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The air was simple and clean outside today in Paris, and if one were to stand there and breathe it in...then it would have felt like all sins would have been washed away. The sun's earliest gentle rays of dawn started to break through the sky, and rise up to greet the world below with hues of golds to that of flushed out reds and majestic purples.

The birds were singing, already fully awake. Their innocent, melodic voices rise along side the sun as if to rejoice the upcoming morning. And if one were to follow that of a bird's song, or follow through with certain beams of the sun then it were to have led to none other that of a certain church who's beauty was beyond compare.

Those rays of everlasting light casts through a moor of life before breaking through the window and cascading down before someone. It dripped and poured, before it shown across the figure's face and illuminated his features. Once warmth stoked his cheeks, it made him stir from his calm reverie of sleep. Slowly raising his lids, he took a breath.

Morning was here, and today was another day. He eventually sat up, rustling the tapestry of blankets that consist of fine Parisian material while dragging his long hair that flowed down like ink near him. His eyes adjusted to brightness while he soaked in the warmth of the sun.

"Amazing...another beautiful morning has come once again," He said his thoughts aloud, and honesty was the only thing to be heard. Even after so many years seeing dusk turn back into dawn, he was still mesmerized by the sereneness of it all.

After a moment to himself, his feet finally touched the floor. He smiled, before turning around and started to make his bed as if a wrinkle never met it. He smiled because he had a good dream. He couldn't recall it, but he just knew that it was good.

He took it was a sign, and hoped that today something good might happen. Hopefully something interesting instead of the normal. He smoothed out the sheets, and when he was satisfied he left the bed for his oak wardrobe as it was time to get ready for today.

This person always awoke up early, near around six sharp every morning for he was someone who as such importance to Paris and it's faith. Ted Kasane was the Archbishop Notre Dame cathedral, the leader of the main church of the city and an important figure to most. His title represents the fact that he must be always keep up with everything he does.

And that meant waking early for the Lord. With a pull of some fancy curled gold handles, he looked around for his main outfit. Many pulls, tugs, and looking later he found what he was looking for. He took out a pure white long sleeved shirt that bloomed frills at the end of the sleeves, and ruffles lined in the middle by where the buttons met.

Some smooth velvet red pants came later, and a matching coat-like chemise that went over the first shirt with slits at the end. Black sashes and chains of knives or crosses came next. It was starting to get together, weaving out something of admiration and status. Eventually his hands were covered in satin white gloves and his feet were covered with black heeled boots.

Turning to where his styled full-length mirror was, and made sure everything was okay. With the main stuff in-tacted it was time for the things that defined his looks as the high priest. A long wine colored cape, with white stitches of crosses at the ends, and finally last but not least the amice tied with a black bow and silver cross at the front to top everything.

Now it was only his hair left. Such a person like him can't have his hair loose or it wouldn't look right. He went towards a different direction and headed for his desk, which laid out a thin black ribbon attached with white feathers that resembled a bird's or angel's wings. With the smile never leaving his lips, he caressed the soft feathers, looking at it with soft eyes.

He used this everyday to tie his long, vivid, burgundy hair into a ponytail. With expertise, he took a handful of his strands and tied the ribbon into a small bow. He then ran a hand though, and let the curls place themselves evenly. When he was done, he went back to the mirror to fix anything that seemed out of place. He always has to look presentable.

Ted took another deep breath, and simply stared at his reflection to calm his nerves. Looking at him, one would think that he would never be nervous but if he were to say that he would be lying. He was always nervous for many reasons. It simply amazed him, that he was the youngest person ever to be elected as leader of Paris' archdiocese. The youngest Archbishop.

He remembered it like it was simply just yesterday...the crowed, the announcement, everything. Even the way the air was like that day, the taste of it, and the feel. Almost every single thing that happened by second to the very last hour of that day. It changed his life forever.

The memory could hardly leave the crevices of his mind. He worked hard to get where he was at today...regardless of rhyme or reason. Now taking a look out the window close by, he watched the sun rising a bit higher though the veiled curtains.

The shadows were starting to disappear, and the world seemed to be more alive. Beauty sprung by the trees from to the tips of the branches to the sky itself. "Thank the lord for another day." he commented to himself. He took a few more minutes of admiring the scene before him before he went back for one more thing in his desk.

Opening a drawer, he ended up pulling out a silver pocket watch that shimmered in old, timeless grace. The numbers went around by roman numerals, and at the moment it read six twenty-five. Time to get ready for morning mass. Ted did one last check of everything, then slipped the watch into his robes before he quietly stepped out of the room.

