hey people! sorry if this is rushed. anywho, this fanfiction is based off teto's and ted's cantarella pv. please check it out, and let me know if you need a link. i noticed there are a few cantarella fics out there, and never of teto's version of it. so i decided, huh...why not do one?

well...the story takes place in paris, france possibly somewhere around the late 1600's to the early 1700's. i just wanted the story before marie anoinette. why? because notre dame cathedral was practically destroyed during the french revolution. and yes, the story takes around notre dame cathedral. i'll probably give you a better date as i go along.

some of this story is in french by the way, because i'm in french 2. actually since i just made edits recently, i am now in french four AP, ahaha. i thought it would be cool to add it in. i hope i gave enough context clues to know what they mean. they are simple phrases, you could probably figure them out. if not, you can you google translate.

i highly doubt it would give you a sucky sentence because they are not that complicated. if not, let me know, because i would be happy to tell you want they mean if you want next time. i don't want you guys to read it wrong. and forgive me if there is mistakes. i just did balls out writing. (as of 11/15/12, try to read this is sans-serif font above.)

anywho, i hope you enjoy my story. i hope this fic isn't too religious for most of you guys out there. it's pretty light, so don't worry. and please no hating on the story. i mean that in more ways than one. don't send stupid flames, and no insulting another's religion.

A simple breath can bring you back to life, and bring in wonders. Taking in the air, she could only sigh for a second before she started to feel her body ache by a pain she couldn't really describe. Slowly, almost agonizingly opening her eyes and sitting up, she could feel despair and realization washing through her. Then, it just hit her on the head.

It suddenly came to her that she just woke up somewhere one day without a clue of being. She didn't remember a thing. If anything...she could recall a few things, but her mind couldn't reach that far to grasp all the hidden knowledge that she wanted to conjure up. The last thing she truly remembered was that she was running. Whether that be running from someone, or something she didn't know...

'How did I get here? Why am I here? Who...am I?' She thought with a hint of worry as there were so many questions swarming in her conscience and gnawing at her. Too many questions. With that, one must stop and think. She took a deep, calm breath this time around. Clear the mind. For moment, she pondered on her name. Okay...she remembered that.

It didn't take long for it to click to her tongue or get it tapped into her head. Her name is Teto. 'But where am I?' She took a good look around her, feeling the breeze caress her body while it carried a sense of an omen or wise wisdom in hopes to comfort her. In an instant though, she knew this wasn't her neighborhood in Paris. This place was just foreign in her eyes.

Something that felt completely new to her. The streets looked nice, and clean so it was easy on the eyes. But, there were so many protruding buildings that she never saw before that were towering down in wonder all around with their neat simple silence and look. Too many different shapes and colors were forming into many other things that broke down their individual beauty.

These weren't the cold-hearted slums that she knew. They weren't grey, tainted with never-ending hopelessness of not knowing of what's to come. Even here, the sky looks more true, bright, and blue alongside the blissful clouds splashing around here and there, being problem free as they playfully whisk away to the unknown.

"I have to start over again?" She whispered quietly to herself while taking the scene upon her into full view. It was more or less a question and or a statement. She picked herself up off the ground, reluctant to leave her spot. She then dusted off her clothes to make it flare out more. Rags that tatter, and are marred because of hardships were what she adorn without choice.

She couldn't even tell if it was considered white anymore because of the stains of grey that speckled the original color. Make-shift patches of different material found from different places were used to cover holes that were daring to grow bigger if continued to be worn. She gave out a sigh. Hopefully this new beginning would be a good one, she thought anxiously.

With that, she went searching. She started off with baby-steps, walking around nervously while scanning more and more. She couldn't help but keep her pretty eyes wide open. Straying away from the main roads, she tried to avoid puddles that dripped and dotted some parts of the street. She didn't want to get dirty even though what she looked like said the opposite.

As she mindlessly walked and wandered for the moment, looking for a place to rest and hopefully stay, she couldn't help but think. This sort of thing wasn't new to her. Not new at all. In-fact anyone could have the right to say that she was a street rat. Her general look at a dismissing glance, her outfit, everything. Plus she had the smarts, and she did live on the streets for a while. Maybe a little too long.

But if you looked at her...truly looked at her, and her features you'd think otherwise. She'd looked like a fallen angel that was lost, with broken wings trying to find her way into this world because of lost memories that were chained and intangible. Her naturally curly salmon hair were tied into pigtails by thin strings pulled from her own clothes.

Even so, they seem to bounce happily with every step she took despite her situation. To Teto, surviving off the street wasn't new, but this place certainly was. If she doesn't find a place to stay she might end up dying. That was a fact. The way she was now, in this condition she had to soon or else...

Eventually passing by a few buildings, she caught sight of a bakery. It's lovely wooden doors on golden hinges were swung wide-open, welcoming people with open arms to come in and buy what pleases their minds. Peering through the windows on the side, Teto saw the displayed items on the furnished pane and longed for them.

