Of Mare and Moon (1)

[On the other side of Ponyville…]

"What's wrong, sugar cube? Y'all look a little down," remarked Applejack.

"I just have this feeling like something bad is going to happen," replied Twilight.

"Nightmare Moon is long gone and we took care of her so well that she ain't never comin' back," said Applejack.

"Besides, the animals here don't seem to think there's any danger here at all and they're usually the first to sense danger," added Fluttershy.

"I sure hope you two are right," said Twilight sadly. [In the town of Pon-Evil…]

"Why my dear foal, you couldn't be more wrong. You and your friends may have taken me down several years ago…" began Nightmare Moon.

"You still don't have the 6th element, the spark didn't work," said Nightmare Moon.

"I represent the 6th element, the element of….magic!" stated Twilight. *A rainbow engulfs Nightmare Moon as she yells out in defeat and disappears*

"...but this time I'll have my ultimate revenge! Oh and I'm sure you'll become quite familiar with my new friends," finished Nightmare Moon. *she laughs* [On the regular side of Ponyville…]

"Where did the summer go? Feels like it was just yesterday that we were out when it was warm," said Bright Eyes.

"It's never long enough, I love warm weather," complained Melody.

"Well because it's fall, that can only mean the start of another school year," replied Bright Eyes.

"With Ms Hackney, it can't be all bad," remarked Sweetheart.

"That's true, she's always nice to us as long as we follow her rules, which we're pretty good at," added Starlight. [At school….]

"Hello, ponies, I'm thrilled to have you all for another year of learning. My how time flies. As we have once again arrived on our first day, I won't be teaching much so that we can ease back into homework and things like that. Today I'll be talking about what you will be learning next week as this week is rather short because of the late start to the school year. Starting on Monday, you will be learning how to add numbers with a letter next to them called algebraic expressions. I'd rather not get your heads filled with confusion today so I'll let you off early now," said Hackney. *the class rushes out the door*

"He he he, these ponies, even at this age, always in such a rush," remarked Tidwell. [Elsewhere…]

"Twilight Sparkle, I have come to you with urgent news," said Celestia.

"Princess Celestia? What's going on?" asked Twilight.

"My faithful student, it seems my sister's darker half Nightmare Moon is making her return trip to Ponyville," explained Celestia.

"How? We made her into Princess Luna" protested Twilight.

"I give you….Princess Luna. It has been 1000 years since I last saw you in this form, my sister," said Celestia.

"Sister?" questioned Twilight quietly.

"I missed you so much, sister," cried Luna as she hugged Celestia.

"Yes and while we still have Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon is now a separate form! I'm counting on you and your friends' help to take down Nightmare Moon once more. I know you all will prevail," announced Celestia. *she disappears*

"Alright, we must high tail it into the other side of Ponyville and let all the others know about this danger," announced Applejack.

"I'll have to make sure all the creatures of this town are safe," added Fluttershy. *They head off*[The next day…]

"There are some ponies in there," stated Twilight. *They head into the Ice Cream Shop*

"Uh can I help you all?" asked Starlight a little puzzled.

"We're all in danger, Nightmare Moon is making her return," told Twilight.

"WHO?" questioned the Tales gang.

"Nightmare Moon tried to bring eternal night several years ago and now she's making a return. Unless you heed our warning, we're doomed!," explained Twilight.

To be continued…