The Odd Couple


Naruto x Wonderwoman

Oc x?


''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

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(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


''Uzumaki-san I failed you! I'm sorry!'' the young woman said mournfully as Naruto sat opposite of her in one of the interrogation rooms. The whole thing was still a bit daunting.

''What do you mean? Failed in what?'' he had no idea what the hell the girl was talking about so maybe he could ease it out of her.

''I failed to eliminate the target! So this is the reason why you are here right? To punish me for my poor performance?'' she asked as Naruto repress a twinge of anger.

''Of course not. I don't know who told you what or what occurred but I assure you that I was not involved at all.''

'So you're going to terminate me after all? Understandable...'' she replied with a morose tone. ''I was told that I was effective and unworthy of approval. It appears that the summation of my worth was accurate.

'For god sakes what the hell did they do to her? ' Naruto thought as he got up from his chair. ''That's not what I'm saying; the people who you were...working for lied to you. I was not even aware of your existence.''

''My handlers existed that you and mother were the brains behind the entire process and if you found me worthy that my existence would mean something and you would invite me to be apart of your family.'' Hearing those words Naruto couldn't contain his trembling or his rage as his chakra spiked, nearly loosing control. ''Uzumaki-san if my presence infuriates you then I'll...'' she was cut off as Naruto snapped at her.

''Don't you dare!'' his shout left her alarmed as his voice softened. ''I would never, you were lied too...'' Naruto realized that he didn't even know her name. ''What is your name?''

''Name?'' she echoed softly, looking towards the ground. ''I don't have a name. I am merely just a weapon whose purpose is to complete whatever mission I am given.''

Naruto couldn't remember the last time he felt sick. He could feel it; the murderous impulses that wanted to strike out and kill whoever was involved in this project. How the hell could people twist a person's mind like that and use the promise of meeting her parents; lie to them to ensure the loyalty of the person? What sick bastard thought to do this? There could have been so many different and possibly more efficient ways, but these people purposely went this route and for what sick end?

''You are not a weapon; especially no one's tool. You were lied too...stolen from your mother and me in a matter of speaking. If we had known then we would have came for you...Lyta.'' it had struck him in a moment just what he wanted to name her.

''Uzumaki-san I don't understand.'' the young woman uttered softly. She seemed so lost, confused, and just plain emotionally broken. Nothing how a weapon or clone bred for war would have been. The people in question hadn't obviously taken into consideration that any child of his would inherit his powerful chakras; the kyuubi chakra when mixed with the emotional baggage of a Jinchuuriki had a pretty good possibly of the person either developing a split personality or another form of identity issue that came with the curse of being a human sacrifice.

''Call me Otou-san and from now on your name is Lyta, short for Hippolyta after your grandmother.'' he said gently when J'onn's voice over the intercom entered the room.

''Diana has arrived. Do you want me to inform her or will you...''

''I'll confront her. I want to talk to her face to face about the whole thing. '' he said as he turned to his...daughter. It would take him some time to get used to this. After arriving in a world different from his own Naruto never even considered having a child was a possibility. What he had hoped initially was that by some sheer dumb luck he could stumble onto someone, anyone who could send him back to his world; back to his own time and maybe create a better future, but as the years passed that hope began to vanish. But the situation before him was unlike any other he had face. He was the father of a teenage daughter and from all the complaints he had heard from men over the years in his civilian identity dealing with one caused all sorts of anxiety for various reasons. Mainly about perverted teenage boys and only wanting one thing. 'Oh Kami I am not ready for this.' he could only pray that Diana was as receptive to this whole situation as he didn't know if he could do it alone.

''What do you want to do?'' Rescuing people from the rubble of destroyed buildings, fighting off aliens every six months or so from an invasion, and even fighting gods that Diana of Themyiscra found herself doing in her long career, but finding out that she was suddenly the mother of a clone child she wasn't even aware existed onto quite a bit of time ago and that she was needed to be a mother to said child brought her to hesitate when those other tasks didn't.