Delicious baguettes that were fresh from the fire, different rolls and an array of assorted sweets and even biscuits. When the air lightly swept by, it brought forth the scent of fresh, sweet, cooking made by hard-working hands that tingled her nose. As she looked at the delicious pastries, a pout formed on her delicate lips.

Sadly, the poor girl had no money on her, so she continued to walk with a heavy heart. The thing was, that's what hurts more than her tired body. Her heart. It was weighing her down, and she could feel it. No constrictions, no tightening, just simply broken-heartedness. A sinking feeling that made her feel weak and helpless. She didn't want this, so she forced herself to keep going.

She already had it bad, and she didn't want things to get worse. Continuing her innocent stroll, she started to see people walking by, doing what they were supposed to. From there, more faces started to appear as if she was in the middle of town. They all seemed content around this place, she noticed.

There were people who stuck together, and had company. She saw many kids playing with one another without a care to the world, all content with what they have. She saw families eating together at intricate but simple tables near the cafés, sipping delectable beverages, and even caught sight of two couples holding hands. She faintly smiled at the scenes.

They all had what she didn't. They all had somewhere to go where they could be safe, and they had company; someone to love. With everything unfolding before her, she just looked on with a face that she herself couldn't explain even if she were to take a look at her reflection. It was almost as if she envied them...

No...Teto never envied the fortunate regardless. In-fact she never truly envied at all. She was too good for that, and she knew better to think that way. That word was too harsh to use. She only longed and wished. She only wanted some food, a roof over her head, and someone to care for her. Those wishes aren't that greedy, right? After all, most had that when they are born.

Those who had such, by her definition are the lucky ones. "So why can't I...?" Her melodic voice went unheard, only reaching her ears. Sighing, she shook her head to rid of thoughts that she didn't want to run deep. She had to keep looking for somewhere to rest before she looses the sun's light. Peering into the glass-like sky, she knew she only had so much time.

Hours later Teto sighed to herself once more as her legs were painfully killing her. The heavy feeling from earlier only got heavier with each step, and with each place she wasn't allowed, it only made her feet feel like they were being weighed down on just that feeling alone. She kept on wandering around the whole day, and still no luck.

The sun was too close to being gone, heaven's light slipping away from her fingers. France's skies were no longer that of the bright blue that made it's days bright and alluring, it was now fading into a dark, rich, beautiful midnight blue. Evening is starting to come by, and there was still nowhere to go. If the sky turns ink black, then she'll have nothing left.

'I can't go back to the slums or the streets. I just can't. I'm not going to sleep or live there anymore. I've worked way too hard, and God would want a better life for me.' She thought, her eyes softening. A moment later she winced. Her bare feet never felt so much pain from the ever-changing pavements of smooth and rough terrain.

As she passed a bit of more of the bleak grey cobble-stone, she heard the rustling of clothes and the hustling of people trying to make their way back home. She only scanned, her eyes never stopping to look for something. Anything. Then finally, that of a miracle. She found it. Something interesting, and she couldn't believe it. Teto thought her own eyes were deceiving her.

Passing the square with high hopes, she came closer. A sense of nostalgia was starting to make her shiver a bit while she stood a good distance from the structure. She's never seen this place before, but for some reason she already knew it was comfort. Standing in admiration, she felt blessed. It was a church, a huge church.

No...it was to big and elegant to be simply just a church. Intricate sculptures in smooth stone showed compassion and judgment as lined the side she saw, and they all stood silently and patiently as if it really were the saints and angels themselves. The uniquely squared towers, the prominent stain glass window that glorifies the Virgin. This place had to be a cathedral.

Snapping out of her daze, she saw many people were rushing at the doors while nuns ushered them in. From what she could tell, they were finishing up. And it was then Teto turned and found a poor old lady limping towards the doors. Because of her pace, she suddenly fell but even after that, she continued to crawl towards the doors as if her life depended on it.

Not having a second thought, Teto rushed to her side and instantly helped her up. "Êtes-vous bien, madame?" She asked with worry obvious on her face, and tone. The old lady hurriedly pointed a finger towards the tall, mesmerizing doors. "Aidez-moi, s'il vous plaît. Before they close the doors," Without hesitation, Teto helped her up and quickly as she can; walked her over there.

"Why do you need to go there so quickly?" Teto questioned politely, trying to hold her and the old lady up. Even with her pain, Teto would always help those in need anytime she sees it. 'What are the nuns doing? Shouldn't they be helping us out?' She thought in mild hindrance while taking careful steps.

"They let a certain amount of people in each night. It doesn't matter what the reason, they'll take you. But if it's full, they'll close their doors." The lady managed her reply, breathing hard. When they finally reached their destination, they noticed the beckoning doors were already halfway closed by the time they got there.

