Annoying Dreamer

Kirsty ran down the corridors of the dark labyrinth laughing like a madwoman. She was having a grand ole time and searched for her next victim. Unfortunately this victim was Dreamer. The lovelorn cenobite was off by herself sitting around dreaming of her one true love that would truly love her. This is how Kirsty started in on poor dreamer;

Asked Dreamer if she wanted a cigarette and when she said yes tell her that you want one too and are looking for some.

Tell her that someone is very interested in her romantically and when she asks who it is call out Butterball

Constantly ask her about her dreams. When she goes to tell you walk away

Say that she smells like an ashtray

Ask her why she smokes out of her throat all the time

Take her cigarettes and hide them

Take her cigarettes and replace them with trick exploding cigarettes

Rub the top of her head and when she asks what you are doing say you are giving her head a buff and wax job

Ask her if she still likes Joey Sommerskill. When she says yes, tell her Joey wants to be with her.

Run from Joey and Dreamer when its realized Joey only cares for Dreamer as a friend

Tell her Pistonhead wants a second chance

Call Dreamer baldy all the time.

Tell her to wake up and get out of the dream world

Take her shopping and whilst out take her to a wig store

Paint a target on her head and take her to the human world where seagulls like to fly

Ask her why she likes to burn peoples' arms with cigarettes

Kirsty was in hysterical laughter as Dreamer stood looking at her. At first Kirsty thought Dreamer would have taken off after her but she merely walked slowly up to the laughing woman. She leaned in and planted a quick but serious kiss on her lips. Kirsty backed away in shock. "what the hell Dreamer?!" she asked stunned. Dreamer smiled. "At least you shut your blathering. You expect someone to smack you one or chase you. You didn't expect a kiss." Dreamer whispered smiling slightly.

Kirsty backed away. She didn't understand the cenobite females at all. First the Wire Twins, now Dreamer.