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To Describe My Love...

You ask me to describe the one I love to you. I can only imagine why- someone like me falling in love? What kind of insane, criminal woman is this after my own heart? Well, it may be different from what you think, so I suppose I'll describe for you.

My love has the personality of one who defies her appearance. While most associate her with weakness and lightness, she is very strong as a person. She carries on as someone who knows the ways of the world but isn't going to write a sorrowful sonnet or a joyful symphony about it. She simply knows that life is the way it is. We are born, we live, and we die. She doesn't take immense sorrow about the darker instances of life although she will mourn when necessary, for which I am grateful, and she does not overreact to the happy things, even though she will enjoy them, which I also admire. She knows that the structure of life is the way that it is and even if we were to take over the world that would not change.

Really helps keep my outlandish desires rooted in realism, which it needs.

Unbeknownst to many people, she does talk. I remember, in fact, the first time she spoke to me. I was running down the hall, none too fast, infuriated as ever, when I bumped into her and fell on the ground, aggravating me further.

"Watch where you're going, you impertinent brat!" I growled in anger, using long, harsh words in an effort to scare her away. She collected herself off of the ground and replied "No matter how high above us you think you are, you still fall like the rest of us. You should remember that." There was no mocking insolence in her tone, just the tone one would have while stating "The coffee is ready."

The fact that she spoke was not lost on me but not my focus, since her words had caught me off guard, and I covered this fact with anger. "How dare you!" I shouted. "You shall never make fun of me like that, you fool!" My words were clumsily strung together in an attempt at fear, but she was unmoved.

"Really, it's a basic fact," she continued, about as emotionally invested in this as one would be whilst reading the phone book. "You have two legs, therefore you will occasionally fall. This could be prevented by looking around to make sure you're clear of all obstacles, in this case, me. It'll be better for the both us, rest assured. You have a nice day now, okay?"

I was mystified by how she stated her words, as if she didn't mean any harm, but mostly just by how she was smart enough not to antagonize me further, as if she knew she did not want to see me set off. What truly mystified me was that I could not tell whether she was trying to protect herself from my wrath or simply did not want to see me angrier.

"Wait!" I called as she walked away. She whirled around and beckoned for me to follow, which I did, and she led me out to the mansion's deck. We took a seat under the stars, which made no difference to me at the time, but even now thinking back, I feel a rare case of sentimentality on its memory. She descended to the ground on the edge of the porch, where there was no railing to protect her from a fall. I clunked to a seat right next to her, for one of the few times in my life unsure of what to do.

She looked at me with a coy smile. "Yes?" she asked politely, curious by my presence of all people.

"...you talk," I stated lamely this obvious fact.

"I think that's been made known," she replied, looking over the forest just before us, breaking into a clearing for a front lawn and a stone pathway that lead right up to the front door of our illustrious mansion. I didn't find anything interesting about it, but observed it all again anyways.

"...why don't you talk more?" I asked in puzzlement.

"The million dollar question," she replied in the disinterested tone. "But truly, I don't feel anyone here worth my time. They all take a look at me and see this weak, adorable, fluffy person and that's the end of it. Judgmental people annoy me, so I figured that if I wouldn't have a conversation with them outside of here, then I may as well not have one here either." She blinked and added "It's probably flawed logic but doesn't really make a difference one way or another."

"...so why did you talk to me?"

"You owe me a couple questions at least," she warned me in slight amusement. "But, truly, I figured you didn't really care either way. You're quite like I. You don't really care for people here, but you make it well known and blast it out, so I figured you wouldn't care one way or another whether I talked to you, so I did." She chuckled and added "Apparently you do."

I was hung up at the statement of her and I being similar. "You and I, alike?" I roared menacing laughter. "Pardon me, but I don't expect to look in my mirror and see you on the other side."

"If you're looking for someone like you in a physical object you're not going to get anywhere."

I didn't respond to that. Somewhere I knew she was right, and my ego knew the same. However, it didn't want to admit it just yet and tried to eliminate any thought process on the statement.

"Now, as for my questions," she continued, snapping me back to reality, "for one, what's got you in such a rage... this time?" There was a sneaky glint in her eye as she decided for tacking on those last two words, but I didn't bother reacting to it and instead focusing on her question.

"That damned Link," I grumbled in anger.

"Ah," she replied in indifferent understanding; she knew that Link and I didn't get along. "What about this time?"