By the threshold, a beautiful young lady with long, pink hair that overflowed gracefully down her figure stood just as poised and refined like the art surrounding her. Her arctic blue eyes stared simply at the two as they approached slowly. "Désolé," The woman spoke bluntly, close to cold like the color that tainted her eyes. "I could only take one of you in. We're already filled up."

Teto pouted the instant she finished the sentence, as she was too late. For a moment, she actually thought she would have a chance here. While she was reluctant to let this slip by, considering everything she has been through, she instead closed her eyes and ushered the older woman forward. Biting her lip, she suppressed a sigh. "Please, take her in. She was here first."

"Do you need a place to stay or something to eat, ma chérie?" The old woman asked, noticing her pout a moment ago and now concerned seeing her bite her lip. Teto paused for a second because she didn't know whether to say it or not. "Y-yes I do, and I just wanted some bread...mais, I could...go somewhere..." she hesitated.

The old lady shook her head. She had already seen, and heard enough. "Please, bonne sœur. Take her in as well. Look at the poor girl, she just wanted some bread. Not even a full meal. She helped me get up these steps, and she is a kind girl. If not, let her go instead." Luka Meguriné continued to stare at them, her foot tapping silently, almost impatiently at the floor.

It was actually quite melodic if you could hear behind the annoyance. Teto simply shook her hands, her face blushed from sheepishness. Or maybe because it was from the cold? Eitherway, she insists that the old woman go instead of her. It wouldn't feel right if she were to go. "Non, ça va. Please, go ahead."

"Okay, come with me madame." The nun signaled to the old lady, her elegant hand coming out and pointing with a perfect finger. To Teto's surprise, the old lady backed up a little bit; almost as if she were refusing. "I'm not going unless she goes with me." She reasoned with a raspy but powerful voice.

Luka bit her own lip in response. She then turned to look at Teto, hoping to find something worth her while. Now facing her, she saw the innocent look that graced her face as if she were still a child, her curly hair tied in pigtails, beautiful eyes like rubies that stared deep into the soul. The nun felt that the girl was familiar. Has she met her before?

'No...there are to many people already.' She thought against her better judgment. For a moment, Luka shook her head of odd thoughts. But turning back and searching deep, something compelled her to bring the young girl in. There was just something made her take that second look in-spite of herself. Just something...

Eventually, Luka noticed something flashing along the sides of the girl's head. On closer inspection, she saw that adorning her ears were earrings that hung simple, but beautiful, pure silver crosses. Luka knew for a fact they weren't fake. 'No it couldn't be...' Those earrings look too familiar. Could this be? No...that's just coincidence. Or maybe not...

As if her coldness wasn't even there to begin with, Luka's eyes now resembled those of pristine glaciers and crystal instead of just ice. Winking, she looked at Teto with a new light. "Okay, I could squeeze you in. But don't tell anyone. Please, follow me." She whispered to the both of them, putting a finger to her light-pink lips.

The two then followed the nun and her long elegant black robes that trailed right behind her like it was her own shadow. One would call it a habit, but she didn't wear the traditional white head-piece that went with it; plus it had too much elegance, and class to be called just that. It resembled more of a beautiful dress than anything. It was lovely, without falling from grace or dignity.

When they entered the church, Teto was just mesmerized at it's grandeur. A pure lost for words. She couldn't even explain it, or compare what it was. Her mind was on over-load, that she couldn't even make the words flow in her mind. If you thought the outside was simply gorgeous as it is, then the inside was even more thrilling.

The high ceiling that made you reach for the stars, the beautiful rose windows made by refined stained glass that painted stories that told of beauty and never failed to show it off as well. Everything was just so rich and detailed in there that you couldn't use a thousand words to explain it all. It was so awe-inspiring, that it almost made the Teto cry. Never in her life had she seen such before.

Movement, and the sounds of Luka's light heels clicking and the old lady's heavy shoes thumping the ground made different tones of echo against the long halls. Because of the loud noise resonating, Teto was shocked that the sound didn't break the elongated pillars or high arches that flew around the place. Seconds later, she actually found it majestic as it if had melody.

Luka led them further down the place, with a turn or two before heading towards a room that served as a dinning hall. And Teto could tell, because even from afar she could already smell the delicacies that floated around near the area. Stepping inside she was delighted at the sight that greeted her, that she even smiled a bit.

There were many long, strong wooden tables and upon their surfaces silk white sheets covered the bare areas. On top of that, the wonderful food was served on silver platters alongside their matching utensils that went along accordingly to what they were made for. It may not look like much to one, but to Teto, this was a sight to behold.

"Please, help yourself. If you are done, let one of the sisters know and we shall lead you to your bedroom for the night." Luka told them with a slight bow before excusing herself to the side to either assist others or watch the semi-joyous scene play out on it's own. When she left, Teto followed the old lady to a table and the two sat down contently together.

