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International Affairs

America waited outside the student council room as the clock ticked away the minutes. He glanced towards the large white face with a sigh. His gaze fell back to the present in his hand. He had arrived early because he wanted to meet England before the other nation had gotten caught up in work. It had been a couple of days since the last time America saw him and he was hoping to catch him before the mad rush of the day started.

England, however, had yet to show up and the opening bell was near to ringing. America chewed his lip and sighed. If he was late to class again, he knew he would never have time with all the detentions. He sighed and walked away from the door, deciding to find England after school. If anything, he could go and find England at home.

Romano waited inside the chemistry lab, tapping his foot as the first bell rang. Students began mingling in, but no signs of Spain. He sighed and looked towards the board where notes had already been written. His eyes blearily stared at it as he tried to remember what his teacher looked like. It had been so long since he walked into first period that nothing made sense.

A familiar laugh struck his ears and made him turn. Spain walked in smiling at Portugal. Romano's eyes narrowed as they approached his table. "Oh, Romano, what are you doing here?" Spain asked, looking confused at Romano's presence. "Shouldn't you be asleep?"

Portugal snickered, and although Romano's cheeks heated he refused to show embarrassment. "I wanted to ask you something," he said, his voice tight. He took a deep breath and shot a quick glare towards his rival. Spain smiled weakly at Romano, but said nothing further. Romano caught his eyes and stared at them, determined. "Antonio, will you go with me to the dance this Friday?"

Spain's eyes lit up and his smile widened, but it vanished as quickly as it appeared. He looked away and swallowed, crumbling Romano's confidence. Spain opened his mouth to speak, but Portugal butted in, "Lo siento, amigo, I already asked him to go with me."

Romano's face fell and he looked at Spain who nodded before looking away. "O-Oh," Romano whispered. The final bell rang and Portugal took his seat. Romano's hair hid his face as he looked down at his shoes and Spain's before him.


"I hate you!" Romano gasped trembling. He clenched his fists hard enough to shake his hands. "J-Jerk." Romano shoved passed Spain and ran from the room, never looking back even as Spain called after him.

Germany sat down at his desk just as the first bell rang. He opened his bag and began pulling things out and looking through them, deciding what he would need and what could be put back.


The blonde looked up to see Italy standing before his desk, smiling nervously. Germany's heart raced and he could feel his cheeks pinking. "Hey, Feliciano. How are you?"

"I'm good," the Italian student blushed and looked down at his shoes. "I was wondering if, um, your offer still stands?"

"Of course, er, I mean," Germany cleared his throat and swallowed. "I mean, yes."

Italy smiled and swallowed as he tried to speak. "Yes, I would love to go to the dance with you."

Germany's face lit up and he smiled. "Really?"

Italy nodded. "Thank you for my gift. It's very beautiful."

"Oh, of course, I made it especially for you." Germany blushed confessing that the gift was actually hand made.

"Oh, that was so sweet of you," Italy smiled and sat down beside him. "Can you make other things too?"

The final bell had long been rung and the students had dispersed. America hadn't seen England anywhere, not even in the class they had together. Once the bell finished ringing, America had bolted to the student's apartment and now stood before the door, raising his fist to knock.

England lay on the couch with the TV on. He wasn't sure what he was watching, but he knew it was some sort of program. The shows had begun to run together. Two days he had hid away not wanting to see anyone or interact with people, especially America. He hadn't eaten much except for some ice cream and he hadn't bothered with much of anything else. A shower, but his mop of hair was even messier with no brushing.

A knock on the door pulled him away from his state, but he didn't say anything. The knock came again. Still, England refused to move. People were a burden. He decided he was better off without them.

"Arthur? Are you in there?"

England tensed and threw his blanket over his head and closed his eyes as tears pressed against his eyes. Go away, please, go away.

"Arthur! Open the door! Please!"

A sigh escaped England's lips and he wondered if he really heard desperation in America's tone or if he was just making himself delusional again.


"Go away!"

Silence. England mentally kicked himself for saying anything, but the tears were trailing down his face. He couldn't take any more.

"Iggy, let me in. We need to talk."

England felt his chest clenched and clung to the blanket tighter. If he ignored him, America would leave. The other country was not very patient.

"Iggy, please?"

Another sigh escaped and finally England stood. He walked over towards the door and peered into the peephole. The distorted face of America made his stomach flip. There was concern in his eyes. Worry on his expression. England smiled weakly. His happiness disappeared. "Are you breaking up with me?"

"Of course not!" America pressed closer to the door. England pressed his own hand over the wood where he knew America's was. "Please, Iggy, I'm worried about you. Please let me in."

England sighed and turned the knob slowly. The door flew open and America launched himself, throwing his arms around England's neck. His lips crashed over the other nation's and England nearly fell backwards. "Iggy, I missed you!" America said kissing his face and neck. "Missed you so much. Are you feeling okay?"

"Stop it!" England screamed, pushing America away. "Just stop. I-I can't take it anymore," England sobbed covering his face and falling to his knees. "Stop playing with my emotions. Just stop! Just dump me already. I can't compete with Francis, I can't. I tried giving myself to you, but it wasn't enough. I tried so hard, but I'm clearly not good enough. Please, just stop pretending…."

"Arthur, what are you talking about?" America asked as he knelt down before his boyfriend and reached for him. "What do you mean, competing with Francis?"

"Stop that, I know, okay," England sighed and pushed his hands through his hair, glancing up at his ex-lover's blue eyes. He looked away and hugged himself even as the strong, confident hands gripped his shoulders. "I saw you with him. Saw you two together…."

"Oh, Arthur…." America laughed and hugged England tightly, planting a kiss over his lips. "I don't like Francis that. Matthew would kill me. I asked Francis for help, romantic advice so I could give you a better relationship."

England froze in America's arms. "W-Wait, so, y-you don't-." England relaxed and hugged America tightly, burying his face in his neck trembling. "Oh, thank goodness."

"How could you think I would do something like that to you?" America asked, kissing England's hair. "Love you, silly boy, I'd never want to lose you."

"I'm sorry, Alfred," England whispered and kissed him lovingly. "Please, forgive me."

America smiled and kissed him. "There's nothing to forgive. I wish you would have talked to me…." America cupped England's face. "You can come talk to me about anything, Iggy, you need to know that."

"I'm sorry, Alfred, I didn't think to," England whispered, cupping America's face and kissing him. "I will from now, promise."

"Feliciano, would you like to get ice cream with me?" Germany asked, as they walked down the sidewalk passed an apartment complex. He had offered to walk the Italian student home. They had begun talking and Germany started liking the other boy a lot more. Italy was talkative, and he knew people would be shocked, but Germany thought Italy was adorable.

"I'd love to!" Italy said smiling brightly.

Germany blushed and smiled back. They continued on towards the ice cream shop. Italy bit his lip as he looked up at him and looked away. "Um, Ludwig, can I hold your hand?"

The blush Germany had deepened and looked away. He swallowed as he glanced at the few other people around. His gaze darted back to the Italian student and looked down. "W-We don't have to if you don't want to, I understand." Italy smiled up at him and glanced away, his face flushed.

Germany smiled and reached down, taking Italy's hand and lacing their hands together. Italy looked down at their hands, but smiled widely up at the blonde.

Germany smiled wider and relaxed, enjoying the warmth of the other man's hand against his.

Chapter 5- End