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"Mornin' Mr. MacDouglas," I greeted as I walked through the museum's doors; I was glad to be out of the summer heat and in the air conditioned lobby. The museum's owner, Henry MacDouglas, inherited the building after his father's death; and throughout the years he expanded it. At first it was a wax museum that only show cased the city's most dangerous criminals. It had been a small place – just the size of a tiny walk in pizzeria. Now the museum had four different sections: The Wax Museum (figures of stars, royalty from around the world, heroes of our time, and soldiers); the hallway of history that told about our city from the time it was founded to modern day; the Science Room with interactive exhibits (it was currently featuring bugs); and finally the a whole hallway dedicated to the mysterious Green Hornet and his partner.

"Good morning to you, Miss Briggs." He walked over, "I thought you'd like to know, Mike Axford's son just donated the only photograph of the Green Hornet and his aide that was ever taken. It's a little blurry, but it's in the Hallway." His cell phone rang and he ducked into his small office behind two wax soldiers to take the call.

I continued on my way back towards the break room, placed my purse into my locker, put on my ID tag, and hurried over to the Green Hornet's Hallway. Unlike the other employees, I was fascinated with the villain. Maybe I am, but I have a reason and a right to be! If it hadn't been for the Hornet my parents would have never met back in the early 70's. My mother had been stuck in a loveless relationship with a wealthy and crooked gun dealer. My father had been the cop who arrested her boyfriend; he swore it was the Black Beauty who led him to the flea-bag motel where he found my mother. Two years after my mother's ex-boyfriend was arrested, she and my father married.

I slowed down when I came into my part of the museum that was the entrance hallway to the Science Room. The archway was painted green with two large outlines of hornets on the top of the archway. The wax figures of the Green Hornet and his aide, Kato stood in the entrance. I smiled at the figures and wished the story the Scarf had given 44 years ago about the wax figurines coming to life was true. What I wouldn't give to meet the two face to face (everyone warned me that was a bad idea, since the Hornet had been a ruthless man without rules). If he had no rules, then why was he so powerful? How was he so successful and legendary? You couldn't be that much of an influence if you were a lawless lunatic.

I glanced at the right wall; framed newspaper articles Mike Axford had written for the Daily Sentinel lined the wall along with a photograph of the investigative reporter. I had read each article so many times I could repeat them word for word. The left wall featured different photographs of the Black Beauty and replicas of the Green Hornet and Kato's weapons.

Between the pictures of the car and the weaponry was a slightly blurred black and white photograph of the Green Hornet and Kato. I leaned in closer to see the picture; the Hornet had a strong chin, he was obviously aware of the camera, since he was staring straight into the lens. His mouth was downturned into a frown and his gas gun was pointed at the photographer. Wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that, I thought to myself and looked at Kato. He was standing halfway behind the Green Hornet; his entire attire was black and he melted into the shadows extremely well. It was no wonder everyone always got fidgety when they walked into the shadows back then. His face was gentler the hornet's…but his eyes were narrowed and he held a throwing dart in shape of a hornet between his fingers. Both are handsome, but obviously not two men you'd want to cross.

"Knew I'd find you here."

I jumped and turned, "Oh, hey Rosie."

Rosie snorted when she saw the photograph, "Now you're going to be glued to that all day long." She smirked and placed her hands on her hips.

I smirked, "Well, at least I'm not a squint."

"Puh-leaze, you're a squint-still-in-the-closet," she chuckled.

"Maybe," I shrugged. Rosie's a few inches shorter than me; she has long, straight, and jet black hair; her eyes were a bluish-greenish color; and unlike me she wasn't a freckle face. My eyes are emerald green and hidden behind a small square pair of plastic pink glasses. My hair is fiery red and has a mind of its own; I had put it into a braid this morning but no doubt it would escape its braided prison soon.

"Here comes the first group, take your time because I need to finish setting up the 'Spiders, Daddy-Long-Legs, and Tarantulas' section'."

"Those spiders are all dead?" I tensed; I hate spiders with a passion.

"Dead as a door nail," Rosie assured as she darted into her room.