'I will simply pray...a prayer for someone today.' He thought, entering the hallway with the heeled boots clacking to pretty floors. But first maybe a walk somewhere in the gardens outside, or a prayer at the altar before the ceremonies. If anything for today, he prayed that the day wasn't going to be the usual routine.

"Teto..." A quiet, and gentle voice called out to wake the girl from her dreams. But she didn't want to just yet, and she tried to cling onto them a little longer. It was hard, and she was starting to stir. Patience was something Luka had a lot of when she needed it, but she didn't have all day. There was much to be done. She tried again, and took hold of her shoulder and shook it a bit.

"Wake up, Teto." Luka repeated, her voice rose a few notes higher and was no longer that of a whisper; though it was still gentle. From there, Teto knew that she had to break it and just wake up. In a moment's notice, her eyes fluttered open like a butterfly taking flight while she released a sigh to signal that she was now indeed in this current environment.

She sat up slowly, just as she did before when she was out there just the other day. This time it was different, and she was somewhere else. There was no hard ground, and nothing to worry about...only soft sheets that were of comfort. Rubbing the little bits of sleep away from her eyes, she looked at Luka. "Sorry, Madame Luka. I'm up now,"

Luka straightened herself up, relieved that she was finally getting her bearings. Even though she was glad that the girl was finally awake, she couldn't help but remember the promise they made last night and she had to raise a perfect eyebrow. "It's okay, my dear. As long as you're fine, but what did I say about calling me Madame?"

Teto grinned sheepishly, and it made her more awake. "Sorry, Luka." She didn't mean to forget, but when one is tired and just gotten the best sleep they had in...forever, then some do tend to forget what happened. "It's alright, just get ready. We have lots to do today, and it's already six twenty-five." Luka did a light bow, before heading towards the door.

"Meet me in my room as soon as you're ready." Were the last fleeting words, before Teto nodded and heard the door open with a breeze and closed with small click. With no one to watch her, she turned around to face that pretty baroque mirror that hung on the wall behind her head rest. Her face seemed so much more youthful now that she had sleep. She looked more calm, she thought.

A second later, she gasped and as frightened. Her hands instantly reached up to ears to make sure her silver earrings were still there. When she felt their coolness on her fingertips, she relaxed and released a sigh. If she were to lose these, she would die and would never forgive herself for such.

She couldn't find them right way because her hair was down, and the curls unfurled to her shoulders. She almost forgot about the strings that tied her hair into pigtails. She needed a new pair since what she used before were thrown away. Maybe Luka has some. She has to ask her when she gets to her room. Once she was up and about, her feet walked the tiled hall to Luka's room.

She also made a note to herself that she needed to get a pair of shoes, or at least some socks for later. When she got Luka's door, she knocked and was ushered in warmly. Now that it was morning, she got a better look of things around her. She focused her eyes, and Luka's room looked more vivid than before.

Last night it looked like a simple room, but now things pop and come alive and now the place looks more spacious than she could ever recall. She even noticed more things, like a bookshelf full of books. When her eyes finally drifted towards the bed, there were many articles of clothing on it and she's never seen so much before.

"Luka...is this going to be?" The nun nodded at her, a small smile gracing her lips to comfort the young girl. "Yes, it will become your clothing now that you are my lady-in-waiting. I know it looks like a lot, but these clothes are special you see. For they have been passed down gently..." Her words became soft, and she reached forward for a puffy short sleeve dress tied with a black ribbon.

"I'll help you put them on until you get hold of doing yourself." Teto changed, and she never expected an outfit to be so complicated but she says nothing...for the outfit itself was a gift. First a veil like petticoat, the etched designs at the end intrigues her with light crosses, then another black skirt only flaring out by the edges.

On top of that a dress with so many ruffles of fine fabric going all around the skirt, and too many buttons to cover at the front along side a ribbon which stuck out oddly of the side. Before she knew it, she was fully dressed and now donned thigh high white stockings, and a laced collar.

"What a perfect fit! You look wonderful, cherié. Don't worry, putting it on once will make it easier the next time. I'll show you later, but for now...there's more." Luka told her as she was finishing tying bows in several places. 'There's more?' Teto thought, and she already assumed it was done.

"Luka, ummm...not to interrupt anything but is there anything that you can tie my hair with? Like how my hair was yesterday?" Luka gasped at her statement. How could she forget about her hair? Going to a drawer she pulled out a few things, and told Teto to sit on the bed.

What she brought back was two white ribbons, a frilled headband, and her comb. She then sat down next to the girl, and combed her hair to free them of messy stands. Luka smiled because each time the brush went through, Teto's natural curls would bounce then form itself.

