How To Annoy the Cenobites

(and other residents)

Kirsty Cotton had found it amazingly easy to annoy the cenobites in the labyrinth. She particularly loved to annoy Pinhead. For the simple reason as he was always so calm and collected. She wanted to annoy them all just to see how far she could go before they totally lost it and chased after her.

What could they honestly do to her now? Technically she was a resident of the labyrinth now and currently there was nothing much else to do other than visit other people's personal hells and see what was up. It got boring after a while. Kirsty wandered around a bit wondering to herself on how she could annoy Pinhead. 'I have about 50 ways to totally annoy Pinhead. I wanna see what will make him go over the edge.' she thought to herself with a wicked grin.

Laughing to herself she set out to find the Leader of the Cenobites Xipe Totec. She found the cenobite standing off by himself staring towards the sky in silent prayer to the Lord Of The Labyrinth; Leviathan. Wisely she waited until he was done communing with the gigantic spinning diamond before putting her plan into motion.

Sorry this chapter is a tad short.

Next chapter Kirsty finds ways to annoy Pinhead.