"Well...have what you like, ma Chèrie." The old women brought out a hand like as if she was the one presenting the food herself. Looking for a moment, the old woman took a bit to ponder what she wanted herself. After that, she was fine with just a bowl of hot steaming soup that warmed the soul and heart. Then she looked at Teto for her choice.

Teto did the same, scanning all the food that near by her. There were so many things to choose from soup, to greens, or small cut meats. Seconds later she found something she definitely wanted. The first thing she grabbed was bread. Just bread, plain and simple as that. Well, and maybe a bit of butter on the side as well. She didn't want to be greedy, but she needed some.

"You must really like bread," Commented the old lady with a smile, as she remembered that the young girl only wanted bread from before. Teto simply nodded happily. Bread was all she ever wanted, she couldn't complain. "Yeah, I really love bread! By the way, Madame, why are you staying here tonight? Don't you have somewhere else to stay?" Teto asked for some conversation.

"You don't have to call me madame all the time, Dear." The old lady released a hoarse, but haughty laugh. "You can call me Marie. And I do have somewhere, but right now my house is being fixed. I usually come here for mass, and I see what goes around here sometimes. I know that they take care of people in when they are in need. Don't you have a place to stay, my dear?"

Marie only asked her own question return to Teto's, while she used a spoon to stir her warm, very comforting soup. Lifting the spoon, she blew on what substance measured out and then sipped it slightly, taking in the savory flavor. Teto watched in silence as she nibbled on her own food. Seconds later, she shook her head slowly.

"No, I don't. I'm not usually welcomed. I've been on the streets for a while now." Teto sadly replied, her eyes becoming a bit sullen. She almost didn't even want to talk about it, yet alone think about it. Marie frowned at that. "That's not a good thing, chèrie. I would take you in, but I'm afraid I have no room. Maybe you could ask if you could stay here for a while."

Teto shook her head again. "No, it's fine...I'll find a way." She didn't want to become a burden to this place by asking for that. People only come in every evening in-case they needed a quick place to stay, not a place to stay permanently. If she were to ask that much, the church might think she would be a nuisance.

"You'll never know, chérie. You will never know unless you see it for yourself. You should give it a try, dear. They're kind here in Notre Dame." Marie said, almost finishing her soup. Her voice itself spoke of omens that Teto couldn't really decipher or explain herself. When Marie was done, she called for one of the sisters for assistance.

"I hope to see you tomorrow, dear. Have a good rest, and please consider my words." Her voice...there was something laced in it that made Teto think that she was someone of importance. Maybe a saint, who knows? A moment later, a nun came around to help Marie by leading her to a room that she could stay in for the night.

Teto waved her off, while chewing on her bread cute like a mouse. Even though she felt sort of sad and lonely now that Marie was gone, at least she had some food for a while so she didn't have to worry. That is, until later she thought sadly. Not knowing was never a good thing...and it was scary for her just to think of it.

The whole entire time Teto was there eating, Luka was watching her carefully by keeping a close eye on her. She was actually pretty surprised to find that all the girl took was just bread and nothing else. She didn't even bother having anything else. When Marie left, Luka took this opportunity to talk to Teto. Her mind was telling her to speak with her sometime soon, and now was a good moment.

Slowly walking over there so she wouldn't startle her, Luka approached Teto with a smile. When the girl didn't notice at first, Luka kept the smile but cleared her throat and spoke up softly to catch her attention. "Mademoiselle," Blinking, Teto looked up only to find the same nun who helped her earlier. The one who brought her here. "Yes?"

Luka breathed in softly, and took another good look at her. Calmly, she took a seat next to Teto. The same seat where Marie was sitting just awhile ago. "Well, I hope I don't sound rude. So please excuse me, mais I heard you speaking several minutes ago and you said that you had nowhere to go after this. Is this really true?"

When Luka sat down and faced her again, Teto looked back at her strong blue eyes that held stature of sorts. Her own eyes though, started to sparkle as she held back the tears that were threatening to fall against her will. She shook her head to rid of them, and to emphasize her next statement. She had to stay strong in-front of this figure. "Oui, je n'ai nulle part où aller."

Luka really felt bad for this girl. She knew when one is trying to fool her into something by lying though their teeth, or by telling the truth with honest words because of the years of over-seeing the things here at church. She could tell that the young girl in-front of her was completely truthful. If she were to push the subject on why she had no where else to stay, she might have cried.

When the silence came after that, Luka only felt pity. When she saw those silver earring crosses shine because of the lighting above, she could only think. This might be the girl who she left behind. "Well, when you are done eating let me know. I would like to have a word with you if you don't mind. I'll wait until you're finished..."

Teto nodded and got the message instantly. She took what was left of her already bitten into bread, and swallowed it all in one bite. Taking a small cloth from the side of the table, she wiped her mouth clean of any crumbs or mess. She had to look at least decently presentable in-front of the nun even in her current state, or it'll look disrespectful. "Okay, I'm done."

