Penny's Earth Life and Luelle's Plans

A few days past and soon Penny was in the same high school with her sister Betty. Only now their last names were now "Flashblade" as were Russell's and Vicki's and with a name like that it turned them into popular people in just one day. In the terms of gym the sports like Soccer and basket ball were a little strange to her but she never gave up trying to win them.

During the school days Penny and Betty hung out with some friends and Penny was happy to have human friends for once during school and not be rediculed as a freak. She even met a boy. She was near the lockers, looking at the colerful locks when suddenly she bumped into someone "Hey!" She shouted then she blushed when she saw a sight she had never seen in years, a handsome boy with clothes that smelled just like money, rich money. He had neatly combed black hair and dashing hazel eyes and wore a red shirt with blue pants and brown cowboy boots.

"Oh, forgive me, i'm just not used to this new school yet." The boy said with a strong yet gentle country voice "Oooh, i'm new two." Penny said her face flushing redder then a cherry as she kept looking at the boy "Then it's no biggie, right?" the boy asked "My name's Jake, Jake Ford. My family came her from the west a few days ago and, i kinda still get lost in big city places." "Oh my, Jake," Penny said "I've never heard a more beautiful voice then yours when i grew up... It sounds so... heavenly." "Then that would be why your blushing redder then a bride on her weddin' day." Jake said.

Penny's blusing face became even more redder as she laughed and giggled. Little Pink hearts appeared in her eyes and she said "I'm Penny, Penny Thun-I mean, Penny Flashblade." "Flashblade," Jake said "That's kinda strange name, but i like it. Wanna hang out sometimes?" Penny gasped and said "WHERE WHEN HOW WHY WHAT?" "Easy!" Jake said "How about after school?" "If i'm not to busy okay!" Penny said "Uh, where do you live?"

"Let's just say it's a big house with lots of people." Jake said "See you later." Penny watched as Jake ran off and she sighed as hearts appeared in her eyes again. Betty came up next to her sister and said "Well, looks like someone got her first boyfriend." "Wow, a real boyfriend." Penny said "He's so wonderful." "Come on Juliet," Betty said "Let's get to the next class."

That night Penny and her siblings were on patrol down town with the Mighty Ducks patroling up town. Penny now wore her armor but also a brown mask to hide her identity from other humans of Anaheim as well as having her hair in pig tails by little pink bands. The ducks had also made armor for the siblings so they could join freely with their older sister when they go into battle.

Betty wore a light purple cat suit with red chest armor over the top and in front of her armor was a silver upsidedown "V", Red with white edged shoulder pads, a blue belt, black boots, gold gloves and a green headband. She also wore a yellow metal helmet with an orange vizer to cover her eyes.

Russell wore a black short sleeved T-Shirt, blue cargo pants, black chest armor with a yellow armor pad on his left shoulder, orange runners, purple fingerless gloves and a lavender helmet with a green vizer to cover his eyes.

and Finally, Vicky wore a crimson short sleeved shirt, a long navy skirt, white chest armor with a teal shoulder pad on her right shoulder, a black vambrace on her left arm and brown yellow edged boots. And, Like Penny, she wore a blue mask to keep her itentity a secret.

The Migrator stopped at a gathered street where a robbery was taking place at another bank. This time the kids barged in and battled the bad guys. "Stop right there villains!" Penny shouted as she stood at the doorway with her siblings. "Who the heck are you? Rodeo Clowns?" a robber asked "No, We're the Hocky Squad!" Betty said "Close friends of the Mighty Ducks!"

"I'm Q-Puck, the Team leader!" Penny said "I Lead the team that helps the ducks and to save the world one baddie at a time!"

"I'm Center, the Second in Comand and master combat warrior!" Betty said "I can take down anyone my size."

"I'm Silver Ice, the scout and tracker!" Russell said "I can find anything i want to find."

"And Windy Breeze! I'm the Smallest and fastest member of the team!" Vicki said "Don't let my size fool you."

"And Together," Penny said "We are the group of Justice, Honor, Loyalty and Fairness for all!" As the kids charged into the battle Luella watched from a roof top and said "You might have destroied my clones but at least i had done the same to your mother." She looked on with a wicked smile and said "And soon, you will be next. Just you wait, Earth will belong to the Saurians yet."

Later that Night it was bedtime for the kids and Wildwing checked each room to see each of his adopted kids sleeping happily. In Vicki's room he only took a peek for a while untill he noticed that Vicki had a peice of paper on her bedside. He went over to the little girl's bed and picked up the paper. It was an adorable drawing of the ducks and the kids as one big family with the words "My Ducky Family" In crayon.

Wildwing could help but smile warmly. Being a father turned out to be more wonderful then he thought it could be, from what his parents always complained when he was young they said that parenting was hard work. Not as hard as being both a parent and a team captain The duck said as he placed his hand next to Vicki's little hand. Vicki placed her hand on top of Wildwing's hand and the duck smiled warmly. Vicki then started whimpering and fussing while her legs moved a little, she was having a nightmare.

Wildwing placed his hand on Vicki's head and rubbed it gently "There there, it's okay. I'm here. I'm here, and i'll never let anything happen bad to you. You gotten this far with your mother, now it's my turn to help you on as both your best friend and father." He saw Vicki calming down and that she was no longer whimpering but now sleeping quietly and peacefully with a smile on her face "I promice that i'll be the best father any little girl could ever ask for. I promice, because i love you so. I love you." He tucked a teddy bear under Vicki's arm and gave her a kiss on her forehead. "Daddy..." the girl cooed as she pulled the teddy close to her Wildwing's felt his heart melt once that word was spoken and said "That's right, Daddy's here. Daddy will always love his dearest little girl, always. Good night."

And with that he left the room while Vicki had good dreams all night long. Yep, things for parent hood for the duck turned out to be running along smoother then anyone thought.

The End (For Now)