"Hon, why don't you get some rest? You must be dog tired after today."

Don't worry Ms. Evans; dogs like me can stay up for a looong time.

"That's alright Ms. Evans; I don't think I could sleep anyway."

"If you change your mind I put an extra blanket on the couch for you."

Her soft southern accent was so sweet Dave almost wanted to ask her for a hug, or some grits maybe. God, no wonder Sam was such a momma's boy. The short woman looked almost comical as she stepped over Azimio's hulking form and went to Sam's bedside.

"Baby, wake up. Sam? Wake up for just a minute."

Sam grunted at her and rubbed sleep from his eyes as she helped him set up in bed.

"Tell me what your name is."

"Sam Evans."

"Where are you hon?"

"I'm at home, in my bedroom."

"You remember what happened?"

"I got beat up and I got a concussion and you won't let me sleep 'cause of it."

Ms. Evans smoothed back his hair and kissed his forehead.

"That's right sweetheart, but you can lay back down now."

Sam's eyes went to where Dave sat in his desk chair.

"I think I'm gonna stay up for a little while Mom."

"Sure, you want something to drink? Something to eat?"

"Nah, I'm fine."

"Alright then, I'll be back in a couple of hours."

Sam waited for her to leave before he asked, "What are you going to do?"

"Santana's going to call around later, find out who's having a party tonight. I bet Cooper thinks he's some hot shit right now since he didn't get his ass kicked yesterday, if he's there we'll get the names of the other two from him. I think it was probably Tyce Hatcher and Canyon Reid but I'm gonna be sure before we start dishing out the pain."

"Is that your other fist?"

"Ha ha, your mom know what a smart-ass you are?"

"She taught me."

Dave was finished with the half-ass joking, "I'm gonna call Puckerman in a while too."

"You don't know for sure…"

"He's gonna find out for sure."

Sam couldn't meet Dave's eyes, "You're kind of using him aren't you?"

Dave just shrugged, trust Sam to ask a question like that, he'd chalk it up to pain meds and let it go.

"I'll let him handle it, we get something and they get something."

"Are you still gonna let him…"

Dave shrugged again, "Depends on how he handles it."


Although Dave didn't know it, he could have made his phone call right away. Puck hadn't felt much like sleeping either. He couldn't stop thinking about Sam, about what Scott Cooper and his cronies had done to him, what they'd said about him. As soon as the hockey players had figured out that Sam's friends had left school they'd started bragging to everyone who'd listen that they were the ones behind the video that'd been sent out. At least Cooper and Hatch did, Canyon hadn't looked too proud of himself and mostly just back slapped the other two.

"We saw the little faggot pulling up in the big faggot's ride; I just took off my sock right then and stuck one of Hatch's steel pucks in it. When the fag walked by I caught him upside the head with it and, bam, he fucking dropped. Tried to grab Canyon's dumb ass from down there, but we were already putting it to him. Fucker stayed on his hands and knees forever though."

"Probably wanted an ass fucking, must be used to it, taking Karofsky's dick like that every night. When my man here finally gave him the boot to the back of the head he went down."

They had high-fived and laughed like maniacs. Puck had wanted to get in their faces but he felt just as guilty about it as Canyon Reid looked. There'd been rumors about the new clique at school but the seven of them hanging out looked like every guy's dream, four girls and three dudes? Yeah, everyone had speculated on who was tapping who, did they share, what? No one ever thought about… other possibilities. Puck wasn't stupid; there was only one way they could have known. Whatever they'd heard had to have come from the Glee Club.

Puck wasn't surprised when his phone rang at seven and it was Dave Karofsky even though he couldn't remember having ever gotten a phone call from him before, even when they were kids. I guess he really did save my messages.

"I didn't say anything man, I swear."

He didn't think there was any point in dancing around it; Puck knew he hadn't called to have a heart to heart about their repressed feelings for one another.

"It was one of you, had to have been. You better find out who and take care of it or I will."

"What am I supposed to do if it was Quinn or Mercedes?"

He couldn't believe he'd said something so inane, especially when he heard Dave's response.

"If that's a problem for you I can respect that," he sounded almost amused, "but it's no problem for me at all."