Luka couldn't help but to give up a small laugh at the way she quickly finished. In a way, it was actually quite cute. Getting up just as calmly as she sat, she waited for Teto to do so as well. When she stood, Luka nodded. "Okay, then please follow me." Together, they walked out the place that was close to finishing up too.

With a silence that was so golden, Luka led Teto out of the dining hall and into a different hallway that led to a different destination. Along the way; Teto noticed that no matter which direction she looked, be it left, right or up and down there was always something to be amazed by. Even the little details connected bigger pictures, and made the place seem even more alluring.

She reminded herself that she had to do some exploring later, for she couldn't afford not to see the whole place and it's beauty. Focusing back towards Luka, she watched as the older woman's hair swayed peacefully with every other step she took. If Teto got side-tracked because of the church, she just looked out for the nun's pink hair, or the small clicks of her heeled shoes.

A minute or so more of passing by walls that were led along by candles that flicked off their flames in little dots, some even moving on one side depending on where the air blew; Teto eventually didn't see anymore pink swaying because Luka had stopped in her tracks. What Teto noticed then was a wooden door made of the finest dark oak.

Teto assumed it was an office, more importantly, the nun's office, because she looked at the door proudly before she opened it. The door released a swoon before it turned all the way open to equalize the pressure of the atmosphere. As they entered, Luka lit a few more candles so they could see a bit better inside. "Please sit, mademoiselle."

Teto couldn't see much, only what was in reach of the candles' light; though she could tell that this place was probably decorated. This whole entire church was! Without looking or noticing, she took a seat on an intricate chair. Her fingers were twirling around each other in hopes to comfort her nervousness. She tried to avoid Luka by trying to spot some pretty things in the room.

Sadly, the only things she could find were paintings that show details of holiness framed in gold. Not that it was a bad thing, it's just that she wanted something different. "You don't have to be afraid, my dear. I won't hurt you, I promise." Luka assured her with a voice that spoke of truths as she took her seat in-front of a desk across from Teto.

Taking another a deep breath, Teto then finally focused her attention on Luka. "Since you have nowhere to go, or stay I would love to take you in." Luka started it off gently, and Teto for the short time of her being in this new place, smiled her heart out. She couldn't even recall the last time she smiled so brightly. "Really?" She beamed, it feels like her heart was about to burst by such an act of kindness.

"Yes, I don't mind keeping you here. I am the head nun of this place, and what I say goes." Luka smiled back at her. Seeing her happy than scared or frightened made her job easier. Seeing as it was the perfect time to say it, Luka continued her words. "As you can see, a lot of people come here every day and night for shelter..."

Teto didn't want to interrupt, so she just nodded along as Luka spoke. "Most of them come back everyday until something better happens for them. Sometimes I can't help but wonder how they are after here. I can't tell if something good happened, or something bad. And I don't want that uncertainty happen to you. I can tell you're something special."

For once, Teto actually felt cared for in such a long time. Same with this, she couldn't remember the last time when somebody cared to even bother with her, yet alone take her under their wing. This time she didn't want to cry of sadness, but she wanted to cry out for joy. "But keeping you here means you have to something." Luka warned her swiftly.

"You could become a sister here, and start your postulancy but that is your choice. I cannot force you to do such, plus there is enough girls already..." Luka paused, pondering on something. She couldn't merely keep a girl here without her not having to lift a finger, she didn't have the luxury anymore. Tapping a finger to her chin, she voiced her thoughts aloud.

"Or you could be my lady-in-waiting, so when you stay here you can have better treatment by the others. You should stay pure and pray, but if you were to become that you don't have to be chained to the catholic church. As in you don't have to follow all the rules permitted here, unless truly necessary. Or, maybe-"

For all that it mattered, Teto didn't care. She didn't even bother listening to Luka's rambling on of things. As long as she could finally get a roof on her head, and some food she was already grateful. She would do anything since someone was taking care of her. "I would love to be both!" Teto proclaimed a little too loudly. She then blushed a little from embarrassment.

"Désolée, Madame. I mean..." she back-tracked, and repeated what she was about to say for it needed to make sense. "I don't mind being a sister along side with you, or your maid. In-fact, I don't mind doing both. I would do anything, anything, just to stay here. I would clean all the floors, fix the beds, light the hundreds of candles, coo-" Luka stopped her mid-rant with a silent hand.

The girl was practically begging even though she didn't need to. Luka already guaranteed her stay here, so there was no need. "Dear, you don't have to do such. Calm yourself. I'll tell you what, why don't you tell me what you really want to do and we'll work all of it out." Teto didn't take a second to think, she only said what came to her mind first.

