Penny and The Mighty Ducks: Prologue

This story is about the Mighty Ducks but it's also about a human earth girl named Penny. Penny wasn't like other girls, the reason was she was raised by the alien ducks on Puckworld and loved it so. And the duck's story really starts with her. Starting on Earth.

Once upon a time (Corny, i know. But it's a common thing) in a city called Anaheim, a 30 year old married couple named Anna and Jake were longing for a child of their own but Anna couldn't have any children. However one day, Anna got sick in fact, very sick, Jake was heart broken and worried sick about his beloved wife. She ment so much to him and he couldn't stand to lose him. So while he went home he looked out the kitchen window of their house and wished for a cure.

Suddenly a rock from outer space landed in his back yard and he watched in shock as the rock cracked and out emerged a stunningly beautiful flower, one Jake had never seen before. Thinking this was a blessing, Jake used the space flower to cure his wife and Anna was cured in no time flat. Quickly things returned back to normal for the two, however the space flower had done a very strange thing to Anna other then curing her as they found out when she started having mood swings and eating strange food.

Finally they went to the doctor and got very shocking news, Anna was pregnant! Anna and Jake couldn't have been more happier in their entire lives and told everyone about the news. As 8 months time went by Anna's belly grew bigger and bigger with their child inside, however none of the soon to be parents knew what would happen next.

Then, on May 30 at 8:45 pm, Jake and Anna's first baby, a baby girl they named Penny. Now, what they didn't know was that the space flower Jake had used to heal Anna belonged to an evil space lord named Lord Dragaunus, who had hoped to use the flower's powers to create a powerfull warrior but now that the plant was used to heal an alien he figured that he should take the baby and clone it, the clone would be raised to be a warrior while he sent the real baby into space to die.

And that was just what the lizard alien did. He sent his shape shifting henchman, Chameleon to abduct the baby girl from her bedroom the first chance he got, taking a silver heart shaped locket stuck in the baby's blanket with him. However Anna saw Chomeleon and screamed, alerting Jake of the alien and was about to over power him when another one of those aliens, named Siege, tackled Jake, causing his death and teleported back to the ship with Baby Penny.

The aliens, a race called the Saurians, made the evil clone of Baby Penny and dubed her 'Luella'. Soon they placed Baby Penny in a rocket ship and sent her away however, the rocket wasn't heading towards no where, it headed for a planet filled with Alien Ducks called Puckworld.

On the same day on the alien planet Baby Penny landed in the middle of the city and everyone was amazed to see a baby alien unlike them. A duck named Canard, a duck highly responsable for his age and most repected duck ever, offred to take care of the child.

And thus, Penny became one of the ducks as the only human on the planet. And thus, her story and adventure begins.