"Agh..." I threw my hands up in the air. "If I told you all the reasons he pissed me off, we'd be out here all night."

"Fair enough, just know that if it's not gonna change, you may as well not bother being around him here. You're here to exert your skill as a fighter, not destroy your enemies. Think of this as a macabre vacation; on vacation you don't call in your boss and ask him to shout at you about the copy machine."

More indifference; I'd come to find that her most wise advice would often be spoken as if she did not know it was wise; like it was common knowledge. But she was incredibly wise.

"And two, what brings you out here after me?" she asked with her coy smile returning.

"Hey!" I caught on to something. "This is your third question! I don't have to answer this!"

"The second one got pretty much no response, so I didn't count it."

"If I shot two bullets and hit both my targets, and you shot two bullets and did not match that, you don't get extra bullets until you can match me and call it fair."

"Cognitive point," she replied, a hint of interest in my words. "So I suppose you'd like another question?"

"I'd like you to leave me alone," I insisted.

"Then why did you follow me out here?" she shot back with no trace of anger. "You may take that as either a rhetoric or as my third question I'd like to ask you."

I wore an angered smirk, but that was to cover up the gears of my brain sputtering as they realized as a system that they had no way to react to that. I turned around and started to head back in."

"...doesn't mean I wouldn't like your company," she stated, her voice taken a bit of melancholy, as if should I go inside she would be disappointed. Normally, I'd take this and go in feeling accomplished, but I didn't want to make her feel bad. This is a feeling I've only had with her, and so I turned back around and sat back down. She granted me another coy smile before we started to talk.

My intention was not to go into a long winded flash back, but this was pretty much a summary of how I felt when I met her. I felt confused, different, intrigued, and often outsmarted, all by someone who talked as if it would have little impact. And she's fascinated me.

The more we talked over the coming weeks, at unplanned, occasional times, the more I realized what an enigma she was. She had mentioned a dream she had to sing, but how physical inhibitors kept her from pursuing it. She did not speak bitterly of this, but as something that had happened and that had passed, and she was on to the next goal- as soon as she should find it. This intrigued me- if my dream were to collapse, and it's near unobtainable as it is- it would leave me hollow, purposeless.

And that's what I asked her. "Do you at least feel like you have no purpose right now?"

"Frank question," she replied. "But if I had no purpose, I'd be dead."

Another intelligent, wise answer that was again spoken in the same indifference that almost seemed like naivete, but she had such a smart intent that she could never truly be as naïve as she looked. The more we talked, the more I realized that I wanted to figure out that enigma.

So I tried taking her places; to activities that would make her happy, no matter how much it annoyed me. I asked her if there was anywhere she'd always wanted to go; she stated that the boardwalk was a place she meant to go by but never found the time to. I took this to heart and made sure that I could clear a hole in her schedule through one way or another, and I got some money together, some directions and a means of transportation through a car I was learning how to drive, and the next weekend I invited her with me.

As I led her to the car towards the secret destination, she was a bit wary, but I let her know that I meant no harm. I was surprised that she left it at that and proceeded through to the mystery location.

When I pulled up to a parking location towards the beach, I saw that she had smiled in some sort of recognition. I opened her door for her in a grandeur gesture, and she hopped out, taking in the sights of the boardwalk with her smile growing. When she smiled, I truly felt a sense of accomplishment- usually if I see a smile I feel like I'm not doing a good enough job. But she looked out in a case of awe that was balanced as she was, and I felt that I was truly getting places.

"You're a pretty cool guy, you know that?" she told me as we started towards the boardwalk. I found myself grinning at the compliment and at the speed she bounded down the boardwalk.

We took in as much of the boardwalk as we could- sure, she never liked the rides, but we played some games and took in the scenery, and enjoyed some of that cotton candy stuff- well, she enjoyed, I got annoyed at the sticky, ungodly substance and threw it into the water. She blinked in surprise and then had a good laugh at my reaction. She was poking some fun at me, but I couldn't be angry about it. She had that look of happiness still and I realized I'd feel terrible for taking it from her.

At the end of the day, I realized that aside from some happiness, not much changed with her, and I secretly was frustrated that I had not unlocked any more of the enigma. I did try at other points, while not as grand, but it seemed I made little progress.

