Tony and Ziva were assigned a case, but for this they had to travel to Paris, together. They both kicked up a big fuss about going with each other but Vance dint give in, they were the best people for the mission, they were a fantastic team. Tony secretly was excited to spend some time with Ziva, he dint like to admit it but he really enjoyed her company. She was smart, the only girl company he ever gets is normally with women who he's about to sleep with and they were normally a few flowers short of a bunch. With Ziva he could just enjoy her without having sex, not that he wouldn't love to sleep with her, she was beautiful but he wasn't sure if it would be completely over stepping the line if he was to make a move. Ziva could kill him easily if he touched her in a way he dint like, so he just settled with a slight brush of the hand when watching a movie together on the weekends. Tony was a complicated man, he dint know what he wanted, he did want the casual relationship with all the perks of being able to see other women and the "no strings attached" part but deep down he knew that he couldn't be doing that forever, he wasn't getting any younger. He never really thought about it much, growing old alone was one the things that scared him in life, along with cats. He loved Ziva, there was no doubt about it but what he dint know was HOW he loved her, it was complicated. Sometimes he thought that they were going to kiss, there is always a moment when he thinks that she's going to press herself up against his body and then press her lips against his but those moments always seemed to disappear quickly. Something inside Tony made him think that she liked him in a more none friends kind of way but he really dint want to chance completely messing up a friendship like theirs, she was special to him.

Ziva was also quite happy to be spending time with Tony although she knew that he would be winding her up most of the time. She too enjoyed the times they spent together on the weekends, just them two enjoying each other's company. Sometimes she enjoyed the touch of his hand too much. Sometimes when they would have the movie night they would fall asleep in each other's arms. Before the movie started Tony would give his reviews on the movie and the actors, giving away the whole storyline before it had even started. He would then get the drinks and food and a blanket to cover them if it was really cold. If they watched a scary movie they would seem to sit closer together, Ziva started to realise that he would choose a scary movie more often then he used to. Ziva wasn't a person who got scared easily, actually she laughs at them types of movies, it was Tony who would jump at the scary parts and then grab Ziva's hand for security. It never fazed her when he did this, she liked it very much, instead of pulling her hand from his she would pretend to be scared too just to get closer, she would tighten the grip around his hand and then lean into his shoulder a little and hid her face. She did this so many times that she forgot that she wasn't scared of these movies and would actually genuinely jump and grab Tony closer to her. Before the movie was over he would have his arm around her holding her tightly to his body and she would have her hand on his chest with her head buried in his side. She liked this, he was like her protector. Ziva dint like to think that she needed protecting but she did, no one ever cared to protect her, not even her father, he seemed to do the opposite. The only two people who ever seemed to care to risk everything for her was Gibbs and Tony. They would fall asleep right at the end of the film, this was mostly on purpose because if the film ended and they were awake they would have to move out of each other's arms to turn it off and go home, but if they fell asleep before it ended they could sleep nicely together.

Ziva's feelings for Tony seemed to show a lot. Even tho they teased each other all the time and were always arguing, it was clear to everyone that there was something else there, something that both of them had not yet completely realised. Both Tony and Ziva did not want to put them self's on the line, they dint want to get their hearts broken if the other turned them down. They figured that the heart ache of not being with the other out of their own choice was greater than the heart ache they had now for each other. Some nights were hard for Ziva. She would go home and no one would be there for her, all she would go home to was an empty apartment to match her empty heart. Unlike Ziva, Tony always seemed to have someone there with him all the time, a different girl would come and go. Tony pretended to people that this is the way he like things and he enjoyed it but he was a liar. He only does this now out of habit, he would give the world to have a women that he could spend the rest of his life with and share everything he had, his home, his possessions, his heart. He never really found the right girl for this and sometimes when he would look into Ziva's eyes his heart would beat so fast and he would think that maybe Ziva is the one for him. It was just too complicated and scary. He couldn't lose her that way.

What was unknown to the two was that they were deeply and madly in love with each other.

