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Remember that fateful day I meet a strange man called Reborn? The mean looking with gentle tones that offered me a job after learning I was the son of one of his former employees?


He has no sense of decency. If only I had known this was what I had been hired for before I would have never agreed to do this!

"Oi, Dame Tsuna, you still haven't cleaned the living room."

Dammit. There is nothing gentle about him. He is sadistic, always knowing what happens around him.

"Reborn… I can hardly move wearing this…"

I keep my voice tight. I should quit this job before whatever was left of my pride is torn to shreds. Not like I have any to begin with.

"It's part of the job."

Why does wearing a frilly, super small and tight maid servant's outfit part of the job?

"Because you are my personal assistant…" More like personal slave. "…and said job requires you to follow my ever order. I also promised your mom to take you in, which is great for me, since I can get you to do more work for me, don't worry you'll payment comes in maintaining your mom and give you some allowance for your usage."

It sounds more like I have been bough to slavery than being his personal assistant. Since when do personal assistants live with their bosses?

"Being MY personal assistant is different than the usual work of a normal assistant. The job of MY personal assistant consist of, cleaning and maintaining my house clean, and do office work and attend to my needs while I am work when I decide to take you there. Any complains or questions?"

Actually yes…

"I'm really your slave, aren't I?"

Reborn didn't say anything, instead pulled down his fedora, successfully hiding his expression.


It took me at least two hours before I finally reached home. The moment I opened the door I saw my mom, she was humming and skipping as she cleaned the house. She looked way to happy for someone who has a useless and jobless son like me.

"Oh Tsuna, it's great you finally made it here! You know, I was talking to that young man who offered you a job, he is such a gentleman! He really knows how to treat women- I mean, people. You should accept his kind offer. No one else will hire even if their life depends on it! So I have already packed your belongings, Reborn-kun is waiting for you in the living room. You'll be leaving with him today. Be good and work hard! I love you."

She kisses and hugs me… Wait, Reborn is here? FORGET THAT I'M LEAVING NOW?

"You heard her brat, get moving."

That's Reborn's voice. Not only that but I see him leaning against the wall, smirking.

~flash back end~

That's how I ended up here…. This is the worst. I haven't begun working for this man and yet… He has made me wear this, horrible uncomfortable maid dress outfit-thingy!

"Dame Tsuna, start cleaning already!"

Stupid Reborn, stupid job, stupid me for accepting this… Oh well, I have no real choice in the matter. I need a job and so far, no, this is the only job that accepts me.

"Oi, bend over a little more."

Hai, hai, I'm bending over a bit more… But won't that make dusting a bit harder…? Wait…. THAT PERVERT!

To Be Continued…..

Hahaha yes, it was always having Tsuna wearing a maid servant outfit part of the main story. And yes, Reborn is a pervert, but he won't start molesting our poor rabbit yet. Story will be about Tsuna's adventures being Reborn's personal slav- assistant.

Next chapter we may have some company interaction~ And maybe we'll see some of our beloved characters!