A/N Hey, irony. This is all a big, long author's note.

So, yeah, most of this is copypasta from Colors, but I realized that tossing this in with a oneshot will not be the easiest way for people to see it, so I decided I'm gonna give this and the subsequent oneshots in one topic like Shockwave does it. I've gotten a request from Araceli L already, and I'll do that first. Anyway, here I am to cut it out of Colors (so don't request there anymore) and paste it into its own topic!

May I present to you "Super Smash Bros: Commission! Romance Edition!" Read as "Send me a commission!"

copypasta time WITH EDITS below

So I'm taking a sabbatical on that until mid to late June, and I'm going to use this time to, really, do whatever I have on whim to do.

You see, it's simple. I'm going to do a minor SPOILER ALERT, just to truly explain, but Strings is going to involve 90% of the characters in the character list, whether it be in cameos or starring roles, so I decided that I wanted to try one story with every character, just to get a feel for that.

So, I'm starting my own oneshot collection.

But I'm not doing it alone.

No, sir. In addition to my own whims for oneshots or short stories, I'm going to hold this topic for short romantic stories. Because when I get back to work on Strings, I want to have a wide audience. I have some of the most loyal reviewers on earth on my side already- shoutout to Araceli L, EggplantWitch, the Person of Awesomeness- just a few of the reviewers who have helped shape Strings as it is. But as conceited as it may sound, I want to go down as a legend of this section. That's my ultimate goal.

So, I'm going to start here with a oneshot of my choice, but then I want suggestions from you. I'll try anything, really. Any pairing, any characters, and do it in my fashion, even canon ones, yaoi/yuri, whatever you have in mind. I will have a pining for the more avant-garde pairings, but I'll be sure to consider all kinds. I'll have oneshots to try out my own personal ideas, but here, this is to get acquainted with all of you, and to test myself.

And even though I'm keen for trying new characters (see below for list of who I've done) I'm definitely not gonna complain if you want me to do ones I already had again- I'll embrace it wholeheartedly! So don't be shy! However, I'll be making a list of pairings I've done in order to not get dupes. It should also be noted that I'm not gonna do every request right off the bat. It's like with Twilight Okami's satire "Dial Snake For Women Advice." I'll look through the suggestions, get inspired, and do one of the suggestions, and maybe get back to yours later.

In order to not clog the topic up, I'm going to try and make the oneshots under 3000 words each, so it's compact, for one, and also because I'm requesting strongly (because making it mandatory just sounds mean) that you post a review with your request. It doesn't have to be a Souldin/Foxpilot review, but it cannot be an Emmy review like "omg this is great! Marth is so awesome! P.S. I did not read your story." (Stupendous Jimbo reference FTW).

Also, there are no restrictions. Straight, gay, not-quite-romantics, bromances, the bond between animal and human, a powerful friendship, serendipity, missed connections, it's really unlimited unless it's been done before or it's not a Smash Character.

For those of you keeping tabs, here's a list of characters I've done before.

In Strings



Meta Knight

Yoshi/Melanthe (my muse for the Yoshi species)

Strings (smasher not declared, but I know who she is)

In Paradigms


Fox McCloud



Ana (assist trophy)

*Hawke was one of the two main characters in the story; however, he was a crossover from Advance Wars who is a sticker in Brawl, so I can't say he counts as much as a Smash Bros character.

In Words and Action



In Sparks



In Voice of the Mute

Mr. Game and Watch


In Beautiful Imperfections


In Colors



Now for a list of couples I've done before in some form prior to this and therefore may be a bit slow to redo.

Falco x Peach

Zelda x Mario

Lucario x Mewtwo

Popo x Nana

Mr Game and Watch x Jigglypuff

Not that those are couples done all the time. XD

Lastly, our first request from Araceli! I think I shalt provide a title sneak peek!

List of couples done before or being worked on-

Samus x Ike- Hopeless Romantic In Every Sense of the Term

What a title, right? XD So yeah, that's that.

One last term- I know I mentioned a planned 10th story as celebration. Looking back, though, it seems more like something I'd like to perfect for a video project and so probably won't be written, but if I should ever make a video of Mad World, Good Life, I will make it known!

I do, however, have a 10th fic in planning! I better make it soon, too- not making more stories before this is gonna be a pain.

So, go ahead and submit your stories! When I post Hopeless Romantic, I'll announce my first choice- feel free to submit sans review! (obviously)



P.S. Oh wait. I gotta have a story here?


Once upon a time Marth and Ike were playing Truth or Dare and found out- *is shot by Jimbo+