Hey guys! How awesome is this show? I just had to sit down and right a fic for the most obvious pairing. I mean, come on! So much UST I can bearly take it! It's set right after "Society Hill."

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Here with You

Kate smiled as she finally took the phone away from her face and pressed the "end" button. After a glance around the office to make sure Ethan wasn't watching, she gave a long, peaceful sigh and stroked a lock of golden hair between her finger and thumb.

It just, felt so nice.

A little dinner, some conversation—what was it about that night? Was it the restaurant? The lighting? What had happened that could possibly make her feel so . . . giddy?

Because really, that's all it was. Dinner. Conversation. Two people in nice clothes trying too hard to impress the other one, and starting out miserably. A lot of nervous laughing. The dropping of her fork, and the warmth in her cheeks. Really, that should amount to a big pile of nothing.


And how many dates had she been on lately? With how many men? There were always lot of men, a girl like her. Too many to be honest. That's what people didn't understand. When you're blonde and have a figure—well, it has its virtues, but it also comes with a price. More like a heavy burden. Because they come from everywhere, out of every nook and cranny. And most of them want to get too close and they wear too much cologne, but the other night? When she dropped her fork?

When she dropped her fork, he went and got it for her. And earlier, when she went to sit down, he'd pulled out her chair. Not to get closer. Not to put a sticky breath down her back. Just to help her gracefully take a seat. Treating her as if she was a southern belle. It had been a while, you know?

It seemed laughable, now, that she was so reluctant to go in the first place. What was that excuse she gave? Too many entanglements? That, of course, just being a long word for "I've been in situations before, and I've regretted it. More than I care to say."

This time, it had just turned out so differently. So perfectly.

I almost seemed too good to be true.

And when the sound of footsteps came closer, she couldn't help but look up and beam, hair still twirling in her fingers.

There he was, in the gray suit jacket that must have been made just for him, complete with jeans that fit him just as well. Oh, goodness.

"You still here?" Peter said, giving a knowing smile as he walked in. Kate couldn't help but laugh.

"I thought you were going out with the boys tonight."

Peter pursed his lips and dipped his head just enough to betray his embarrassment.

"Well, I was . . . uh . . . I was going to." He looked up and made eye contact. "Then I realized that I'd rather be here."

"Here? At work?"

"No," he gave an awkward laugh, as if he knew she was setting him up. "Here with you."

And suddenly, the space between them was just too great. Kate stood up, and was soon hearing her high heels click against the floor with every step.

"That's quite the coincidence," she said, coming close to him and kissing him gently on the mouth. "I can't think of a better place to be, either."