Parting her hair on both sides of her head, she took the thin ribbons and tied them to her hair before also tying on the headpiece to top off her head. "Alright, you're almost there. Just a few more things, I promise and nothing more." Luka went back to her wardrobe and fished for some shoes that could fit her.

Moments later she came around with two black pairs that looked different, and then she placed them on the ground. "Try any one of these, I'm sure one will fit." Teto hesitantly picked the shoes closest to her; the black flats. When she slipped one on, she lifted her foot only to find the thing dangling off her toes.

When those didn't work, she went for the next one; which consisted of flats with small heels on them, and a strap to secure it into place. "Oh! These are perfect, Luka!" Teto exclaimed happily when her feet felt smug within the shoes. "Good. Now, for the finishing touch..." At last, the final thing was given to her by Luka.

Smooth, soft, white gloves were placed into her hands, and was passed on gently as if it were a feathering dove leaning towards her touch or the feathers themselves in a light breeze. Teto took a minute to stare in silence, taking it all in with the reality washing over her.

When she slipped them on, she felt accomplished. It fitted, and it was like new skin. She stretched her fingers as wide as she could, sprawling them out as though she could make them grow in length. It was as if to catch something inconceivable, distant, and far. She then made a fist then released it; catching something, only to return empty handed.

She pouted at her own actions. She didn't want it to be like that. She didn't want to be out there being helpless anymore. Taking a sigh, her pout melted into a charming smile as she turned to Luka and winked. "I'm set and finished, Luka. Just let me know what to do so I could get started!" Luka couldn't help but smile at her.

This girl really was something, a real diamond in the rough. "Alright, since you're so eager. But first you need breakfast." When she finished the sentence, the young girls' stomach growled. "I was going to say..." Teto laughed sheepishly, blushing all the same. The nun with a graceful figure laughed. "Well, come on then."

When they left the room and walked into halls of everlasting labyrinths, Teto never knew a place could be so quiet and peaceful. Maybe because the church at the moment was empty, making it even more beautiful. She was scared to speak and fill the air with words, for it might have shattered the awing, refreshing, silence she loved.

As her feet lightly tapped the ground, she noticed that the tiled checkered floor seem to glisten under the light of candles. While they walked, she admired the things around her as she did yesterday and when they kept going she eventually caught the rays of the sun hit the stain glass near the nave for a magnificent view of colors. Morning was really starting to show.

She never forgot what she told herself before. She needed to explore, and maybe pray if she could find her way to the altar. But, only after some food. When she and her guide found their way to the kitchen, Teto lifted her nose to the air. She could smell baguettes coming along with other scents mixing in to make a wonderful aroma.

Walking in, Teto had to restrain herself from touching anything that was prepared. Luka saw her gaze darting back and forth between counters, and smiled. "Go ahead, and grab what you like." She encouraged her. The girl nodded, walking around the room and looked on even more. There were so many choices to pick from.

Bowls of soup, plates of greens, everything, but the basket full of bread was beckoning for her to take one. Stepping forward, her hand was about to dip down and grab one but a kind, soft-spoken voice called out to her. "Be careful. Those are hot," Teto turned around slowly to look at the person who owned it.

A foot away from her, a lady stood quietly with silky silver, almost white hair tied into a loose ponytail a purple ribbon framed by unique bangs. What really caught Teto's attention was the piercing garnet eyes the she owned. They were vibrant, almost overwhelming, but it shown in kindness.

Their gaze was broken when the lady turned her head, and pointed to a different basket close by the other. "Have those ones over there. They are fresh, but they have been cooled."

"Merci." Teto replied quickly before she hesitantly grabbed a roll of bread from the basket, and started to nibble on it like a little mouse. She didn't bother to add anything to it only because she was just too hungry. "Would you like some milk, or a drink with that?" The lady asked shyly, seeing her eat so eagerly.

'Why not?' After contemplating, she nodded her head. "Oui, s'il vous plait." The lady returned the nod, and went to the other side of the kitchen for a moment before she returned with a simple glass of milk and placed it on the surface closest to Teto. "Here you go, mademoiselle." Teto quietly thanked her before she took the drink, and gulped it down as she ate her bread.

In a matter of moments it was done, and there wasn't a crumb or a drop left. The lady with white only giggled, swishing her black robes that seem too resemble Luka's. They were the same in they way they could hardly be called habits, but Teto could see the subtle differences between the clothing.

