The next morning I woke up, trying to be as quiet as I possibly could. So that my mom wouldn't wake up, and hence making my life a living hell. I got dressed, had a orange and headed out the door, to only be bumped into the one of a kind, Sonny Monroe.

"Oh, wow Sonny I am sorry. I didn't mean to bump into you, here let me help you up." I said, standing up and taking her hand. I gently pulled her up to her feet. She never stopped looking at me. Which is really hot!

"Chad, it is ok. I was walking over to your house, and I wasn't watching where I was going, and we bumped into each other. You take things to extreme, whenever you do something, you immediately apologize, even when it wasn't your fault. Come on, lets walk to the bus." She smiled, as we started heading for the bus.

We talked a bit, while we were walking to the bus. Every single word she spoke made me love her all over again. I kept on looking into her eyes, savouring every moment I had with her. Because some day, all those moments might be gone, forever…

I walked into my class, sitting down in my normal seat. But today, Sonny didn't sit beside me. She went to a different seat at the back of the class room, beside a different guy? Who the hell was that guy? I walked over to her, and stood there. She looked up, then back down.

"Can I talk to you, for a minute, Sonny?" I asked, walking a little bit away from where she was sitting. She sighed, walking over there with me. "Who is that that your sitting with? And, why was he about to kiss you?"

She sighed, looking down to the ground. "Well, he was nice and he wants to date me. I said yes. Is there a problem with that?" She asked, putting her hands on her hips.

My heart broke. "Yes Sonny there is a problem with that. Seeing how I told you I liked you… And you did nothing?" I asked, staring at her. I could see that she was starting to get tears in her eyes.

"Chad….." She paused, looking into my deep blue eyes. "I am sorry, I didn't know what to do, I didn't know if I liked you the same way." she explained.

"And do you like this guy the same way he likes you?" I asked. I had to ask her that, it would have bursted out of me if I didn't.

She shook her head no. "I don't. I, really don't. I didn't know what to do I was put under pressure and, I didn't want to hurt him." She cried.

"Just like you hurt me?" I asked. She looked at me, sadly. She kept on shacking her head, she was crying so hard now, it was just unbearable. "Listen I am sorry, but you really want to get out of going on a date with that jerk?" I asked, she nodded her head. "Then kiss me." She looked at me confusedly. "Kiss me then he wont want to date you because you would be dating me. It is a win win, I would get you, and you wouldn't get him. Are you in?" I asked.

She looked over to where he was sitting, he was waiting patiently for her to come back. Then she looked back over to me. She nodded. I cupped her face with my hands, and gently kissed her lips. Long enough for 'the guy' to see. He stood up, angrily, and walked over to us. "Hey! What the hell is going on here?"

I looked at him. "Well it seems that she doesn't like you, and that she likes me." I explained, easy enough for him to understand. Sonny walked away from me still crying. What did I do this time? I walked over to her, and grabbed her arm. "Hey is everything ok?" I asked, looking into her dark chocolate brown eyes.

She shook her head. "No, can you come with me? Please. I need a friend with me so I don't cry like a little baby." She said, taking me hand in her's and walking out of the classroom.

Sonny lead me to a disserted hallway, and we sat down. We started to talk about stuff. Talking about all things we could think of.

"Sonny, why did you say yes to him if you didn't like him? That is what is really starting to irritate me." I told her.

"I don't know. I wasn't thinking strait I wasn't used to not having a boyfriend." Sonny explained to me staring to get tears in her eyes.

"You could have asked me. You knew how I felt about you." I told her.

"I don't know. But can we change the subject now? I don't like this one." She said, putting her head in her legs. I looked at her, sadly knowing that she was really nice, and she needed to spare herself from heartache. So I accepted what she did, even though it was wrong.

"Sure." I smiled. "What do you wanna talk about?" I took her hand from holding her legs to her chest. She looked into my sapphire blue eyes. Then looked back down to our hands, holding each other. One single tear fell down onto out hands, together. I smiled, leaning over to her, and gently kissing her on the cheek. Once I leaned back to where I was occasionally sitting, she looked at me, lovingly.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked, holding tighter onto her hand.

"Because you have gorgeous eyes. I have never noticed that before. I am sorry….." Sonny trailed off.

"Sorry for what?" I asked, noticing it was something important from the sound in her voice, to the look on her face.

"For not thinking about you, and how much you have told me you love me. If I would have remembered, I would have told you, or asked you rather. I am so, so sorry." Sonny moved closer, so she could lay her head on my chest, to cry.

"Hey don't cry, if you continue to cry you will not have anymore water left in your body.. Please stop for me." She looked up at me. Why was she crying so much?

"Ok…" She sighed. But after a little while she moved her head closer to mine, and gave me a small kiss on the lips.