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NCIS Special Agent Ziva David was having a rough week. They had run into some trying cases including small children which always made her heart wrench. Ziva abhorred working cases involving children missing or in danger or without parents. However, as she finished up her case report Ziva couldn't help but notice that this one had hit harder than normal. She was usually quite good at keeping her emotions in check, but this time things weren't as easy as usual. Hearing the confession of the kidnapper had actually made her feel physically ill.

Ziva wrote these symptoms off as the result of minimal sleep and lack of formal training recently. Vowing to work out after work, Ziva pushed these thoughts to the back of her mind and pushed through the case report so she could put the case out of her mind.


That evening Tony and Ziva entered the elevator at the same time.

"Watcha up to tonight Ziva?"

"Oh just going to the gym to get things out of my mind"

"Care if I join ya?"

Ziva nodded noncommittally and Tony followed her down to the gym.

Ziva quickly changed into her customary work out gear; a sports bra and yoga pants, noting that it was a little tighter than usual.

Once Ziva entered the gym, Tony was already standing there, waiting for her.

"Looking good Zee"

Ziva ignored him and instead headed over to the punching bag, starting a routine, hoping to clear her mind in the way that only a truly hard work out could.

Tony started a work out of his own on the bag next to her.

"You okay? Haven't seen the Mossad style work out in awhile."

"I' am fine," Ziva insisted.

"Then why are you going crazy on that bag? I'm a bit scared myself. Can't imagine what it did to you."

"Tony please leave me alone." Ziva replied, once again pushing into a place where all she felt was the exercise.

A few minutes passed in silence until Tony interrupted again.

"It's okay to be upset you know."

"I said please leave me alone," Ziva insisted.

"Sheesh. Just wondering"

Ziva's pace slowed and she paused for a minute, breathing heavily. Tony stopped too and turned to face her.

"It's okay to let go sometimes ninja."

Ziva turned her face from Tony, not wanting him to know how much it was getting too. She turned to walk away but Tony followed her, and somehow the two of them ended up sitting next to each other on a bench in the otherwise empty gym.

"I know something's off Zee. No one else is here and I promise I won't tell McGeek anything you say or do."

Taking a deep, steadying breath Ziva began to let go a bit "This case just got to me. How could someone prey on a little girl like that?"

"I think it got to all of us Z. You saw Gibbs. I'm sure Abby and McGee aren't alone tonight. We all feel it when a case surrounds a kid."

"Yes, I know but usually I'm more in control. I'm embarrassed to be even telling you this."

"It's okay to let down your shields sometimes."

"It's not that easy. It feels like they are just falling down. And I feel out of control. I'm used to discipline and now that's falling apart."

"You're not Mossad anymore. It's okay to fall apart."

"But I don't want to," Ziva admitted, still breathing heavily.

"Think about it ninja. I'm going to hug you now, so don't hurt me."

Tony enveloped Ziva in a hug, but as Tony pulled her close, Ziva pulled away, looking unsettled.

"What's wrong?"

"What is that smell?"

"You don't like my cologne? It smelled just fine to Cindy, my lovely waitress at lunch," Tony replied with his customary smirk.

Ziva looked disgusted. "No Tony that cologne is nauseating. You know what, I need to get home and sleep. Maybe I'm getting sick."

"I thought Ziva David didn't get sick."

"Shut up Tony," Ziva uttered as she headed towards the locker room to get her stuff and head home.

Not bothering to change, Ziva entered her car and drove home. As she drove she couldn't help but wonder why this case had gotten to her so much. Some women got like this monthly, but not Ziva. Then that started her thinking. When was the last time...?

With a start, Ziva realized that it was a few weeks before the undercover mission she, Tony, McGee and Abby had done at that hotel. And that lead to memories of that night. Of how far she and Tony had been willing to go to sell a story. On how convincing of a married couple they were.

And that train of thought lead Ziva to an old mission. A mission that she had survived by pretending to be pregnant.

With a start, Ziva suddenly switched lanes and pulled into the parking lot of an all night drug store, fighting off the panic that was threatening to engulf her mind. Using techniques she learned from Mossad, outwardly Ziva calmed down and refused to let her brain stray.

She was in and out of that store as quickly as possible and sped home, much faster than even her usual speed.

Ziva sloppily parked in her customary spot and raced up the stairs, forgoing the elevator in an attempt to get to her apartment as fast as possible. Throwing her bag on the table, Ziva raced to the bathroom.

And then came the waiting... The insufferable waiting. Though less than ten minutes, it seemed to Ziva an eternity and she could feel her walls falling much faster than she could build them.

When she could steel herself to look, two pink lines stared up at her.

Ziva David was pregnant. With Tony DiNozzo's child.