While they were both elegantly beautiful with each stitch and weave, the patterns and form were different. The lady's robe was more simple in comparison to that of Luka's. The older nun's cloth was rich with a bit more class. Stature; Teto thought, as she gave the lady a cheesy grin, was the difference. "What's so funny?"

"Ohh, c'est rien du tout." The woman ceased her light laughter, putting a hand to her mouth. "It's just...you really like bread, huh?" Before Teto even had a chance to say anything back, Luka suddenly stepped in towards their conversation. "I see you two have met." The lady with similar robes blushed, and bowed her head a little. "Bonjour, madame."

Luka returned the gesture and the words, before turning to the youngest among them. "Teto, this woman has been making your bread and other foods even before you got here. Her name is Haku, and she is a nun here at Notre Dame." The head nun waved a hand to present the sister, and the lady stepped forward with a small smile to Teto.

"Haku, this girl is now my lady-in-waiting." Luka stated simply while looking at her. "I told you last night, she will be staying with us for awhile. As you just heard, her name is Teto. Please help and guide her with the most up-most respect, and treat her as if she was a sister of this church as well."

Haku nodded towards her senior, and her smile grew as she extends a hand out. "Enchantée, Teto." The said girl returned the smile, and took Haku's hand into her own to shake. "Nice meeting you too, Haku. Please treat me kindly, and help me when I need it so." Luka looked at the two, and deemed that the greetings were over and it was time to get things done.

"Good. Now that you two are quite acquainted, why don't you set up the dining hall for breakfast and for our guests today? Before morning mass starts." Haku nodded towards her, and bowed her head. "Y-yes, Madame. We shall do so now..." She stuttered, all the while turning red. Teto raised an eyebrow at this, a bit suspicious. "Why does get she call you madame?"

"F-for respect of course!" Haku countered, flushing even more from embarrassment. "Then how come I can't call you madame?" Teto then shouted towards Luka in hopes for an answer, but instead the older nun was already turning on her heels to head off for a different direction.

"Now, now, my dears..." Luka kept her voice calm. "We have lots to do today. Go forth and do something productive. Don't make the Lord wait." The other two looked on silently as she left the very room that they were in, and thought that it was time to do work. "So, what do we do first?" Teto asked, turning to face Haku once more.

"Well, why don't we set up the tables as madame Luka said?" Teto nodded while she watched Haku go somewhere, and pulled out piles of folded white cloth from a bottom cabinet to place them on a counter. "First we put these on the tables."

Teto grabbed several of the cloths just as Haku did, and followed her out towards the dining hall. Once they were there, Haku pointed towards the lined tables. "All of them need to be covered. Would you please give me a hand?" Taking a sheet, she started to unfold it to reveal it's elongated form.

Teto wasted no time, and was already helping to stretch it out. Nearing the closest table, the two worked together and covered the top. "More to the right, Teto." Shifts and movement were done before it was settled down. "Alright, good. Now we must smooth it out, and make it even as possible."

"Alright." Teto complied with her request, and started to smooth the uneven areas while Haku started to pull on the edges to make it look right. "Yes, perfect. Good job. Now, same thing for all the others. Can you still manage?" Haku checked if she was still fine.

"Ohh, yes. I could still continue. After all, what kind of person am I to be Luka's maid if I can't even do this?" Haku laughed lightly before pulling another table cloth. "But of course, please forgive me. It's just that you're so young..." Teto shook her head at her. "I'm eighteen! I'm not that young anymore!"

Then came a slight pause. Eighteen was still young, and she knew it. She wanted to take it back. She may have been that age, but even then she wished that she were still younger. Then something hit her, and she tried to recall. "It's...it's just that living on the street for a while you see and pick up on things."

"Ahh...I-i'm terribly sorry if I said something. Please-" Teto frantically waved a hand to stop Haku from continuing. "Ahh, No! I'm the one who should be sorry! I just recalled something is all! No need to apologize! If only I could..." Haku blinked in confusion at her.

"R-recall what?" She pried, though she regretted doing so. "I even forgot..." Teto sighed, snapping her fingers. What she hated the most was this. She couldn't remember the past. Even if it was bad...she wanted to know. "I just want to remember..." She said softly.

Haku may have not known the whole predicament, but she flashed a reassuring look at her. "You'll remember..." Teto saw the sincerity in her eyes, and the concern laced in her words. Not only did it make her feel better, but it made her feel touched. She brought up a grin. "Thanks, I needed that."

"No problem. It just takes awhile to remember." Haku released a sigh of relief, and reached for another table cloth. "Now come, we must do the same with the other tables." Teto helped unfold the soft material, and started walking over to the other side of the long table they were on.

