A/N: This takes place during S4 of House. It is written from Cameron's POV. It is written in response to a fic prompt at Hughvillefics on LJ. The prompt was that House and Cameron make a bet and the loser must wear a bunny suit. This is all unbeta'd so all mistakes are mine.

Disclaimer: I most emphatically do not own House, MD.

Damn House and his stupid bets. I know he cheated but I just can't prove it so now I'm stuck. I knew betting about Wilson would be a bad idea but the thought of House in a big pink bunny suit was too good to pass up. At least it would have been if I'd won and I should have. Of course, I'll show him and Wilson. House wanted the loser in a bunny suit and that is what he is going to get. All he specified was that the bunny suit be pink.

Looking in the mirror, I can't help but laugh. I know he is expecting something along the lines of Ralphie from A Christmas Story. Well, too bad for him. I've chosen something a little different.

As I pull into the parking lot, I know the only way I can pull this off is to go in with my head held high. I give my bunny ears a quick adjustment and get out. Slinging my bag over my shoulder, I saunter toward the front doors. I can hear gasps and feel people's eyes on me but I keep my gaze on the doors. Pushing them open, I make my way carefully across the lobby. The last thing I need to do is slip in these ridiculous bunny shoes.

As I enter the Diagnostics office, all conversation stops. Foreman, Taub, Thirteen and Kutner stare at me.

"Where are House and Wilson?" I ask.

A slow smile crosses Foreman's face. "In Wilson's office. Can we come?"

I shrug and make my way to Wilson's office with House's team trailing behind me. I stop outside the closed door. I can hear them laughing inside. Handing my bag to Foreman, I make a few minute adjustments to my costume and then fling the door open. As I saunter in, I zero in on House. I hear Wilson gasp "Cameron?" but I ignore him. House is my target. Slowly and deliberately, I step up onto the coffee table. Placing my hands on my hips, I stare down at House.

I watch as his eyes travel from my black satin stilettos up my legs encased in sheer black net stockings over the pink satin Playboy bunny suit to the pink and white ears nestled in my curls. Slowly I turn, bend over slightly and wiggle the white puff on my ass. I turn back and see that his mouth is hanging open and that he has a definite bulge in his pants. I step down and stand between his legs. Leaning over him, I see his gaze drop to my breasts that are overflowing the tight suit. I put my mouth against his ear and feel his warm breath flow over me.

"Somehow," I whisper, "I think I just won."

I straighten, turn and take my bag from Foreman. Complete silence follows me as I strut down the hallway. At the elevator, I look back. House is at the door with Wilson and his team surrounding him. House looks stunned. I laugh, blow him a kiss and enter the elevator. I cannot wait to get out of this stupid get-up but it was definitely worth the discomfort and any embarrassment. I just got one up on House.