it?

"Sire maybe you should stop pacing, you're making the other lionesses worry" Zazu said. The red head stopped and looked at the small, blue haired, tattooed bird-man then looked to the others, Sarafina was sitting not far from the other side of the entrance with Nala and the other lionesses. They all had a look on their faces, all that said fear and worry as they waited for some sort of noise that wasn't pained screams or deafening silence.

Finally to what seemed like forever to the others they heard a child crying from the inside of the cave. Mufasa was the first one to get to his mate's side, his long red hair was what everyone saw when he whipped around and raced inside, and saw her curled up on her side and feeding the small baby. From what Mufasa could see, he had a son.

"Sarabi, you're amazing!" he said and kissed his tired mate, who glanced at him then smiled tiredly before deeming the baby full and handed him to Mufasa.

"Have you decided on a name?" Sarabi asked as she shifted from human to her natural form as a lion. Mufasa was smiling and he looked down to Sarabi.

"Simba, my father liked the name when he was alive, so in honor of him, my son's name is Simba" Mufasa told her before she fell into a much needed rest. Mufasa took Simba and went out to the others that stayed at the entrance and showed them his small son.

"Mufasa, he's gorgeous!" Sarafina said as she went over to him, Nala following close behind, both blonds cooed at the little boy.

"What's his name?" Nala asked timidly. She was slightly fearful of Mufasa as she had seen him angry when he was fighting with the outcast Scar.

"His name is Simba" he said to the older cub and the other lionesses. Zazu was right next to him, jumping up and down happily with the thought of the next generation of the royal line being born already!

Though everyone at Pride Rock seemed to be in a joy to celebrate, not everyone was in a good mood. Far off to the side of Pride Rock at a small little rock bungalow sat the estranged brother of Mufasa, Scar. Pitch black hair laid down his shoulders and back; making him seem untouchable, dark tan skin from hours of laying in the sun; this made him stick out like a sore thumb among the pride, and calculating, deep green eyes made your heart stop when they caught you in a dead stare. Scar was small compared to his brother, but he made up for it in planning, agility, cunningness, and having the ability to slip into the background, away from everyones knowledge, this was so he could get his ways.

Scar sat in his rock home that he made himself years ago when he had a fall out with his family, mainly with his father and some what with Mufasa. He looked bored and seemed to doze in and out of a suspension of being awake and being asleep, but that whole being of a lazy and tired lion-man crashed to the ground when he heard footsteps clambering across the stray rocks.

'Great, just what I want, Mufasa coming over to try and bring me to see the pride and joy, his kid' Scar thought bitterly as he readied himself to lash out when his brother gave him a tongue lashing for missing the birthing of the next in line for the throne.

"Taka?" a voice called out, but it wasn't a deep male's voice that Scar associated with his brother, no it was softer, more feminine. He also knew that only three people called him that cursed name that his mother bestowed upon him at his birth, one of them was dead and another wouldn't dare call him that unless it was to taught him.

"Sarabi?" he called out and stood up. What was the queen doing at his little abode? Especially after giving birth? Scar walked over to where he heard Sarabi's voice and sure enough, standing against one of the side rocks in all her glory was the queen.

"You should be resting!" he hissed to her and pulled her out of the shadows to get in the warm sun. After seeing so many births, Scar knew that the mother needed to be warmed after the blood loss.

"I will, but I wanted to know that my son has been born" Sarabi said with a smile, her blonde hair was covering her shoulders like a shall. Scar felt his eye twitch at the explanation that Sarabi gave him, he could of found that out later, she didn't have to risk her health to come down and tell him!

"So? You don't need to move after such a short time after giving birth!" he said and sat her down on one of the rocks. Sarabi chuckled at Scar and placed a hand on his shoulder as he was on his knees to help sit her down.

"I know you don't like it when someone you care for is moving about when they're not, but I have to ask you something" Sarabi said, her face becoming serious. Scar lifted an eyebrow and looked into Sarabi's light brown eyes.

"What?" he asked, getting a little impatient, he was thinking that he might have to get the annoying helper, Zazu, down to where they were and help Sarabi get back to Pride Rock.

"Will you to look after Simba, my son, when no one else can?" Sarabi asked while looking Scar dead in the eye. Scar blinked and sighed, this woman would have him go haywire with worry and then say stupid shit like this.

"Why wouldn't I look after my own nephew, my own brother's child?" Scar asked while making a hand motion to a blue bird that was flying over head. He stopped when he heard Sarabi laugh lightly.

"Oh Taka, how naïve can you be?" she asked in a rhetorical question.

"What's that supposed to mean? You asked me to look after your son, who is my nephew and my brother's flesh and blood!" Scar said as anger started to course through him. Sarabi laughed again.

"Yes I asked you to look after my son, but I didn't say anything about Simba being your nephew or Mufasa's son" Sarabi said. Scar stopped and looked at her in confusion.

"What?" he seemed to be asking that question a lot today. Sarabi blinked and looked over to see Zazu coming over with Mufasa and several lionesses, it was now or never. She quickly turned back to Scar, Taka, her childhood friend.

"Taka...Simba is not Mufasa's child" she said and got up to meet the others, her plan was starting to roll into action. Her son would be safe, Taka would see to that Simba would be safe and happy, she knew that Taka wouldn't let Mufasa know her secret she bestowed upon him.


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