Soon, all of the tables were covered with white and when they were done, both were smiling proudly at their work. "Okay, now a few silverware and plates then we'll bring out the food." Haku announced by slapping her hands together. "Actually, maybe only silverware and plating for you."

"Huh, why?" Teto questioned as she finished fixing the last table. "Because you haven't eaten a proper breakfast. Besides, I think madame Luka would be telling you to do something else by then, so just the silverware for now." Haku replied, already turning for the kitchen again.

"Hey, wait!" Teto caught up with her a couple of brisk steps, all the while her clothing rustling and swaying with each movement. Back in the kitchen, Haku showed her where all the spoons and forks were so she would know where they are the next time. With a handful of utensils, they returned to the hall so they can put them on the tables, also doing the same with the plates.

Soon, the place was starting to get filled and Teto already spotted some of the other sisters bringing in the food. Around ten minutes later, the first of the people who came for shelter started to show with morning eyes. Tired, but restful. Teto was glad that all was well for everyone. Eventually all of the tables were full of people, food, drinks and happiness.

The scenes from last night started to replay in her head, and she couldn't help but feel at ease. Now standing with Haku near the doorway that separated the kitchen and the hall, she watched everyone eat with a tired smile playing on her lips. This went unnoticed by Haku, and she reached a hand to Teto's shoulders. "Teto, you can take a break. You seem tired already."

Teto turned to her in wonder. "Besides, you're done with me. At least eat some more. Go on," Haku nudged her, and soon Teto found herself in the midst of people eating their meals. She stood there awkwardly before she heard someone calling for her attention. "Chèrie," Ruby eyes followed the sound, and Teto found the old woman who needed help yesterday.

"Marie!" She instantly went over and took the hands of the elder. "You were right! They did let me in! I'm a part of the church, and they let me stay!" Teto would have probably spilled tears of joy, if it weren't for Marie's hand comforting her by patting her own. "What did I tell you, my dear? They are all too kind here, especially when you need help."

The older lady then led her towards a seat, and just like yesterday they sat down next to each other with many good things in-front of them. "Now, let us feast at this. I shall eat whatever you eat this morning, my dear." Teto tilted her head, and pointed to herself. "Yes, whatever you eat I shall pick the same." Marie chuckled heartily at her as she was already looking.

"Then how about we eat...bread!" Teto pointed at the loafs the second she found it. Marie only laughed harder. "Whatever you wish." In unison, the two picked out what they wanted and were soon eating it with butter and water. "By the way, my dear, I love what they gave you to wear. The outfit looks very nice." Marie commented for some conversation.

"Merci, madame Luka gave it to me." Teto replied happily. While she knew not to call Luka 'madame' it was only respectful in talking with Marie. "She's the head nun of the church. Last night, she talked to me and offered me a place here. In exchange I am now her-" She bit her lip, almost saying 'maid'. "lady-in-waiting, and I'm supposed to help around. At least, that's what I think."

Marie nodded at her words, eating her bread. "That is a blessing, if anything, my dear. I hope the best for you here." Teto can only be ever grateful for Marie. If she had not said anything, she would have probably left today and still be out there. "I thank you for everything though, Marie." The said lady bowed her head. "You shouldn't be thanking me at all..."

"No, if it weren't for you I would have probably ended up somewhere else." Teto continued, already on her second slice of baguette. "Nonsense...my dear. You're the one who made it here." The conversation drifted further, and more slices of bread were eaten. Soon enough, the two had their full. "Good meal, don't you think?" Marie asked Teto when they both finished.

"Certainly." Teto agreed with a laugh. Marie then stood up, and dusted off her dress. "Now then, I shall go back to my room and pack up. If you'll excuse me..." But before she left, Teto stopped her. "Wait, please don't tell me you are about to leave! I may never see you ever again." Marie smiled softly, before taking her hands as she did before.

"Don't worry, I shall stay until after morning mass. And even then, I shall visit you when I can. You will always be in my prayers." Marie said, leaving Teto even more thankful. Seeing as there was nothing left to do here, she got up herself and decided that she needed to find Luka in-case she needed anything.

Escaping the confines of the dining hall were easy, but the instant she left she knew that she was lost. Instead of focusing on the negative, she took this opportunity to explore. After all, maybe Luka was somewhere around. Walking for what seemed to be eons, she stumbled into the place she wanted to be. The place she always wanted to take a good look at.

Miraculously she found where the nave was, and her eyes can never stop looking up and around. The tall arcs that seemed like it went on for miles always fascinated her, while the burnt candles and dim light brought in a calming effect. Windows shine, and pillars stood strong and proud. So many places to go, just by looking. She even saw where the choir should be.

