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Ch. 21 The Nightmare Begins

Matthew probably should have seen this coming.

The General greeted him with a warm smile, "Hello Matthew, or do you go by Grim Reaper more often now?"

Matthew choked on his saliva. He took a deep breath, "Just Matthew. What brings you to school after hours General? Or can I call you Serge?"

The General gave a deep chuckle, "You obviously know." He stepped out of the shadows, dressed in a well-fitted suit, still wearing an eye patch and looking all the merrier.

"I'm here to see my prize work."

"Your prize work?"

"Yes Matthew, months of sneaking around and giving false leads. Of working from the bottom up, it all has come to fruition."

Matthew must have had a deer-in–the-headlights look, because the General sighed and gave Matthew a bit of a condescending look. "Surely you must know that everything that has happened to you this year, from the abilities disappearing, to the students going at each others throats, was all my doing?"

The General fiddled with his eye patch for a moment.

Wait a second, hold on. Matthew knows the General's powers, he has the freezing kind. (There really needed to be a scientific name for powers, seriously). It makes no sense on how he could be responsible for everything that has happened to Matthew. But if he really was Serge, he would have a different power. But that makes no sense. Unless he had a second power. …Or if… Something tugged at the back of Matthews mind. It was super rare, and even more so if the General had another power. But it would fit. All the missing abilities. It would make sense if…

"You can lock and unlock abilities, that's your power! You're the reason everyone is loosing their powers, it's you!" No wonder no one had thought of this. The ability was so rare and unstable, it was so unlikely that someone would have it as well as another.

"Why, yes Matthew." The General looked surprisingly pleased. "I can bestow, borrow or negate powers." Serge pressed his index and middle finger to his eye patch. When he pulled away, a trail of frost followed. "Of course the first power I ever borrowed has stayed with me, hence my name.

"This gift of mine has been quite useful. I can tell you exactly how a person gets their powers. What makes it tick, how to tear it down to the basic essence and turn it inside out. I have brought the greatest to their knees. And the rest of the world is none the wiser.

"What's more, I have found a way to replicate abilities into a serum that can be given to any one. The drug can also be tailored to the hosts' genetics. And as an added bonus, my scientists have found a way to administer it without any trace."

The General pulled off a glove and revealed a small needle with a cylinder attached. Perfect for a small dosage. "I'm sure you are familiar with this?"

Matthew gasped and clutched his shoulder. No way. That one time-

"Hmn, it seems you may need some more control homework, Gilbert." The General placed a hand on Matthews shoulder, "And I do believe you should take Mr. Williams to the infirmary Mr. Im" General Winter helped keep Matthew steady, keeping a firm hand on his shoulder.

He hadn't noticed any bruise from the needle because of the bruises already there. Matthew was on the verge of hyperventilating. This was too much information.

"T-That's how you can steal abilities from across the globe! You don't have to be there yourself, you just give a lackey your power and let them do it for you!"

"Correct again Matthew. Unfortunately the effects of the serum are not permanent, not yet anyway. And you seem to be the only subject I have found that is capable of taking on more than just one kind….

"You are quite versatile Matthew." He gave the Canadian a smirk.

"The first injection would have manifested much sooner, but the inhibitor that Ms. Braginski unwittingly gave you allowed it to fester until you arrived at your home. It also gave me an excellent decoy. Giving the wrong information to your peers was the perfect way to get them off my trail. " He chuckled.

"Y-You knew everything, from the start. Me being the Reaper, Devils Advocate. You didn't send that car to catch me; you sent that armored car to scare me out. To make sure I fled. You wanted to make sure I would go out on my own."

He choked, voice cracking, "You planed this. All of this."

"Well not all of it. I must say you're little stunt with running to your friend in the underground that night put a bit of a crimp in giving you the second dose."

"The ice powers?"

"The technical term is Cryokinesis, but yes. One of my personal favorites. But we found you easily enough."

The pins and needles up his arm, that stinger, oh god everything was falling into place.

Matthew swallowed hard. "So now that you have me cornered, what do you want? You just needed a lab rat?" Matthew could see himself strapped to a table, doctors injecting him constantly.

"Oh, of course not. Honestly Matthew, you underestimate yourself."

Matthew was lost. What did he need him for if not a test subject. Wasn't that what he was for the last few months?

"I have the means to give anyone any power they desire. No persuasion or tactics needed to coax a person that your side is for the best. No, now I can give anyone who will work for me the needed powers without any problems. And now that I know that multiple powers are possible, the applications are endless!

"And what would my new organization be without the greatest success of this endeavor?" Serge fixed his ice blue eye straight on Matthew.

"Y-you don't mean..." Matthew pointed to himself.

"Well of course Matthew. You have training and you can use multiple abilities. I would be ignorant to not bring you into my agency. I admit I was quite surprised when your cells responded to multiple doses in the lab testing. But that only shows your potential worth."

"When did you-?"

Oh… The explosion when he saved Lars. His blood was all over the warehouse, how could he be so STUPID!

Matthew took a few deep breaths and paused to gather his thoughts. "And you think I'm going to just drop everything and blindly join your cause?"

The General, Serge, stopped pacing. "Think about it Matthew, anything you wish, at your disposal. You could be unfathomably powerful. Have you never been jealous at your family? Ever wished to be like them?" He held out his ungloved hand, "Here is your chance to become more than you ever dreamed."