Hours earlier, Abby Scuito was finishing a forensics report, her usual mood depressed and a forlorn Abby in its place. The entire team was hit hard when they came across cases involving children, but Abby was always the most affected. At least outwardly, Abby was the most emotional and empathetic of the group and she did not have the hard exterior of a field agent, nor the practice dealing with horrors. As she finished up, Abby felt weakened and as if she was on more of a roller coaster than usual. As she cleaned up some of the more pungent chemicals, a wave of nausea threatened to overtake her. Abby stumbled towards her chair and trash can in her office, fighting back the feeling that she was about to be sick.

That was odd. Abby had worked with chemicals for years and she was no longer much affected by them.

Attributing it to a flu that had been circulating the office, Abby pressed on, wanting nothing more than to be done and able to curl up in bed with a sappy movie to try to fight the monsters away.

Just as she was packing up to leave McGee showed up in the lab.

"Oh good. I was afraid you'd already left."

"Nope, just on my way out."

"Look Abs, you see well I was wondering if maybe you'd want to not go home alone tonight," McGee sputtered.

"What are you insinuating Timmy? A repeat of a month and a half ago? 'Cause that was a mission. Not real"

"Oh God no. No no no no. What I meant was that I thought we could both use a friend tonight. I know what happens when we try to deal with this crap ourselves. Just, we could go to someone's apartment, maybe make some dinner and just watch a movie."

"Yeah, that would be fine. Let me just grab my stuff and let's go. I have no food in my house and unless you do, wanna pick up some Chinese?"

"Chinese sounds great."

Abby and McGee left the lab, picked up dinner from an all night Chinese restaurant near the Navy Yard and then both drove to Tim's apartment

Entering McGee's apartment both kicked off their shoes and sat down to dinner.

McGee shoveled his food as a man who hadn't eaten in days, but Abby just picked at hers, not eating much more than rice.

"You okay? You usually eat much more."

"Just been feeling a little off lately. I'm probably just tired. Maybe it's a bit of a flu. I'm just a bit nauseous."

"You okay?" Tim asked, moving around the table towards Abby.

"I'm fine. Just been a little off lately."

"You wanna go lie down?"

"Just on the couch while we watch a movie, maybe."

Abby and Tim moved from the table and set up a nonsense classic movie in the background then settled in on the couch.

Though they both loved this particular movie, neither one of them was paying much attention.

Tim's thoughts were elsewhere. Ever since the undercover mission they went on just over a month ago, his relationship with Abby had been awkward at best. If he was being honest, Tim didn't want to admit how much he had enjoyed pretending to be married to Abby and the associated activities. And he did like the feeling of just relaxing with her on the couch. It really did help take the weight of his awful day away. But it was Abby. They had tried a relationship before, and it hadn't worked. True, that had been years ago and so much had changed, but Tim was too afraid of things failing miserably to be very willing to take that chance again.

Abby sat there next to Tim, trying to figure out what was going on. She really did enjoy being there with Tim, but something else seemed off. Her highly analytical mind tried to process just what that could be. It didn't really feel like the flu, as she didn't always feel nauseous, mostly just around food or in the morning. True she was exhausted, but there were no deep aches or fevers or any of the other usual indicators of the flu. Abby supposed it could have something to do with hormones that cycled monthly, but that thought sent her on an entirely different train of thought.

What if? The wheels inside Abby's head started to whirl, counting back dates, and she once again felt nauseous. But this time it was a different kind of nausea. That feeling in the pit of your stomach that let you know that things were probably very wrong.

Tim was able to instantly sense a change in Abby. She suddenly seemed tense and on the verge of moving.

"You okay Abby?" Tim asked tentatively.

"Yes. No. Maybe. No clue. I need to go." Abby was unnaturally panicked.

"What do you need?"

"You can't help. I need something that you definitely don't have. And I need to go get it now."

"I'm coming with. Abby you are in no state to drive right now."

At this point, all that mattered to Abby was knowing for sure. She didn't have the time or energy to argue with Tim. The two of them threw on their shoes, Tim trailing after Abby. Once they reached the garage, Tim took the lead and lead Abby to his car.

"You tell me where to go."

Tim ended up driving Abby to the nearest drug store and was then forced to wait in the car while she ran in and was not allowed to see what she bought. At this point Tim was more than slightly confused, and more than slightly concerned.

"Please take me home."

"But Abs your car is at my house, so is all your stuff."

"You know what, never mind. I guess you do deserve to know as well," Abby replied, apathetically.

The two drove back to McGee's apartment in silence, and upon arrival Abby went straight into the bathroom and locked the door, refusing to tell McGee anything.

Under ten minutes later Abby emerged from the bathroom with tears streaking down her face and a small object in her hand.

She held it out to McGee, who was incredibly confused, though the longer he looked, the more reality dawned on him. And the more he felt faint.

"I'm pregnant McGee. And it's yours."

That was too much, and McGee actually did faint.