"I am taking the bed Tony"

"Ermm why do you get the bed!"

"Ermmm because I am the women." Ziva said this sarcastically.

"Oh yeah now you want to be a "women", any other day you would punch me if I called you that."

"Yes well I am having the bed."

"Il toss you for it!"

"If you think you are going to though me over, you have another thing coming Tony!"

"No... No! Ziva, its were to toss a coin to see if its heads or tails."

"A coin has a head and a..."

"Ziva! God, look."

Tony pulled out a coin from his jean pocket to show Ziva the coin, Ziva just smiled.

"Tony you really think I do not know about coin tossing? You are more of a fool then I thought."

Ziva winked and put her bag on the bed. Tony dint argue with her, he would never win. Tony walked over the sofa and laid his bag down on the side.

"Why are we sharing a room anyways?"

"I do not know, maybe because if we need to run out I do not have to worry about trying to get into your room to wake you up. Here I can easily kick you."

Tony smiled a sarcastic smile and got up and walked to the bath room with some clothes in his hand. Once Tony was out of sight Ziva slumped back on the bed and let out a sigh. She loved messing around with Tony, he never seemed to get angry when she would tease him, he would just laugh it off. That was one of the things Ziva was afraid off if she was to tell him how she feels, he might just laugh in her face thinking that it was a joke. Ziva lay on the bed just listening to the whistles coming from the bathroom. Ziva got up off the bed and walked over to the sofa were Tony had placed his bag. It was slightly open so that she could peek inside without touching it. Ziva laughed when she saw that he had packed one of his classic horror movies he always seemed to play when Ziva came over. Ziva was secretly happy that he had brought this to pass the time, gives her an excuse to sit close to Tony and feel his body next to hers, she liked the feel of his arms around her when she would jump at the scary parts and bury her head in his side, but something hit Ziva. Him touching her and her touching him is just going to make it harder for her to get over the fact that they are not going to be a couple, the more time they spend apart the better, she thought. A wave of hurt invaded Ziva's body leaving her slightly breathless, the thought of her and Tony never ever being together made her want to curl up on the bed and cry. It was at that moment that Ziva David finally realised that she was truly and madly in love with Tony DiNozzo.

"Hey! To pass that time I thought that we could watch a movie? I brought your favourite"

Tony was standing in the door way of the bedroom. Ziva jumped at the sound of his voice and turned to see him. He had changed into his sweats, just a pair of baggy joggers and a T shirt. Ziva just stood there looking at him, she tried to hide the fact that she was hurting but she wasn't very good at it.

"You okay?"

Ziva just stood there speechless. She was just shocked that it had taking something so small to make her realise that all this time she loved him, it was too late, he would laugh if he knew, these were all the thoughts that were going though her head at that moment.


Ziva snapped out of it.

"I...I...I... am fine Tony. I just need a bit of fresh air"

Ziva walked swiftly to the door and walked out. Tony dint know whether to go after her and see if she was ok, he thought it would be best just to leave her after all she's a big girl. Ziva walked out of the hotel and took a deep breath of the fresh air and sighed as she breathed the air back out of her lungs. She slowly walked to the little bench that was at the side of the hotel, it was quite empty and quiet so she went and sat there with her thoughts. About ten minutes had past, quite quickly due to the fact that Ziva's head was over loaded with thoughts about all the times she had spent with Tony and she never thought that maybe she was in love with him. She also was trying to go over some of the moments they had trying to remember if Tony showed any signs of liking her more than friends. It had gotten dark outside and cold. Ziva had ran out of the room so quickly that she forgot to grab her coat. She was freezing, she sat back on the bench and pulled her feet up on the bench and her knees to her chest. As she wrapped her arms around her legs she felt a warm fabric wrap around her shoulders.

"I thought you would be cold out here."

She turned around to see Tony standing behind her with a concerned face, they stared at each other just for a couple of seconds before Ziva looked away from him and focussed her eyes on the ground.