She recalled everything she saw so far, over and over in her head. The cathedral's long halls, the vaulted ceilings above with the bays, the soft light that filtered through intricate stained glass stained the floor with an array of color. This place was heaven in her eyes as far as she can tell, and nothing can replace this.

She wanted to wander here forever...not like in the streets, no...she wanted to be lost in the beauty of it. At this point she couldn't stay still...her legs started to move with out her head registering it. Down the isle she went, slowly, trying to savor every image she saw. It was simple, but the little intricate things made her keep looking for them.

But what really caught her attention was the stain glass rose window that was beyond the altar. She was drawn to it as if it held the answer...the reason why to her being here, everything. What prevented her from actually touching it was, well, the height and the fact that the altar was now in-front of her. Her face turned to that of longing.

She knew better than going past that for it was only for the priests. Plus she can never touch those windows now matter now hard she tried. Instead, she glanced towards the altar with the Virgin Mary on it and did the sign of the cross and composed a quick prayer.

"Merci, my Lord. How can I ever thank you enough for all you've done? I thank you for taking me here to this sanctuary of yours. I'm in the comfort of the highest here..." Her whisper was soft, and it whisked away with the silence. Finishing, she looked back up to the stained glass with her jewel-like eyes glistening. Struck with pure amazement she took several steps back for a better view.

But soon afterwards, she tripped right over. "Oww..."

'Okay, focus. I've already opened the main doors, and there's still a bit more time before mass. Maybe I should start setting up at the altar, and do a quick prayer there.' Many thoughts were flowing through Ted's mind as he walked closer, and closer to the main isles. He caught the normal sight of mahogany chairs and knew that he was soon getting to where he'd be later.

His eyes then trained themselves to look at where his feet were, the checkered tiles glistening. When one is deep in thought, all other noise drowns out from one's ears and little did he know that someone was coming his way. Moments later he collided with something, and he fell to the floor. He shook his head, trying to get it together.

Hearing a voice, he noticed that he knocked over a person. Immediately got up to his knees to help. "Ahh, je suis très désolé," He apologized quickly as possible. When the person struggled to get up, he held out a hand for the person to take.

Soon a pair of gloved hands that were like his grabbed onto his own, and he helped them onto their knees. When their head lifted, he saw a very pretty girl who looked close to his age, with gem-like orbs that resembled his own color. "Are you okay, mademoiselle?" he asked, concerned that he actually hurt her.

Teto hardly knew what was going on. The impact was took quick for comfort, and her head was still somewhat spinning. Looking up, and catching their eyes, she found who helped her. "I'm fine...thank you. And I'm terribly sorry, Monsieur. It was my fault. You shouldn't bother to help me."

Ted, on the other hand was still worried. He still kept his hand steady. "No, no, it was mine. Had I not look down on the floor, I wouldn't have bumped into you. But are you sure you're okay?" Teto blinked in confusion, and stared at him. No one usually cares if she gets knocked over, yet alone a random person.

"Oui...I'm fine. I thank you..." She said, still clutching onto his one hand with both of her own. Ted's eyes soften, and a small smile graced his lips. He took his free hand, and patted the tops of hers. "Good. I don't want anyone hurt, especially in the center of this holy place." He chuckled before standing, and gently helping her up along the way.

It was then Teto actually noticed they were in the middle, and in this angle she saw the beauty of it all around. Especially when she saw dust out of the corner of her eyes dance and shimmer in mid-air by the light that escaped through the windows. It was almost like a sign to her; only one that she could see.

Her thoughts were broken when she heard Ted's velvet voice ring out. "There is still time before mass starts. Please, if you have time, would you care to join me for a short walk around le jardin?" Teto bit her lip. She had to find Luka, but since this person asked politely if she can go for a walk with him. "I have to find someone..."

"Maybe we could find the person you're looking for out there." Ted commented, pointing towards where the garden awaited. This girl, he thought. There was something about her that he couldn't place. Her eyes sparkled with hints of mystery, and he wanted to find out more. Maybe this was what he asked for earlier.

He didn't force her to go with him, but he waited for her answer. Either way, he has to talk with her. The fine silk she was wearing was something that looked like it belonged to a certain someone he knew. Reluctantly, Teto nodded her head and followed when he started to walk. "Maybe so."

It couldn't be so bad. She was supposed to help around, so maybe this guy just needed someone to talk to. Just like how those who stay here help by consoling those who needed a talk. She followed where he went, and soon the dimness was disappearing. She felt more light surrounding her, warmth starting to touch her.

