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Reborn: What stupid idea have you come up with stupid dame sakka?

How mean Reborn-chan!

Reborn: Don't call me –chan!


Reborn: You are just like Dame Tsuna *smirk*


Reborn: I made sure no one would come looking for you. You are in luck dame sakka.

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Gokudera: they are not playing! Reborn-san is torturing the authoress! How is that a game?

Yamamoto: Oh Hayato-chan! Give me a kiss-

Reborn: *shoots the readers towards the reader* I will supply you with the necessary tools for killing and torturing the authoress.

My name is Sawada Tsunayoshi… And I'm a no-good.

Standing in the middle of the street wearing my father's old and worn out business clothes is embarrassing. Either way is the only formal clothes I have.

That's right, I'm very poor, I have no money, no house and I'm currently freeloading at my parent's. It's not because I want to. It's because I don't have a job.

I just got rejected in an interview. They said I have no experience and by the look of my records that I'm dumb. Well it's not my fault I didn't learn anything at school! My grades were always the worst grades a student could get. Ever since I went to school, my grades have never been good, not even when I tried my best. I just couldn't understand what the teacher was trying to say and life was hard at school. I kept getting bullied by everyone! The only reason I went to school was for my sweet beloved crush. My darling Sagawa Kyoko!

But that's all in the past. Now I'm 20 and jobless. Actually, I have never had a job ever since I graduated. Never mind that, I didn't even have a part-time job ever! This utterly sucks! Man, I wished life was fair to me.

Guess not…

Just as I was deeply lost in my thoughts, a luscious car passes by in a fast speed and I just happened to be near a small pool of water, and just the car went by it… Dirty water was all splashed in my chest and face. Yuck! That tasted nasty. I'm pretty much coughing up the dirty water plus the little food I had yesterday!

"HII *cough* III *cough*!"


I hate you god and I hate you world! At this rate I'll never find happiness!



My coughing stopped and in my view I find the same car that splashed the water on my parked right there. The car is pretty amazing. A Mercedes Benz! A black one and it looks like if it's really new. The person that owns this car must be stinking rich. Ah, I'm so envious~~

"You! I'm talking to you dammed brat!"

Thinking of how much that person could be I look up to see the driver's window down, and an odd-looking man poking his…fedora?

"I'm not a brat, I'm already 20."

"Che… Well, you look like a 12-year old, it can't be helped."

This person is really pissing me off. The man raises his head, and only half of his face is seen, the other is being covered by fedora. I feel a shill coming up my spine. This person's aura is kind of scary.

"You look familiar. What's your name?"

"Uhh… I'm Sawada Tsunayoshi… Nice to meet you."

"Oh… Sawada… Mhm… By any chance are you Iemitsu's son?"

"HIIII! How do you know my father?"

Sawada Iemitsu is my father's name. He went missing about 10 years ago. I haven't heard or seen of him. Not like I care anymore. For me that man no longer exists. He was a drunken bastard, whose focus only was to draw his stupid mangas.

I hate manga. I hate it all together.

Because of manga, I lost my father.

"Bastard worked for me. He was always talking about having a useless son. That useless son is you. I'm sorry for getting your suit ruined, though it looks like Iemitsu's old one… Did you come out of an job interview by any chance?"

How did he know…? Just who is this man? Not only that but… My father worked for him?

"And why would you care?"

"You got rejected."


"Judging by the look of things, you can't find a suitable job that will hire you. Never mind that, you have never had a job in your entire life and you lack of skills and brains. You are completely useless. "

He is right… At this rate….

My mom is getting older by the minute. There will come a day where the money she earns will stop coming. She'll stop working and I… I a jobless son won't be able to find a job and sustain us both… I'm truly a useless son; A no-good.

I won't have any other choice but to sell my own body...

I don't want to but… That might be the only way for a person like me to earn money.

Tears are now flowing from my eyes. It's so embarrassing. I don't want to… I really hate this… I'm no-good..

"Don't think stupid things Dame Tsuna. Neither your father nor mother would want you to succumb to that kind of life. If it's a job you are looking for, I have the perfect one for you."

I don't know when the man had just suddenly pooped up in front of me and looking at me straight in the eyes. He is tall, like mega-tall. I'm small compared to him. From my point of view he looks big and mean, and his eyes are dark and piercing… But, there is a gentle finger wiping the tears away. Even though he sounds mean, his voice is gentle… This man….

"You do?"

"Of course Dame Tsuna, you just have to do everything I say and you'll be fine."

He is a complete stranger to my eyes, but he claims to know my father… This strange man wearing a fedora, looks like a big bully and has a gentle voice…

"Don't call me by my old school nickname! I'm a grown man now!"

"You certainly don't look like one."

He is…! He is laughing at me!


I'm not crying anymore… Did…Did this man cheer me up?


"I call you whatever I want to, don't forget that Dame Tsuna."

I don't think I'll get him to stop calling me that anytime soon.


Is there a cell phone ringing? It's certainly not mine, I already checked. Is it his...?

"It's me… Now what….In that case I'm heading there."

This man… His expression is very scary. I wonder if something happened that got him mad. Oh snap, he is looking at me!


"Don't look so fucking scared. You'll see me like this most of the time, so get used. I have to go now, before that… Don't you need to go home?"

"Eh? Are you offering me a ride home?"

"Sure, why not. I can spare a few minutes."

"Really? That's great!"

I'm so happy that I can burst into bubbles! Wait, no I can burst into bubbles. If I do won't be able to do my job. That's right, this kind and scary man offered me a job. I have to do my best!

"Of course not Dame Tsuna; there is no way I'm giving you a ride home. That's not the way I operate."

That…That bastard! He even raised my hopes up! How could he…?

"Anyway, I'm going. I recommend you start packing all your belongings."


He is leaving already? But… He hasn't told me where he works or even his name! He is already inside the car. What should I do? Damn, I have to be fast!

"At least tell me your name!"

He still has his windowsill down, so it was good. I'm hoping he heard me.

"It's Reborn. Don't forget, that's your boss's name Dame tsuna!"

Just like that... reborn left…

And more dirty water was splashed on me…

Does this mean that he is my boss? I have a job? I wonder what it's going to be like; Working for Reborn-san. Wait a minute. How am I going to work for him if I don't even know where I am going to be working at?

Is this some kind of joke?


…I don't know what I should do…

Shamal: That's some pretty heavy damage you took Uchi-chan. You sure you don't want me to kiss it better?

NO! Please… It's enough having that sadistic baby torturing me….

Shamal: I expect payment for healing you.

I told you already… No one is having sex with you in my fic!

Shamal: So mean T_T

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