There was a tense moment of silence before Matthew deadpanned, "You're kidding right? No way! I never even WANTED those powers to begin with you nutca-!" Serge had shot forward and gripped his neck like a vice. For a man wearing a Louis Vuitton suit, he was surprisingly strong. The General lifted Matthew off of the ground, holding him at arms reach. Matthew was so focused at clawing at the hand limiting air into his lungs, he didn't even notice Serge pull a syringe from his suit coat.

"Unfortunately, Matthew, you have very little say in the matter." The General moved as fast as lightning, striking the needle directly into Matthews shoulder. The General let him drop to the ground. Matthew managed a few wobbly steps before fog swirled in his vision and he fell. His skull hitting the ground with a resounding 'crack'.

Cutting through the haze of his mind like a razor blade, he heard Serge say one more thing,

"Pleasant dreams, my assassin."

The world was white.

All around Alfred, white clothing, white sheets, white sink, white curtain surrounding the white toilet. The only thing not white were the four glass walls of his cell.

Footsteps sounded from down the hall. Alfred hastily sat down against one of the cell walls, and closed his eyes.

Kiku had taught Alfred how to empty his mind, a good defense against telepaths. To anyone who looked into his mind, it would seem like he was in a dreamless sleep.

At this time, the skill was invaluable. Their guard, a woman in her early thirties flitted through each persons mind, making sure that they were going to stay put. As she turned to Alfred, he could feel her mind, all sharp edges, run through his for a moment. Once she had turned down another hall, he allowed himself to shiver.

Opening his eyes, Alfred was able to see everyone else inside the clear cells. There were probably two rows of cells, twelve cells along for each hallway.

With some difficulty, he could make out a couple of faces. Feliciano, Koaru, Yao, a couple of the Nordic brothers, and a few he didn't recognize, but all definitely from Hetalia. Most looking scared and lost. Well here is where everyone went. At least they were alive.

He didn't remember much, just a lot of screaming and running. He passed out pretty fast, when he was hit with a massive amount of mental force. When he woke up, he had no powers.

Alfred scratched his arms, he was uncomfortable in his own skin. The normal thrumming in his muscles was gone, his senses dulled to a point that nothing made sense any more. How could anyone live like this?

The steady, heavy footfalls of two guards brought Alfred's attention to the front of his cell. Two hulking men dressed in heavy looking grey armor were carrying a stretcher holding a limp body.

His eyesight may be dampened, but he still saw the wavy blond hair and babyish face with perfect clarity.

"MATTHEW!" Alfred could see bandages covering part of his face, but it was still his baby brother. Looking two days dead, blood matted into part of his hair and skin looking translucent. Neither of the guards bothered a glance at him, the super proof glass all but muted his cry.

Alfred's breath caught in his throat. Memories flooding back. A broken wrist, a limp, a scream, and blood, blood, blood. He swallowed, the memories refusing to go back to the recesses of his mind.

Alfred's powers had come out shortly after birth, (He still remembered his dad talking about how he broke the doctors finger just minutes after being born) and he hadn't gotten control over them when Matthew came to live with him and Arthur. The first time, Alfred broke Matthews wrist. He was dragging his cousin along and accidentally squeezed too hard. He still feels sick when he hears the crunch of bones breaking. Over the years he had accidentally broken more of Matthew's bones than he cared to think about, burned him, gave him frostbite, and threw him out a two-story window.

'The Fall' (As Alfred had dubbed it) was the worst one. He didn't know that he had the ability, and when it suddenly manifested, Matthew was the unlucky target. The force of Alfred's sonic scream was enough to hurl his cousin across the room and through a closed window. When Alfred ran to the window, all he could see below was shattered glass, his cousin lying in the grass and blood. So much blood!

After seeing Matthew in the hospital, all bandages and wires and pale, Alfred decided to be a Hero. The American worked harder at that than anything else in his life. He wanted to protect people, he wanted to be able to protect Matthew from whatever was thrown at him.

Now all he could do was watch as his brother was carried down the hall, looking as susceptible as a rag doll.

Once the goons had carried Matthew not into a cell, like Alfred expected, but through another door, Alfred walked to the front of his cell, fisting his right hand so hard he felt the skin beginning to tear.

"Don't worry, Matt. I'll get us out,"

Blood dripped in between his fingers.

"I promise."



I need to get out of here.




Soft light.




Soft. Too hard to think. Sleep.

'Neural Patterns: Normal. Continuing Surveillance. '



Will all be clear in the morning.

Arthur was beginning to think that he was running through a rat maze. When the General attacked, he and a few others escaped. Looking back, he should have probably seen the attack coming.

Right now he was in an alleyway with about two other people who had escaped. Along with him right now, Gilbert and Kiku. Not two people he knew well, but what the hell, if you're going down, best not to do it alone.

The three of them had been running since the attack. It had been more than 4 hours ago.

Downtown, every noise was making them jump.

A figure appeared down the alleyway.

"Who's there?" Gilbert shouted.

A young man with a fedora and only a vest appeared. He had a koala and… Wasn't that Kumajirou?

"A friend of the Reaper." He had an Australian accent, and he looked as haggard as they did.

Arthur breathed a sigh of relief.

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