"What do you expect me to do?"

The phone was silent; Dave had already hung up on him.

"What does he expect me to do?"

He looked up at Miss September but she just kept smiling at him, bitch never had any answers. Fuck it; it was time for an emergency Glee Club meeting.


"Is this about Sam?"

"It's gotta be, what else is an emergency right now?"

"I say if it is then let them handle it."

"How can you be that way? It's Sam."

"Why are we here Puck?"

"You guys have all heard about why they beat him up, right?"

Everyone nodded at him and Quinn spoke up, "The whole school knows, that doesn't explain what it has to do with us."

"They got their information from somewhere and we were the only ones who knew what was really going on with them."

"No way man!"

"After what my boy's been through? I'd never do that!"

"We wouldn't do that, none of us would, right guys?"

Puck watched them all nodding vehemently. Then he noticed Mike. He wasn't nodding; in fact, Mike didn't look so good at that moment. The rest of them noticed Puck staring and turned to look at him too. It was Kurt who spoke first; his tone was curious, and dangerous.

"Mike, what did you do?"

"I didn't tell them. I just… last weekend I was trying to hook up with Nikki Young at Hatch's party. She said the guys in Glee Club were all losers and that the blonde one was the only one she'd think about doing. I was pretty drunk, okay? I was just trying to get laid so I told her she wasn't his type. Umm, I might have said something about Sam liking them bigger, meaner, and in letterman jackets," Mike was shamefaced, staring at the ground but then he looked up at them defensively, "It's not like Karofsky's never done anything bad to us, I didn't mean for Sam to get hurt!"

Kurt's voice was high and shrill, "You know what I've been through at this school and you put Sam in harm's way for a chance at a drunken one night stand?"

"I wasn't thinking, it just came out! Besides, he's not even one of us anymore."

They all started shouting back and forth then and Puck had to bang his fist on the coffee table a few times to be heard.

"Okay, okay, this meeting is over, I want everybody out!"

As they walked to the door, still arguing, Puck put a hand on Mike's shoulder.

"Hang back for a minute dude, I gotta talk to you."

He locked the door in case one of the others noticed or cared enough that Mike hadn't walked out to come back for him then turned to face the other boy. Mike looked at him expectantly. Shit! This was hard to do. Think about Sam, on the ground. Sam, the hockey puck. Sam, on his knees.

"So Mike, you don't know like, kung-fu or anything do you?"

"No, and that's kind of an Asian stereotype."

"Cool. Sorry about this, bro. Just take it like a man."

Mike had a confused look; Puck took a deep breath and started by hitting him in the right eye first. He always led with his left.


Santana picked them up from Sam's on Saturday morning; on the ride home she told them about the party and what she'd heard about the three hockey players bragging the day before.

"Fuckers, I can't wait 'til tonight."

Santana and Azimio exchanged a glance, Dave was grinding his teeth so loudly they could hear it from the front seat.

"I'm guessing Britt and I go in, do our thing and get them outside? Or do you want it upstairs in a bedroom?"

"Outside's good, Taylor lives in the middle of fucking nowhere, not like the neighbors are gonna call the cops. Did you guys go get my truck last night?"

"Yeah, we all went back, me and Tina dropped it off at your house."

"You pick up Tina and Britt, Z can get Rachel," Dave fished his cell phone out of his pocket then, "hold on, it's Puckerman."

"What is it?"

Azimio filled Santana in on what Puck was supposed to take care of; Dave put his hand over the mouth piece and leaned forward.

"He says it was Mike, drunk and running his mouth at Hatch's last weekend trying to get in some skeeve's pants, when he left Puck's house he was limping and had two black eyes."

They smiled and shared a high-five but their smiles dropped when Dave sat back and they heard his next words.

"We're going to get Cooper and the other two tonight, you wanna come?"

He hung up the phone and addressed Azimio, "You'll have to pick him up too, you guys be at my house by eleven and we'll go from there."

Although neither of them objected, Dave could see by their faces they were both shocked.

"Don't worry about it; he can get in on the beat down and then we'll drop him off at his house, I'm not gonna invite him over again." Yet. He didn't say that part out loud.


