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The bell rang throughout the high school building. Romano sighed and shifted against the wall and grumbled about being uncomfortable. He sat up and looked across the rooftop. The wind barely ruffled his hair, the leaves made no sounds. It was quiet. Too quiet. He glanced over his shoulder and almost jumped at seeing the wall behind him. He shook his head at himself and leaned back, closing his eyes. He was being paranoid.

"Romano!" Long, toned arms wrapped around his waist. Romano groaned as he looked at the brunette Spanish student hugging onto him and kissing his cheek. "I knew you were here! I missed you, mi amor!

"Bastard," Romano muttered glaring at Spain as he hugged tight, rubbing his face into the Italian's side. "Go away!"

"I missed you," Spain repeated, sitting up and smiling pleasantly. "Have you been up here all day?" He asked, looking a little put off, but still smiling.

"Yes, now go away." Romano grumbled, closing his eyes and trying to ignore the other man's presence.

"Romano, let's have lunch together! I brought you some pizza?" Spain offered, his voice emphasizing the prospect of a delicious slice of homemade pizza. "It's your favorite and I made it from scratch! Let's eat together!"

The idea of pizza perked Romano's mood. He glanced at the other man and sighed, giving in. Spain caught the rise and fall of his chest and smiled widely. He grabbed Romano's arm and pulled him up, running down the stairs towards the lunchroom.

"Not so fast, stupid bastard!"

His heart raced uncontrollably as people walked by his poorly chosen hiding spot. Italy glanced around the corner and caught sight of the tall and muscular blonde talking to the smaller, yet equally confident white haired youth. The blonde rolled his eyes as his brother went on and on about something he supposedly did.

The Italian boy glanced at the wrapped box in his hand. He had worked hard making the treat and had been careful in wrapping it, wanting to make it pretty, but not so emasculate that the other teen wouldn't accept it. Now if only he could find the blonde alone.

Prussia laughed loudly and shook his head. Germany bid him farewell and turned away, heading towards where Italy watched him. The slighter nation blushed bright red and slipped out of sight waiting for his crush to walk by. The blonde appeared and Italy opened his mouth to call for him. Instead of his voice, a squeak sounded. "Ludwig?"

To part of Italy's delight and to part of his horror the blonde turned to look at who had called him. He looked at Italy confused. He knew who he was, they had classes together, but they rarely associated with one another. A few chance passes in the hall, but they never spoke to each other. "Feliciano?"

Italy melted at the sound of his name being said by the German student. He blushed and took a shaken step forward. His hands trembled as he raised the present before him, offering it to Germany. "I-I made these for you! I-I hope you will except them and I hope you like them."

Blue eyes flashed as they looked at the red box wrapped with a yellow and black ribbon. His favorite colors. He reached up hesitantly and took the present. "Um, thank you?"

"Th-They're Mozart balls. I-I know they're your favorite, s-so I made them for you." Italy explained, his knees about to give way as he stood beneath his crush's gaze. "I hope you enjoy them." Before Germany could respond he ran off, hurrying quickly down the hall and turning a corner.

"Thank you?"


The blonde nation sighed, knowing well who was entering the student council room without needing to look. There was only one person who would ever use such a ridiculous pet name for him. He turned to look at the blue eyes smiling brightly at him as their owner cornered him up against the desk. "I told you not to call me that!" England snapped.

America rolled his eyes and smiled at his lover. "Let's go to lunch! I brought you something to eat!"

"You know I hate burgers…." England muttered, turning away and putting his papers back in the desk. "I have work to do, I'm sorry."

"It's not a burger!"

England whipped around, shocked at what he'd just heard. Never before had America said those four words. "I'm sorry?"

"I made you something special." America said, sitting on the desk, beside England. "It's a surprise, but I promise it's not a burger or a cheeseburger."

England's green eyes searched America's expression. He hesitated, but finally sighed. "Alright, we can eat in here."

America saluted and disappeared from the room. He popped back in and looked at England. "Sit down and close your eyes. No peaking, okay? I'll be right back." America disappeared again and England could hear his footsteps fading away.