I remember after our matches one day I walked towards her on our way out of the stadium, and without a trace of fear, I told her "Really, you need not hide things from me, you know."

She nodded, an eyebrow raised. "I know this, and rest assured I have not. While my views are definitely abstract, I have no reason to hide, for you are much more intelligent than most other people here." She fixed the bow in her hair and added "I hope you know you can do the same with me."

I actually stopped in my steps, astonished on many levels. What I saw as an enigma was anything but; it was what she truly was. And I also realized that I was the one creating an enigma; not daring to open the shades to my mind and let in the light.

I looked at her sincerely; she had stopped with an intrigued smile when she noticed I stopped. "I... love you," I blurted. "And this is something, coming from me, of all people, but I mean that."

She nodded, her smile crafted out of satisfaction now. "I really don't think it makes a difference who those words come from," she stated, "but it's an honor that I am the object of your love, and truly, I love you just as much."

She looked up at me with a smile, and I grinned, telling her "Thank you." And then we walked on, and went on with our day.

We were never intimate, for many reasons, and I never found that I needed that in our relationship. I knew that many people were wondering what kind of relationship she and I could possibly have, being who we were, but not only did I hate almost everyone there, I had learned that I need not look through a mirror to see what people should be around me, or who are good around me.

Another thing that I loved about her was that she was true to her word; when she was frustrated, she let me know about it. What was an honor was that I was the only one she would ever tell.

She walked into my dark, lonely room, a couple of tears in her large eyes and anger in her voice. She let out a short, shrill scream and slammed the door as she vented.

"You don't seem happy," I quipped into my book.

"Of course I'm not!" she grunted back as she punched into a wall, hardly making a dent. She looked at me expectantly, and I caught on.

"Well, what the hell happened?" I asked, putting my book down and facing her.

"Those crazy psychic kids and their friends got a hold of me and decided I'd be an excellent plaything for their violent games," she growled, her tears flowing a bit more.

"Where are they?" I leapt up, willing to face them head on.

"Leave them be," she sighed, letting out another frustrated shriek. "I know they're just being dorks, but do they really think that I'm not even remotely aware that they're kicking me? Those idiots!" She kicked my dresser and I let her because I knew she'd barely scratch it. "I'm a real, living thing! I feel like a living thing, and I act like a living thing, and last I checked, living things don't like to be abused!" Each of the last seven words were accented by a punch onto a pillow this time, and she ended her rant by collapsing onto the pillow and crying genuine tears and sobs for about... twelve seconds... before she took a breath and calmed down, taking a seat by my side.

"Thanks for listening," was all she said, and I noticed that she had leaned closer to my side, and I allowed her to, wrapping an arm around her. And that's where it ended. But when she came in so upset, and wanted me to hear her out... it felt like I had really connected to another soul.

That's perhaps what got me most. She doesn't judge by any backstory circumstances, appearances or rumors. Whether in brushing off or in acceptance, she determines people by their true actions. She sees us as souls as a base, and then constructs us as we truly are by what we give her or what she can truly see in person.

She really was much more brilliant than she ever let on.

And I find it so amazing, every day, how much of a difference she has made. My motives are still questionable, and with others I am still often intolerant. She has not made me into a friendly, skipping person or made my heart grow three sizes, but she provides a companion, which I never knew I needed, and has made its mark in a way I never would have predicted.

The last time I saw her was last night, as usual. The same place we met. I still allowed her close to me despite their still being the boundary neither of us wanted to cross. She almost buried herself into my side, and I rested my arm around her, and it felt... nice. I didn't care what Link was doing or who was getting into my stuff or anything. Right now was all I wanted to focus on.

She looked up at me and said "I really do love you, you know that?"

"I do," I replied, chuckling, "and I love you just as much."

And that made all the difference.

And that is how I describe my love. She is intelligent, open, opinionated and never acts like the wise, advanced person she truly is.

That's all that matters.

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To Describe My Love

Featuring Ganondorf and Jigglypuff

For Souldin

By MessengerOfDreams


Now you may take this however you want; I have left their loving relationship up to your determination and deliberately took out descriptions of her looks- it was an interesting take to explore love past the physical, something I wanted to pursue, so much that whilst reading some poetry whilst studying, I decided I was going to write this. I still have Snakus and Marth/Ike pieces halfway in development. I have seriously gotta fulfill those obligations, but I've been compelled to write these spur of the moment ideas.

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