Hetalia. Ain't mine. I want it to be, but alas it isn't. If it was there would be a lot of porn, wait, isn't that what it is now?

We are young.

Prologue. Last day of school and being useless.

Hetalia Academy was a bit… Different from other high schools.

In the same way that a cheeseburger with a strawberry shake and jumbo curly fries is different from a 5 course meal including of caviar, pochouse, bouillabaisse, gougere and finishing off with a dessert of cheeses, coffee and pastries.

Matthew was a 15, soon to be 16 year old student and he hated his school with a passion.

Every year in high school people would say they were a special kind of different. Young adults who would grow up to help the world… or destroy it, depending on what extra courses you took.

Matthew WISHED he was that kind of different. He was just an average human who got sucked into going to a Meta human ruled school by his cousins.

Have any of you ever gone to a school where people can read your mind, vibrate through walls, and catch fire? No? Good, you DON'T want to know what its like.

And when you have no powers, YOU are now the odd one out of everything. Matthew couldn't participate in gym without the risk of a few broken bones, or take extra courses because he didn't have the 'qualifications'. Hell, he could barely order from the cafeteria without getting something meant for someone for a stupidly high metabolism.

Contrary to popular belief, his ability to 'disappear' or 'turn invisible' was not a super power. It was a consequence of having the schools best 'hero-to-be' as your cousin-who-likes-to-call-himself-your-brother. He absolutely HATED being Matthew Williams, also known as "Who?" It made him feel… useless, like he was just another random body. No, worse than that. He really couldn't describe it.

He just felt…non-existent. He had no identity outside of his brother's shadow.

Of course it didn't help that he looked similar to Alfred, and had trouble raising his voice.

So on the last day, he wasn't at all upset about the decision to travel for the summer.

Of course that wasn't the same view of his cousin Alfred.

"But Mattie! You can't go away for the summer! Who's gonna hang out and watch scary movies with me?"

Ugh, not even lunch and he was getting this.

"Because Al, I just want to go places, grow a bit. And you've been hanging out with other people, I'm sure that one of them will watch 'The Hills Have Eyes' with you. Like Kiku, you two are close, or Arthur! Besides I told you this in March when I first decided this."

"You did?" Alfred had this dazed look on his face. It made Matthew want to punch him, SO HARD. But he wasn't in the mood to break his knuckles.

"Yes! You were at my house, it was the same day you wanted to play 'Amnesia', but I wouldn't let you until it was morning."

"Oh yeah! Sorry Mich."

"Matt." Was it really so hard for Alfred to remember his name at times? He knew that he was invisible, but was it so bad that not even his COUSIN could tell who he was?

"Right, sorry."

The two were in the middle of the hallway. People were dodging Alfred and bumping into Matthew, looking through him when they turned around to see what they hit. It was like this every day, no one noticed him. The future villains didn't even destroy his locker on April fools day!

Alfred didn't say any thing; he looked a bit guilty actually, "Look, Matt, if this is because-"


The blond was cut off by the first bell, "I'll talk to you later ok Al?"


Matthew turned and hurried to his class, not wanting to be marked absent.

Oh, who was he fooling? He would be anyway. Matthew always had to prove to his teachers that he was in class, instead of skipping. Then he would be late to his next class…it was a never-ending cycle.

Luckily exams had been finished on Tuesday, it was just a formality for a last day of class so teachers could discipline certain students and hand out forms for next year yada yada yada.

While Mr. Bedishmit droned on about not using powers outside of called duties, and punishing his grandson Gilbert, Matthew stared at the clock. After about 35 minutes, he began doodling on his arm with sharpie. When the lunch bell rang, Matthew slowly got up and left when everyone else was gone.

Lunch was the same as every other day, eating on the roof. (Or in colder weather, the stairwell.) Up on the roof, everything was quiet. Matthew could think and be alone without someone acting as if he was a ghost.

The blond could see the skyline, and the hills and mountains behind the skyscrapers. And, if Matthew closed his eyes and let go, he could, almost, ALMOST, imagine that he was flying over it all.

Just today, it looked a bit suffocating.

Matthew didn't eat his lunch.

The last class of the day, Matthew sent a text to Alfred.

"I'm going straight home then I'm gone, so if you want to say goodbye, meet me outside the school.


After staring at the little second hand make its way around the clock a good 5,400 times, the bell rang and Matthew bolted it out the door.

He ran to his locker, stuffed his bag full of all the inane shit that he kept in there, and ran outside to his beat up pickup truck.

He waited a few minutes till he saw Alfred leaving school with his friends. When his cousin flipped open his phone, and kept walking away, Matthew started the engine and drove home. Fast.

Matthew unlocked the front door, and threw his backpack on his leather couch. He checked that the water, gas and electricity were off, grabbed his suitcase and his carryon bag, double-checked his information and passport were in order, and headed back out the door.

"C'mon Kuma, time to go!" Matthew called out, and a little polar bear cub bounded from around the backyard.

"Go?" His pet was cute and massively loyal, but just a bit dumb. Matthew didn't care though, he felt like Christopher Robin.

"Yep, we're going on a trip."

"Oh." Kumajirou waddled into the passenger side of his truck.

Matthew locked the door, and walked back to his car.

The entire drive to the outer city airport Matthew didn't look back in the mirror.