Everyone tells us we're crazy.
They say that because all of our evidence isn't linked to the disappearances.
We supply off of pure thoery, and fear... hyopthesis's.
Sometimes I wish I hadn't seen that cloaked figure, and I partially wish I hadn't picked up that note.
But... if I hadn;t, it wouldn't have led me to Marelle, whom I found I've fallen deeply in love with.
If only she felt the same way back.
I an easily over power them, and get the information I needed but that'd be the end. They would end up killing me. My deepest fear is They have something bigger planned. Every human or creature who finds out what they're doing is killed. That's all I have to say right now.
To anyone who shouldn't be reading, Mizuke.

Mizuke set her journal down in it's usual hiding place, under a lose shingle on the roof. She hugged her knees tight to her chest, and stared up at the stars. Mizuke could almost hear the soft breaths taken by a sleeping Maraelle who lay partially safe, in her bed. Her heart ached for acknowledgement from her roommate. Even though this made her feel like a stalker, Mizuke quietly crept down off the roof and onto a tree branch. Then, she climbed back into the window of her and Maraelle's apartment and kneeled down besides Maraelle's bed. If anything had happened to her, Mizuke didn't knwo what'd she do.
She softly traced her fiinger on the jaw bone of Maraelle's face. It was hard not to lean in and suck out all of Maraelle's blood, or possibly touch their lips together, entering a trance of love. The next hardest thing was to keep her hand from trembling so much. Finally, Mizuke restrained herself, and climbed onto her bed. She ignited a candle, and fell into a lotus position, then began to meditate. Since she was a hybrid of vampire and human, she barely had human needs, but the same went with vampire needs. It made her feel alone in the world.