She was to preoccupied to even think of what each choice brought to the table. They were all the same at first glance, anyway. "Then I would like to become your maid, Madame. After all, I owe you all of my gratitude for taking me in." Luka frowned when she kept hearing her say 'maid'. She didn't like using that term; especially since the girl in-front of her was not one.

She wasn't a slave nor servant. It seemed degrading. "My dear, there is a difference between a maid and a lady-in-waiting." She chastised with bitterness, but Teto could tell it was more of a lesson by her serious look. "Ohh...then I'll be your lady then, Madame." Teto's face crumpled in confusion, but when she didn't question it, her face returned to that of bashfulness.

"I'm not tainted at all, so don't worry. I'm still a virgin! So I'll be your lady-in-waiting, but I promise I'll be like the sisters here and stay pure and follow God." Luka laughed lightly at the girl's charm. The words might have been rushed a bit, but she understood every word Teto meant. She then stood up with a sense of relief.

"Okay then, you can become just that. But remember, regardless of what you choose I cannot force you to become something you don't want to, okay? You're not bound to a contract." She reminded. Teto was still recovering from her dizziness of thinking too much, but she managed to nod to Luka.

"Come then, mademoiselle. Let's give you a bath, some new clothes, and a room." Once again, Teto got up and followed Luka to a different part of the church. The moment they were out of her office, they walked through a few turns before heading into another long hall.

She noticed that in this particular hallway a couple of nice doors lined the area, and here the checkered flooring was more noticeable. By the time one were to reach the end of the hall, they would probably find a very intricate door that contained more winding curls and more decorations than the others in it. Luka stepped forward to open it. "This is my room."

Luka then let Teto go inside first, by putting her arm out. When Teto stepped in, she honestly wasn't surprised at the sight that greeted her. Luka's room was gorgeous as she expected, and it really made her wonder...was this church really heaven? Because everywhere she looked, everything just simply seemed magnificent.

A queen sized bed filled with silk pillows and white satin sheets laid towards the left side of the room while a perfect sized vanity was on the other side, waiting to be looked upon. Scattered around the room, there was a desk for writing stacked with papers, a furnished table with two chairs to go with it and in the back of the room, a small fireplace along with other furniture.

And finally, the floor was just full of intricate, ornate designs along side lush carpets made of high material. "This way," Luka's voice called over, and Teto came to her. There was another door here. It wasn't as eye-catching as her main one, but it was still pretty and nice regardless. When Luka opened it, a small bath came to view.

"Go ahead, it's warm." Luka encourage Teto to step forward but being nervous, the younger girl hesitated. Taking a breath, Luka decided to let her be and let her collect her thoughts. "Trust me, it's not so bad. Just take your time, okay? No rush. Do what you wish while I find you some clothes." Luka told her before turning around so she can head for her drawers.

Teto watched Luka leave her by closing the door softly behind. Turning back around, she gulped. It has been a long time since she has encountered a bath before. Going up towards it, her body racked of more nerves running through. When she stared at the pool of water's clear, untouched surface she eventually caught sight of her reflection.

And it stared back almost mockingly. Her shining eyes looked back as if it were still sullen, and broken while her face was painted in dirt, dust and grime. Never had she been so close to the mirrored image since she was out there on the streets, looking at it through muddy puddles. She never had the time to actually dote on her looks like this. Ever so gently, she took a finger to ruin the calm water.

She only continued to stare as the light ripples made themselves known by moving in waves, breaking her reflection into many odd-looking fragments. She shouldn't look so broken because she was saved. Now splashing the water a little, her hand couldn't fully comprehend whether it was at a good temperature or not. She had no other option than to go in.

Gulping once more, Teto took off her pigtails first and let her hair free-fall down while it cascade to her shoulders. Right after, she took off the beaten clothes she wore. It landed on the floor with a gruff sound that made it seem stale, and even worst than it looked like. Tipping her toe to test the water again, she decided it was best just to go in.

Slowly, she entered the water's embrace. Her skin tingled at the feeling. Luka was right, it was warm and dreamily content. Teto rubbed her arms and shoulders so she could feel a little warmer. She looked around the small room with a sense of wonder. The walls around her were a shade of refreshing grey, unlike the bland concrete or cobblestone outside.

And above her, there was a simple, small window decorated with blue see-through curtains that captured the outside so well. It looked like you could spot heaven from here. Teto blinked and sat completely still inside the bath for a moment, taking it all in before closing her eyes, and taking a deep breath. She let herself sink underwater to wet her hair.

When she came back up, it was like a release; a new fresh start. This was only the beginning, she imagined. She was hoping this was the new beginning she was searching for the whole time. 'A new start...but didn't I...?' Her mind once again failed to remember. Seconds later, Luka knocked on the door and it made her forget the recall. "Come in," Teto called out, shaking her head because of herself.

