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Naruto x Wonderwoman

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Author's Note


I was inspired by Jessesgirl1549 following footsteps which is a Superboy, Superman, Wonderwoman family dynamic. It's a pretty damn good story and since I'm already doing another story where Wonderwoman will be apart of the pairing (The Dark Heroes) I wanted to explore a Naruto x Wonderwoman relationship freely without rushing things and figured this would be a fun what if considering I'm already doing a future children sort of fanfic. Anyway all my stories are usually connected by cameos, callbacks to other stories, or being apart of the series. This will definitely have some shout outs and call back to Dark Heroes and vice versa and will allude to Children of Prophecy and Shinobi of the League. This is a result of many of my fics being offshoot f the main series so if you really want to understand everything in my fics you literally have to read and maybe reread again every fic I've ever written to catch all the little jokes. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this story.


Story Start


Naruto had sped across the landscape as the wind fluttered through his air. It was the early mornings like this, the warm rays of the sun against his skin that made the mornings of Millennium city so fresh to wake up to. He darted across expanse of desert with ease as he put maximized effort, but minimal energy in reaching his location. The blond really wished he could run at speeds the equivalent of the flash at will without having to exert extra power or setting up his techniques before hand. It was at this time Naruto really wished he had a kickass invisible jet like Diana did, but then again when it t turned invisible how the hell would one be able to see or use the controls? The Princess of the Amazons must have some really kickass memorization skills.

It didn't take Naruto long to the Hall of Justice as he greeted his fellow leaguers. ''Hey there Hunty look good.'' he said making a mouth click as Huntress rolled her eyes. ''Wildcat saw the news high-five!'' he cheered his fellow league member raising his hand and giving him a high-five. ''Miss Degray, Miss Degray how fine you're looking this morning.''

''Hello Uzumaki.'' the woman in question was Leslie Degray one of the League's medical officers. She along with many civilians were reviewed, educated, and employed to work with the world's greatest superheroes. Some of the technology and vaccines that members of the league had access to were too cost effective and impractical to mass produce for the general population so a system of sorts was implemented. A give and receive sort of thing on both sides and Leslie was one of those people. She was of woman with dark skin and bobcut hair style wearing a cream top, knee length black skirt and lab white coat. She had a fairly slender form and was of average height with a sharp wit and very professional woman. Despite not having an in your face figure that didn't stop Naruto from shamelessly flirting with her.

''When are you and me going to get that cup of coffee?'' he asked wriggling his eyebrows.

''Mr. Uzumaki as I've told you the last fifteen times you asked I don't date collegaues.''

''Last I check you were a doctor and I was a superhero. Not exactly what I call colleagues.''

''We both work for the League henceforth we are colleagues so if you will follow me please,'' she said as Naruto shoulders drop along with his head. The woman in questioned sighed and told him, ''And stop staring at my ass.''

Between glances of miss Degrays ass Naruto wondered what the big emergency was? He wondered if it had anything to do with that little incident last week? A week ago he was out of the country following a lead on this new group called the Assassin's Order. It wasn't a very creative name, but didn't make them any less of a credible threat. Rumors had it that members have approached both Cheshire and Lady Shiva for membership. The part that caused for concern was the fact that a member from the order was able to fight both women to a draw. The only other bit of information that there numbers range from no less then six and no more then fifteen at a given time. A small but skilled and tight sect group would be hard to track. The thought of 15 assassins as skilled as two women considered among the greatest combatants in the world with little to no information on their actives made them one of the league's priorities. Then that's when last week's events came to play. A recruit was given order to attack the group employed by the league and made of sidekicks. For whatever reason this girl seemed intent on killing Superboy.

Maybe they wanted him to perform interrogation on the girl? Must have been a hell of a case because they usually only called him in when J'onn's mind reading and Batman's interrogation failed. Well he supposed he would find out soon enough. Looking down he wondered just what exercises Leslie did to make her ass jiggle like that? Naruto felt like he was going to fall asleep in boredom. Yes it was only fifteen minutes but what the hell was taking so long? The bland white room Leslie left him in with only a single Dark blue framed clock was playing tricks on his mind cause he could have sworn it was speaking his name. Oh wait that was J'onn.

''Sorry to keep you waiting. We had an incident in Brazil. If you'll follow me,'' J'onn said as Naruto simply got up and followed. ''You're aware of last weeks incident with the...Hero support.''

''Yeah crazy chick tries to kill the...Hero Support. I didn't hear much about it so I assume it's sensitive business.'' It wasn't uncommon for the League to suppress certain sensitive incidents that personally related back to the league. He continued to listen as J'onn brought up about the League of Light and then Superboy's cloning and that brought up red flags.

''Whoa! J'onn, please tell me there isn't some clone of me running around and tearing things up?''

''That is not the case.'' The Martian said as Naruto let out a breath of relief. ''It is...uncomfortable to say or I should say that it's best to put this very gently.''

''Oh lord! It's a batman clone? Does B know? You guys want me to break it to him don't you? B-But why me? Damnit this is like that batmobile incident all over again. Still can't believe he wouldn't let me drive it back to the mansion when both his arms and legs were broken. So I crashed the damn thing. It was one time and I was...''

''No, that's not it either. It's better that you see.'' He said pressing the top button on a control pad. They were brought to a small and brightly lit room. On the other side was a large rectangular window about the size one would find in an apartment living room with a view. Inside he a youngwoman.

''What...the...Fuck.'' Each word had more a space between them as he laid his eyes upon the girl. She looked so much like Diana, same flawless skin, same long and glossy black hair without a hair out of place and figure. If it wasn't for the obvious differences the girl could have been a younger sister or clone. The high cheek bones and the slightly darker skin shade would be easy to overlook but two features stood out. Those Cerulean blue eyes of hers and two whiskers on each cheek along with that look. That look of being different and knowing it that only an outsider of sort would know.

''Superboy was not Cadmus first attempt at cloning. Single cell cloning with biology not of this world has many factors often unaccounted for. We believe through genetic tinkering that they not only were building the perfect weapons, but the most cost affective as well. We believe that this girl and Superboy were the first step of their plan and from what Batman was able to recover from a database he hacked before his link was cut they were trying to develop a woman strong enough that could maintain a Kryptonian pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child without complications. So they chose one of the strongest female superheroes and another make hero known for his amazing healing factor to clone what would essentially be the mother of a new line of super weapons with their DNA holders strength and none of their weaknesses.''

Naruto moved forward and placed his against the glass. He watched as Wonder woman and the girl seemed to be conversing. The latter seemed to be heavily chained with what he assumed made out of the substance Xenidime to negate her abilities due to the substance affect to virtually negate any being. ''I...daughter. I have...a daughter.'' He said as he tried to wrap his head around it. Was this how Kal felt when he found out about Superboy? He was so damn anxious he didn't know what to do. He wanted to ask her a million things. He wanted to know her name, what all she had been through, and what she knew of him. But that was only part of the equation because there was still his mother. 'Diana?' He had a daughter with Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonderwoman. Just how was this supposed to work out? This was definitely not what he was expecting to deal with when he arrived.


Chapter End


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