This is a short closing to this story. I may revisit it in the future but I wanted to finish this and not leave it hanging. I'm sorry for waiting so long but things have been busy. My husband and I are expecting twins next month and I have been rather preoccupied. I have no idea when I will be able to sit and write again. Right now I am on maternity leave and have some precious time to myself but that will all end soon once my son and daughter are born.

Amelia would never remember this Christmas since she wasn't two yet but in the present moment the little girl was squealing in joy. Severus thought she just enjoyed unwrapping gifts and playing with the paper. There were gifts from not only Severus but also from Hermione, Harry, Albus, Minerva and the rest of the household. Harry laughed at the glare Severus gave him when Amelia opened the collection of Barney DVD's Harry gave her. She received dolls and clothes and toys and by mid morning she was exhausted.

Severus gave Hermione her gift when they awoke earlier that morning. She squealed in delight and jumped into his arms attacking his lips. He had given her a tennis bracelet, the diamonds shining in the morning sun. Hermione had given Severus a laptop since he had become very interested in computers as of late. She was glad she could buy it for him with the award money she received for her contribution to the war effort.

Severus, Hermione and Amelia spent the morning with their Order family and then went to Hermione's maternal grandparents for Christmas dinner. It was a wonderful afternoon and Amelia was the star. The day was wonderful and once Amelia was tucked away in her bed the two lovers went to their room to continue the celebration.

New Years came and with that the realization that Severus would be moving into his new flat. Hermione was becoming a bit depressed but became excited when he handed her a key to the flat and told her she could come and go as she pleased and when she was ready she could move in. By the second week of January, just before his birthday Severus and Amelia moved. Amelia obviously missed everyone but soon became distracted by going to day care and making friends. His birthday came to pass with a private celebration of just the three of them; Amelia helped Hermione bake the birthday cake and decorated it with green icing snakes. Severus laughed when he saw the cake and later told Hermione it was his best birthday ever.

Life became nearly normal if you forgot that they were from the world of magic. Severus spent his days researching and writing, utilizing the laptop Hermione had given him. Amelia went to day care and was a happy little girl. Hermione had started classes and had immersed herself into her studies with the exception of her weekends with Severus.

By the end of June Hermione was spending more than weekends with Severus and Amelia and had realized she had practically moved in. By September she had officially moved in and they became their own little family. Her studies were accelerated and she was top of her class as was expected. Severus had made progress with his textbook and already had a contract for it to be published. Amelia had turned two at the end of January and had become much more verbal and active. Being in day care had done wonders for the little girl.

Other relationships had blossomed as well. Remus and Tonks were expecting their first in the fall, Sirius and Gabby had eloped and Harry and Ally had become quite an item and were thinking about moving in together. The biggest surprise had been the wedding of Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall. They wed at the school with former staff and students in attendance. The bride was resplendent in her cream colored robes and the groom handsome wearing crimson and gold. The flower girl looked like an angel in her little white dress, she grinned at her father who stood as the best man and her Miney who was maid of honor. The celebration afterwards was joyous and fabulous and full of laughter.

The summer brought more changes, Harry and Ally moved in together, and Sirius was going to be a father. Severus and Remus enjoyed teasing the animagus and begged Gabby for pictures of Sirius changing his first diaper.

By Christmas Severus was ready to take his relationship with Hermione further. He wanted to make it permanent. He took great care in choosing a ring and planned a romantic dinner where he would propose. Amelia was going to spend the night with Minerva and Albus at the castle so Severus could take Hermione away for the night.

There were so many advantages to being a wizard and this evening was no exception. Severus had made reservations at one of the most romantic restaurants in Paris and had booked a room in a nearby hotel. He had Winky pack a bag for Hermione who just thought they were going out to dinner. When Severus had apparated them to Paris, Hermione was in awe of the beautiful landscape before her. She knew this was going to be a special night, Severus seemed nervous and Hermione had a feeling, a hopeful feeling that he would propose.

After dinner they took the short walk to the Eiffel tower and Severus fell to one knee and nervously asked Hermione to marry him. She nearly knocked him completely on his arse when she hugged him and accepted with a very loud Yes. That evening in the hotel their lovemaking was more intense and passionate than ever before. Their lives were full now, with each other, Amelia and their careers. They were ready for the future and what it would bring.