"I see that you're enjoying yourself," Luka noticed, coming in with in with a clean towel and a fresh pair of clothes. She walked in quietly, and sat gracefully near the bath. She figured that Teto simply sat there the whole time, so she pointed towards a corner where there was a bar of white. "You can use the soap to wash up."

"Okay...umm, Madame?" Teto looked up towards her. "Yes?" Luka peered down and answered with care. "I was wondering...how is it that this bath is warm?" Teto questioned, curiosity seeping through her mind. Luka managed to smile as she neatly placed the folded towel and clothes near the bath.

"Underneath you, there is a heating system; a fire that someone lights up. It tends to last for a long time, usually hours. Sometimes they would light it in the evening, in-case someone needs it. When I'm done taking a bath, I empty the water and put new water to replace the old." Luka explained the basics with little thought. "Well, when you are done there is a towel and a pair of clothes for you over here."

Teto nodded at her, and saw the items. "Take your time, you don't need to rush." Luka repeated, looking towards the floor as she stood up. "I will be taking your old clothes, and throwing them away. Is that okay with you?" She asked, pointing at her old rags by the corner. Once again Teto nodded, this time with a slight smile.

"Okay. Just come out when you are ready, then we shall talk more. I'll find you more clothes later." Luka bowed her head, then started picking up the rags before heading for the door. "Merci beaucoup, Madame." Teto thanked before Luka went past the door. "Je vous en prie." Luka called behind, closing the door. Sighing, she started to walk towards the exit.

When she caught sight of the filth in her hands, she frowned. This poor girl only had just this to wear? She shook her head in disgust. This wasn't right. No young girl deserved this at all. Shuffling the clothes and trying to fold them, something caught her attention when it fell from the very material that she held.

When it landed on the floor, she bent down to pick it up with her eyes questioning. It was a small, neatly folded up piece of paper with lines of writing on it, but the thing looked terribly beaten as it was crusty; the original pigment fading into an unpleasant looking color between yellow and brown with the edges looking like they were dipped in coffee or were singed by fire.

It looked like it was about to fall apart even without Luka touching it, she was having second thoughts on even seeing what's inside because it might just break on her. Thinking of the best way, her gentle hands pried it open very slowly and with a lot of care. When it was unfolded, the paper looked a bit better than before as the bark was cleaner on the inside.

Luka scanned the contents of writing and print, catching the basic details. Eventually her mouth opened to release a gasp that almost choked her. Quickly she scanned the other side, and flipped it twice just to make sure she was reading the right thing. This wasn't a mistake...it couldn't have.

Her eyes widened and she re-formed the paper back to it's original form. She would have to read the whole thing later in the morning, a better time. Not now, not with the girl being here. Luka looked at the closed door that led to the bath. She knew it. She just knew from the start. Ever since she caught her at the door. That girl...it really is her.

Teto sighed in bliss, thanking the heavens for the miracle she had received. After having a moment to herself and pondering, she then took the soap like instructed and started to wash up. When she all was done, she came out to dry herself off with the towel and put on the clothes that Luka gave her. It was a very simple white gown that reached a little past her knees.

There were no details, and nothing special about it but that's what made Teto smile. She didn't even care if the sleeves were a bit past her fingers because it kept her warm, and made her feel safe. This itself was already better than she thought, and could ever ask for. A moment later, she folded the wet towel and left it near the bath.

When she opened the door to the room, she found Luka on her desk writing while a small fire was lit at the fireplace. "Madame, I'm done." Teto announced as she stepped out of the bathroom feeling relieved by many reasons. Luka smiled at her, seeing as she looked better than before. "Good, now come here. Your hair is wet. I'll have to dry it, or you'll catch a cold."

Teto put a hand to her mouth and gasped. "Ohh! I forgot the towel in the bath, Madame. Let me go get it." She was about to turn, but Luka got up. "It's fine. I'll get a fresh towel. Just go have a seat near the vanity." Teto did what she was told and sat on the silk chair placed near the mirror. Luka then came back with another clean towel.

She stood behind the chair and looked at Teto via mirror. "Let's comb your hair first." Luka chose a silver comb on top of the enticing vanity, and combed through Teto's magnificent locks. Even when it was wet and getting combed, her hair managed to stay wavy and you could already make out the curls that spilled.

After a quick brush, Luka carefully dried her hair with the towel. "So how did you end up here, chèrie?" She asked to get to know her a bit better. "I don't know, Madame. I actually don't even know where I am, or how I got here. The last thing I remembered was that I was running, and I just ended up around here." Teto replied simply while watching her rub the towel to her strands.

"Madame makes me feel old, dear. I'm not even married. From now on you could just call me Luka." Teto giggled at the way she put it, but complied with her request and asked for a favor in return. "Okay, but only if you stop calling me mademoiselle. You'll have to call me Teto." Luka simply returned the laugh. "Okay then, Teto. Why don't you introduce yourself? Don't be shy."

