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Red-Passion, Courage, Love

Passion. The thing Hok held for training. Training that she did, oblivious to the dark, narrow eyes watching her.

Courage. The thing Seh had when he went back to the camp to get her. He wouldn't want anything to happen to her, now would he?

Love. The thing that they didn't know they felt for each other.

Orange-Curiosity, Creativity, Attraction

Curiosity. The thing he had for her since he found out she was a girl. She had always been difficult.

Creativity. The thing she had when she was training him when he was blind. They had to be prepared for whatever might happen.

Attraction. The thing they felt for each other, but hid.

Yellow-Joy, Intellect, and Happiness

Joy. The thing she felt when she knew he survived the poison. She mistook it for relief.

Intellect. The thing he liked most about her. The logic that always brought them through.

Happiness. The thing they felt when they finally got together.

Green-Growth, Harmony, Fertility

Growth. The thing they so patiently waited for. The thing that would bring them together with that magic ring.

Harmony. The thing they felt with each other. Even when they got married.

Fertility. The thing that gave them their miracle. Their pale skinned, dark haired miracle. (A/N: And everyone knows how it got there! ;D)

Blue-Trust, Confidence, Calmness

Trust. The thing they always had for each other. And they knew they always would.

Confidence. The thing their child had. Everybody knew it was from her father.

Calmness. The thing that their little angel got from her mother. Isn't it obvious?

Purple- Nobility, Independence, Romance

Nobility. The thing that they both had that their child did,too. A true noble family.

Independence. The thing that they had individually, but not from each other.

Romance. The thing that remained strong, even when they grew old.


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