Another sigh escaped England's lips and he sat down at the large desk and closed his eyes, unable to suppress a goofy smile. Never before had America taken the initiative to make him something he actually liked. He waited and soon heard America's footsteps again. He felt his lover's presence enter the room and listened as he set up the lunch.

"Okay, open your eyes." England did as he was told and couldn't keep from gasping. He looked up at America shocked. Before him was a golden filet of fish, cooked to perfection from what he could see. A set of chips laid scattered, cooked to a delicious crisp on the outside beside the fish. On a small napkin sat a triangular scone. A cup of iced tea finished off the meal. "Surprise!"

"You made me all this?" England gaped, looking up, stunned that America had been so thoughtful. "Oh thank you!" He reached up and pulled his lover closer and kissed him lovingly.

America smiled and sat beside him and pulled out his lunch and hugged England briefly. "I'm glad you like it."

Romano looked at the delicious pizza, still warm and with all his favorite toppings. He glanced at Spain who smiled up at him, a small fleet of hope shining in his eyes. "I stayed up all night making it for you. I wanted it to be perfect." Spain commented patting the bench beside him.

A blush threatened to escape and Romano glanced down. "Thanks," he muttered, reaching and taking a couple of slices and turning to leave.

"Wait!" Spain called back, looking shocked and disappointed. "You said you would eat with me."

Romano shrugged and bit into the pizza. "I never said that. Thank you for the lunch it's delicious." He left the cafeteria, not looking back as he blushed bright red, his heart pounding furiously.

He never saw the hurt expression that crossed Spain's face.

Italy panted as he hid in his art classroom. He could not believe he was actually able to go through with his plan. He clutched his chest, his heart pounding furiously as he looked down at his shaking hands. I actually did it! He blushed bright red and smiled to himself, feeling a small sense of pride and determination. I actually did it!

Germany looked at the candies before him. One was missing. It had just been sent to be digested. They were the best he had ever eaten. Even shops near his home could not rival the treat in front of him. It was a difficult candy to make correctly, let alone make it taste like a spherical piece of heaven.

"Hey, bro, whatcha g- Mozartkrugel!" Prussia exclaimed reaching for one. Germany smacked the hand away and pulled the box from his brother's reach. "Hey! I just want one!"

"No," Germany said firmly. He remembered the flustered Italian boy who had given the treats to him. He breathed and tried to keep from blushing, his heart beginning to beat furiously in his chest. "Th-They're mine."

Prussia raised an eyebrow at his brother and felt a wicked grin spread across his face. "Oh! Did a girl give them to you?" He asked, chuckling. "Ludwig's got a girlfriend, Ludwig's got a girlfriend!" He mocked in a sing-song voice, laughing.

"Shut up," Germany grumbled, eating another treat and turning away from his brother. He looked back at the box and sighed, savoring the delicious sweetness melting on his tongue. He knew the other boy had worked very hard on the gift and he knew that he had to thank him somehow.

"Oh, America, that was delicious." England praised, turning his head to look at his lover. "What's the occasion? You rarely do anything nice for me."

America felt a pang of guilt hit him, but smiled at his boyfriend of two years. He reached over and lifted the blonde man into his arms and held him closely. "I just wanted to do something for you for once." America swallowed and took a deep breath. "And there's something I want to tell you."

England looked up at him with a small smile on his face. "What is it Alfred?"

America blushed and looked away. Only England could make him feel nervous. He swallowed and smiled gently, brushing England's hair from his face. "Well, it's just, we've been together for awhile and I feel I have yet to tell you how I really feel."

"Oh?" England said looked confused.

"Yes," America took a deep breath. "Well, the truth is, Arthur, I love you."

Chapter 1- End


There it is. I know there's already a Hetalia Academy, but this is stuff I want to happen with them in school. I'm not gonna follow the story line of the Hetalia Academy, but there will be some similarities like with the student council.

Hope you enjoy.