''I want to be a part of her life, but how are we going to make this work? We both come from different cultures and I don't want to put Lyta in the middle.'' Naruto and Diana's relationship was more or less average. They knew each other and were pretty good friends, but one couldn't say there was some deep hidden romance or affair going on between them. Sure Naruto flirted with her occasionally, but then again Naruto flirted with just about every heroine in the league, in a relationship or not. In fact it became a part of a routine of sorts that Naruto did without fail.


''After your mother; she's just as your daughter as she is mine and I owe her my life.'' he said thinking back to that incident all those months ago.

''I'm sure my mother would be honored by your choice of name. '' she said as they looked up from the couch where the young woman was reading one of the books from the League's library. Apparently she liked to read and appeared to absorb information like a job. The only reason why she was probably taught that skill was to be another tool in her arsenal. ''I want to get to know her; know more about her.''

''I hope you can keep a reign on your temper when you do. I almost decided to hell with protocol and decided to destroy Cadmus and hunt down anyone connected to it.'' Naruto said as his nails threatened to dig into his palms.

''So why didn't you?''

''That if I did that most of the others; while understanding my feelings simply wouldn't just look the other way. That I can't just abuse the power I have on whoever I want and whenever I please. And that I would be making Lyta's already unstable life far more hectic in the long run. She needs know what I mean D...uh.'' Naruto wasn't sure what to refer to Wonder Woman as; while he did in fact know her name they were exceptionally close.

''Just call me Diana, Naruto. You know, it begins with the same letter of one of your little nicknames,'' she remarked as Naruto chuckled sheepishly and looked down.

''Well you know...'' he mumbled as he felt his cheeks lit up. He felt so embarrassed considering he knew exactly what she was referring too. Considering that the last time she went undercover the first and last name for her alias just happened to begin with a D he couldn't help but notice it and make the joke. ''I was just joking and I didn't mean to offend you.''

Diana had to fight back a chuckle. She couldn't remember the last time she saw Naruto flustered. She knew Naruto would never intentionally attempt to offend anyone no matter how much he joked around. Quite frankly his penchant for acting goofy and unprofessional from time to time gave the members an excuse to laugh or take out their frustration because of his behavior. He gave them an out and a reason not to let them sulk at this never ending battle despite how he ended up being viewed a fool by many. But right now seeing him so focused and intent on being there for Lyta and how he was putting her before himself allowed Diana to see a side of Naruto she didn't know. A tortured soul removed from his planet and time in a strange new world. She then realize that she found herself studying his features and she had to admit Naruto was handsome.

He didn't have Superman's impressive build or Batman's pretty boy looks, but he was someone you could approach. Someone that despite his similar degree of alienation because of his condition could still be warm and kind. That and he had a rather normal chin which was a plus; less is more as they always said.

''Would you object if I brought Lyta back to Themyscira to learn about her Amazon heritage?'' she asked, knowing that Naruto probably would be hesitant considering that he didn't get along with some of the Amazons; particularly Aresia who had a great dislike of men.

''Of course not; like I said she is just as your daughter as she is mine. Just promise me she won't spend any extended time with Aresia; I wouldn't pass her to try and turn my own daughter with me.''

Diana merely nodded, knowing that her Amazonian sister's hatred of Naruto stemmed from the fact that during the time the Amazons were enslaved Aresia was the frequent victim of one of the men whose features looked a lot like Naruto.

''I also want her to make friends her age and the only ones that come to the side are the Side...well the Hero support and I'm hesitant considering...'' his statement was left in the air. ''But first we need to work out some living arrangements. I have room and I'm going to be on vacation so to speak for the next few weeks and I wasn't sure about your schedule.''

''Well let me give you my phone number and other contact information then. We'll work something out,'' she responded, as they exchanged their information. She was pretty sure they were going to get through this. After all, sadly, this hadn't been the strangest thing that ever occurred considering the nature of this universe and her career.