Soon, they were outside and she could have sworn that she was in the garden of Eden. She just had to twirl her skirts, and jog up towards one of the plants while Ted followed, staying close by. The air was chilly because of the morning, but it brought out the cool, crisp smell of the freshness outside that contrasted so much to those inside the church.

Life sprang everywhere from what Teto could see, and she couldn't help but feel amazed. The light breeze brought forth the scent of the flowers, mixing to make sweet smells that tingled her nose. There was so many plants of different shape, and color all dazzling uniquely in their own way. Petals and leaves shimmer like diamonds from dew drops, and were starting to unfold.

It was like a paradise. One can't simply say what it is. Teto can't even put a true word to say for it. "Wow...it's so beautiful out here." She didn't even want to use beautiful because it was just a lack for something even better than that. Her comment caused Ted to laugh a little. "It is, isn't it?"

He felt her happiness soar around, and it surprised him in a way. "How is it like this?" She asked, more to herself than anything else. But Ted thought he should answer her question. "Thank the gardeners, and to those who take care of the flowers. They are like poets in a sense."

"Poets? How can such a place be so pretty by poets? Words cannot even describe!" Teto exclaimed in confusion. Ted smiled gently at her, going closer to a bud that was ready to burst. "We can always try to explain, but words tend to fail us when we see something of beauty..." He started off slowly, running a smooth finger to the closed petals.

"But when I say that those who tend to the garden are poets, I mean they not only take care of the plants but they also talk to them. With the sun's love from God, and simple words...the flowers bloom, creating a garden. Not simply just different colors all around, but a garden of verses. A sanctuary, much like in there. A haven, if you will..." Teto was amazed at his tone, and flow.

What shocked her even more was that when done speaking, it was as if the flower bud he touched bloomed on just his words alone. "Are you sure you are not a poet yourself then?" She asked, using the context he gave. Ted only gave an honest answer back. "I speak verses, yes, but only those of the Lord. Though, I try my own sometimes."

From there, and it became silent again; save only for the small rustles the trees make from the soft winds. To Teto the air smelled like that of a memory; something you know and long for, but can barely remember; something you can almost visualize, but can't quite pull into focus; something you ache and reach for, but can't quite touch...

Her smile was bright despite everything, and when the silence was deemed too quiet Ted decided to speak. "Mademoiselle, I've never seen you around here before. Not in mass nor in church in general. Pray tell, what brings you here to Our Lady of Paris?" Ted asked, feeling happy that she seemed to like the flowers and the trees.

"I came here yesterday, Monsieur. I came because I was looking for somewhere to stay." Teto managed to find her voice, putting on a solemn look. The both of them walked a little, not straying to far from the church. "I was actually going to look for the one who took me in. I wonder if she needs help."

"And who might that be?" Ted questioned, smiling at not only the way vines bend and curl to fill empty cracks on the ground, but the girl who was walking with him. There was really something about her. "I'm looking for...Madame-" The words died in Teto's mouth when the very person she was about to mention was walking towards them in a hurry.

"Teto, my goodness! There you are!" Luka said loudly, panting when she finally was near them. "I was worried. I couldn't find you in the kitchen, or with Haku. Where were you, cherié?" Teto blushed in embarrassment. She felt bad for wandering alone by herself without telling anyone.

"I went to explore, Luka. I'm sorry. I was praying at the altar before I bumped into Monsieur..." Teto turned to look at Ted, but the second that she did Luka gasped and dipped her head. "Bonjour, Monseigneur. I didn't see you right away. Forgive me for intruding." It was Teto's turn to gasp, hearing the different honorific. "It's okay, sister Luka." Ted waved a hand.

"Monseigneur?" Teto interrupted with a pointed finger. She had to restrain herself from yelling out loud. "That means you're..." Ted gave a light chuckle, bowing fully with charm and a hand to his chest. "Oui, I run the place." Luka gave her a stern look because of the way she pointed, and addressed him earlier but it was light. It seems she knew Teto didn't know who he was.

"Teto, this is the Archbishop of the church." She then looked at him, the pretty church bells ringing to signal that it was time to gather for the prayers. "I'm sorry if she caused any sort of trouble. Teto, s'il tu plait?" The girl nodded, and excused herself. "Yes, Luka..." Her voice was soft and barely heard.

Ted rose a brow when she left with her lovely voice and the wind. "Who is she, Luka? I've never seen her before, and when I saw her outfit I had a feeling you gave it to her. What's this about, sister?" Air blew around while Luka turned her back away from him, facing the church. The bells never ceased their gongs, and she knew it was time to go soon. "I took her in last night..."