Teto blinked at her own confusion. She had to actually think about this one. "Umm...je m'appelle, Teto. J'ai dix-huit ans et...I was homeless since the age of ten, way long before I got anywhere near here. Uhh...the last thing I truly remembered was running, and I don't know what or why but I just eventually ended up here." She paused to think of more to say.

"I don't remember much about anything else but the streets, or about my past ever since...so I'm sorry for not giving you a good, clear answer." She finished vaguely in a breath. In all honesty she thought that was the worst introduction she ever made. Luka's smile this time around had bit of sympathy to it. 'She doesn't remember her past?'

But that paper contained...no. Luka had good reason to hide it. Even if she didn't want to and was reluctant to do so, it was for Teto's own good. "Ça va, don't push it. It might come back to you one day." Luka's voice was soft like spring rain. Teto once again nodded at her words of wisdom. From there, they spoke of nothing for a while.

At one point, Teto thought the silence was peaceful but she needed to shatter it. She wanted to know more. "Where exactly am I, Luka?" She had to restrain herself from calling her Madame. "You are on the Île de cité, an island on la Seine river. The church you're currently in is Notre Dame cathédrale." The words flowed from Luka's lips.

"Notre Dame?" Teto questioned innocently, looking up at her. Marie may have said the name earlier, but for some reason Teto thought she heard that name before hand. It was deep in her mind somehow, as if it were lost. Just like her. "Oui, Notre dame de Paris. Named for Saint Mary." Luka continued, trying to finish drying her hair. So the old lady had the same name...

'How odd...' Teto didn't think it was bad, but it just made her wonder even more. A last quick flare from the towel, and Luka was done drying. With that light smile still gracing her lips, she got up to put away the towel and turned back to look at Teto. "You're a curious one, aren't you? Do you like learning?"

Teto just had to take a look at herself from the mirror. Her hair was clean and dry, and there was no longer dirt on her face. She looked so much better than before, and she was amazed at what Luka did for her. Smiling, she saw Luka by the corners of her eyes. "Yes, I actually love learning. You don't see much people who like it because they can't read."

Then a slight pause came. "I'm one of those lucky ones who can...actually. I like reading, but it's hard to find books. In a way, knowledge is everything...because without knowing is like being lost. It's scary. Oh, and to add on a little, I also know how to write." One would be surprise that she can read and write only because she already said it...most people don't know how to at all.

She must have learned from someone. At least, that was what Luka thought because teaching one's self is too hard. Clicking her tongue, Luka sprouted an idea but since it was late she decided to show Teto tomorrow. It was best to show her new room first. "I see. Okay, let me show you your room. It's getting late, and you need rest."

Now that Teto truly thought about it, she really was tired for it has been a long day. "Okay." Once again, she got up and followed Luka's instructions and they went out the door. She was led across the checkered floor again to the other side of the hall this time, before the turn. When at the end, there was another intricate door.

But this one was different among the rest. It was similar to that of Luka's. 'Why didn't I notice this door before?' Teto tilted her head at her question. Luka opened the door just like the last time and even letting her go in first like before. "This is now your room." This time, Teto was greeted with nothing but shock and amazement. Is this room really hers?

It was simple, but most certainly elegant. Perplexing tiled floors covered with abstract rugs, a single canopy bed with veil like curtains on the post, familiar silk sheets, and satin pillows, a baroque mirror hanging on the all by the curled designed headboard of the bed, an airy spacious feel that was crisp and refreshing.

Even a small desk with a chair was near a corner, and a red chaise lounge stayed near the window, and of course a small wardrobe to keep her clothes and other items. It seemed too simple, but it was almost if it was meant for her; a perfectly size room to herself. "C-can I really have this?" Teto stuttered, the words were not flowing properly at this point.

Luka nodded, happy for her. "Yes, this room is now yours. If you need me, remember my room is directly across the hall from here." Teto twirled to feel every angle of the room with her heart soaring. "This is wonderful! I seriously can't thank you enough, Luka!" The nun simply shook her head, and bowed a little.

"I was more than happy to give this to you. I'm sorry I didn't give you more clothes though. I will do so tomorrow." It was Teto's turn to shake her head. "It's okay, Luka. This is thanks enough." Teto replied with joy while jumping on the bed and landing with a soft thud. She felt like she was in the clouds.

"Alright, I shall take my leave. Get your rest, for you have to wake up early tomorrow. I'll come in and wake you up, okay? We have to get up early, so I can tell you what to do since you are now under the church, or better speaking...under my care." Luka turned towards the door. "I'll leave you be, chérie."

"Okay, and once again...merci beaucoup." With one last nod Luka left the room, leaving Teto to her thoughts. Before lying down, Teto said her prayers and thanked for many things. "Merci, mon Dieu...pour tout." In a few minutes, she drifted into the most comfortable sleep she never had in years.

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