They were waiting by Santana's car; Az, Dave and Puck were in front with Tina and Rachel standing behind them when they saw Santana and Brittany emerge from the house alone.

"What the fuck is going on?" Dave demanded when the girls approached them.

"They kicked Canyon out. He got drunk and started crying then tried to punch Scotty."

Santana rolled her eyes; she and Brittany definitely had different ideas about what was relevant in some situations, "We didn't know if we should just bring the two that are left or if you wanted to wait."

Dave thought for a second, "Fuck it, one of us can dot his eye next week at school sometime, bring out Cooper and Hatcher."

Back inside Santana wondered if it was drinking or hormones that made guys stupid. Or just the right combination of both. She was next to Scott with Britt and Tyce beside her and the fucking moron had just asked her if she wanted to see what it was like with a real man like that was some kind of come-on line. Maybe it worked with drunk, horny chicks. Too bad for the puck heads she and her friends were sober and vengeful.

"Come outside with me and Brittany; we can get in my car, I don't want everyone to see us go upstairs with you and Hatch."

"You two want to do us both at the same time?" Santana noticed how his voice seemed to have risen an octave, how fucking manly.

"We thought you'd take turns with us."

She made a half-ass attempt at a sultry whisper, but couldn't keep the sarcasm out of her voice. Scott didn't notice, he was punching Tyce in the arm.

"Come on man, let's go, these chicks are freaks!"

Santana mentally nicknamed him Squeaker as they stood up from the couch.

She and Britt helped the two boys stagger outside and headed in the direction of her car; not that it was really necessary, Dave, Azimio and Puck met them half way across the yard.

"You weren't…"

They didn't get to hear the rest of whatever Scotty had to say because just then Azimio's fist met his nose with a satisfying crunch. Hatch actually turned around like he was going to run away, one kick from Dave knocked him flat then he moved over the fallen boy and began methodically kicking his right knee. He started screaming at the top of his lungs, his buddy Cooper was blubbering by this time as Z and Puck passed him back and forth taking turns with punches to the face and gut. He was so far gone he wasn't even trying to defend himself, Santana thought he would probably have fallen on the ground with Hatcher if the other boys had let him. She didn't waste time staring at him; she walked over to where Dave was seemingly intent on ruining Tyce's hockey career, he was still screeching but when she began kicking him in the face he started to make sounds more like his friend's. Must be the blood making it hard to get a good breath, not that it mattered to her, all she cared about was making sure he had a busted nose to match Sam's.

Drunk people started piling out on the porch, some of them piling off the porch when they failed to negotiate the steps correctly. Most of them still had drinks in their hands; none of them were trying to stop them, she hadn't even heard anyone suggest calling the cops yet.

Dave finally had enough, "Come on guys, let's go home."


Monday was a typical day at West McKinley High School. No one had told on them because no one had seen anything and no one had heard anything. So everyone knew everything that had happened.

The Gleeks were pissed off at Puck for beating up Mike. He wanted to tell them off, tell them if they wanted to see a real beat down they should go visit Scott Cooper and Tyce Hatcher but they were ignoring him so he left them alone and settled for giving Canyon Reid a black eye at lunch time instead of going to the cafeteria. When he got to the choir room and sat down they all got up and moved, putting at least one chair's space between him and them. He couldn't believe they'd actually moved closer to the others to get away from him.

One thing was different, though. For the first time since Rachel had changed lunch tables Karofsky was looking at him. Really looking, like staring. Puck met his eyes and didn't look away.

Quinn made a noise of contempt, "You might as well move over there, we all know you're on their side now."

Puck looked at his friends then looked at Dave, he inclined his head the smallest bit and when Puck stood up Brittany moved over so he could take the seat between her and Dave. When he sat down she leaned over to whisper to him.

"It might rain tonight, if it does we'll dance and you can see Dave naked."

Puck wondered if she'd forgotten the night he came over, he whispered back to her while the others glared at him.

"Britt, I've already seen him naked."

She giggled at him, "I don't mean underneath his clothes, silly, I mean underneath his skin."

Puck's eyes went wide and he felt Dave clasp his shoulder and squeeze.

"Don't worry about it man, I'll cook dinner for you first."