A couple of yards away, she saw Teto walk alone by herself and in a few moments she was situated by the door, waiting. "She didn't have a place to stay, so she'll be with us. We should start to go back, Ted. Mass cannot start with you. I even had to set up the altar quickly because of your leave, so you better start morning off well."

"Ohh, I'm terribly sorry. I just had to talk to her that's why." Ted bowed his head for Luka to apologize, and because she was older than him. "Hmph. Go on, then. We'll talk about this later, I promise." Just like Teto, the words seemed not to reach ears; not because of the wind, but because the echo of distant ominous clangs of warnings.

"Alright, if you insist. It's very kind of you to take her, Luka. There's something I could see in her. Something special." Ted mused aloud while Luka smiled kindly at everything. "That's one of the main reasons why I took her in." With knowing looks and a nod, both of them started to walk back to the door in which they came.

Stopping at the threshold, Ted smiled one last time at Teto before stepping in. "I hope that I can see you, and meet again soon miss...?" Teto lowered her head, just how Luka did before. "Teto, Monseigneur. You could just call me Teto." Ted waved a hand to dismiss her, but most of all to excuse him. "Teto...what a nice name. I'll see you around, okay? Adieu." Literally...to God.

"Bye..." Teto subconsciously waved back to him. Thinking about it now, how could she have not known he was the main priest? The clothing, the silver cross on him, the outfit itself. How did she not realize that it was him? But what questioned her even more was why he wanted to talk to her in the first place.

When she was done collecting her thoughts, she already had a set of words to say to Luka. "I'm so sorry, Luka! I feel so ashamed. I knew I should have at least told Haku, or someone but I was just looking for you and-" Luka stopped her by putting a finger to her lips, shushing her.

"My dear, it is quite alright. You simply just gave me a scare. I don't want anything happening to you, not in the slightest. When you see the father, please speak to him in the highest respect. He deserves that much." She lectured with a point to her finger. "Yes, Luka...really I'm incredibly sorry. I was just trying to find you. What should I do now?"

Luka sighed to release stress, putting a hand to her forehead. "That was the same reason why I was also searching for you. How about this? Why don't we go back inside to my office, and I'll tell you what it is you shall next." Teto, still embarrassed only nodded and said nothing more.

One last look at the gardens, and they were off to Luka's office. Familiar intricate doors open, and Teto sat down on the satin chair that she sat upon the last time she was here. Just like in Luka's room, the things in here are now more vivid and she can see them better. The paintings framed in gold seem to be too real, and the furniture shined because of opened silk curtains.

She even noticed the chair was laced in black and gold stitches with swirling curls as the back. Even the walls look amazingly well crafted for such a room. Luka took a behind her desk, her hands folded on top another as they rest on the strong wood full of papers, and other things while she held a calm face. "Alright, my dear. Are you ready to listen to what I have for you?"

"Yes I am." Teto replied, fiddling with the ends of her clothes in hopes to ease her mind. "It's not much...I would say." Luka said that only because, she didn't really have much planned. Not because she couldn't think of anything, but because she didn't want to give too many things for Teto to do. At least not yet...she still needed to get adjusted here first.

"Be productive is a must. I'll give you a set of orders that would be your chores. After those are done, just help around with what you see, okay?" Teto nodded to everything intently. Luka brought up a quill pen, and a piece of paper. Dipping the tip to a bottle of black ink, she started to write everything she was about to say in very pretty, curved script.

"In the mornings you shall get ready, and fix anything out of place in your room. After some breakfast, set up the tables for morning. If that has already been taken care of by the others then go around the church, and pick out the used candles and replace them with new ones. I'll be showing you where those are kept later..." Minutes later, one side of the page was filled.

"Like I said, be productive." Luka repeated, handing her the sheet. "You may attend to me, but you are not my servant. Please note that..." Their hands brushed together when the paper was handed off. "If anything, my dear, you are that of a friend. A companion. That is why I do not like using the word maid."

Teto remembered the other day when Luka frowned upon the word. "A lady-in-waiting was traditionally only used for those women who attended to that of royalty but in my opinion, it doesn't have to be for the rich." Something flashed in Luka's eyes when the sentence was ending, but Teto didn't know what it was.

After the brief pause, Luka stared Teto straight into the eyes. "Teto, would you like lessons? I do recall you saying you like learning. You can read, right?" Teto gasped in delight. Lessons...the word felt like a brighter day. Being taught by someone such as Luka could only mean greatness. She could learn the things she always kept dreaming about. Knowledge is king in her mind.

"I would be honored if you taught me things, Luka."

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