I turned and smiled at the large group of kids. Holy Ship….Wow. I don't think our museum has ever had this many kids in the Green Hornet's Hallway. Kids were more interested in animes like Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon, and countless others; old villains and heroes were often forgotten. Ok, Emmalyn, drag these kids away from the electric rat and back to the good-old fashioned good and bad guys.

"Hi everyone," I smiled, "Welcome to the Museum of History, Science, and Legends. My name is Emmalyn Briggs and I'll be your guide in the Hornet's Hallway. Who here as heard of the Green Hornet?"

I tried to keep a smile on face, even though the kids stared at me blankly; a few rubbed their noses; and I heard a little girl ask her teacher where the bathroom was. Wow, tough crowd.

I took a deep breath, "The Green Hornet and his aide, who was often referred to as Kato, were said to be some of the most evil men our city has had. The Green Hornet wasn't only evil to the police, even the bad guys were afraid of him!"

"I've seen the movie!" A little boy beamed, "In it the Green Hornet is always falling down and running away and Kato saves him all the time!"

The kids burst out in laughter; I tucked my hands into my jean pockets and cursed the 'historical documentary' about the masked men.

"That movie is not at all true –"

"Hey kids, the science room is open and our main feature is all about spiders!" Rosie exclaimed from behind me; instantly, I was run over by a stampede of children. My shoulders slumped. Rosie glanced over her shoulder at me and paused.

"Emmy, are you alright?"

"Yeah, fine."

"You don't sound fine…I would've waited but…they weren't really listening."

"Didn't matter anyway," I shrugged. "There were will be other kids who will be interested."

Rosie paused, "Yeah…."

The rest of the day had followed a similar pattern; the Green Hornet's Hallway had maybe eight visitors; three elderly women, a middle aged man, and a small crowd of teenagers who wanted to base a comic book series off the Green Hornet….Only Kato was going to be a woman. I was glad when the day ended and was almost out the door when Mr. MacDouglas stopped me.

"Emmalyn, I need to talk to you…." He shifted his weight from one leg to the other and ran his hand through this thinning hair line.

"Sure, is everything alright?"

"Well….Yes and no."

I paused, "Is it about the museum?"

"Yeah…" he shoved his hands into his slacks' pockets and took a deep breath. "Damn, I hate to have to be the one to tell you this. We're taking down the Hornet's Hallway."

"Wh-what?" My heart skipped a beat, "But…but we can't! The Green Hornet is a legend to this city! He and Kato practically ran it at one point –"

"I know that, Miss Briggs….But we're talking about the 1960's and 70's. People are more interested now in Hippies and other countries. The Green Hornet and Kato will have their own booth in the Wax Museum; the photograph will be mounted on a little podium in front of them. The hallway will be dedicated to the world's cultures as they were in the 1970's….I was hoping you could take part in helping me to build it. I know you're part Scottish and Mohawk."

I stared at him for a long minute, still shocked.

"Emmalyn, please don't look at me like that. I don't want to take that hallway down, it's the last thing I want to do. But it's not economically…wise to keep around any longer. If it had as many visitors as the other rooms and other hallway then I would keep it around. It's not making this museum any money."

Anger boiled within me, the only reason I worked in this building was for that hallway. I wanted to quit but couldn't afford to; not until I had secured another job.

"Yeah…I'll um….Bring in some scans of family photographs and write down some of my family's history and recipes and all."

Mr. MacDouglas beamed, "Great. I'll see you in the morning then."

I nodded and walked out; what had started as a decent day ended in – what to me – was a funeral. The Green Hornet was no longer around and taking down the hallway seemed to say: He's dead, gone, and buried. I hadn't been paying too much attention as I crossed the street and headed towards my car; a loud horn blared and I glanced up.

"Oh crap."

Britt Reid, the owner and publisher of the Daily Sentinel, loosened his grip on his convertible's steering wheel as he went around the corner. It was a warm summer's evening and although the city seemed peaceful it was far from it. A crooked bank manager was stealing money from people's accounts, ending mortgages, and repossessing houses and condos. The Green Hornet would be paying the manager a visit tonight. He passed by the wax museum and looked at the poster featuring him and Kato and gave a small smile. It was best for everyone to think he and Kato were some evil and powerful criminals attempting to take over all crime within the city.

He continued along his steady pace until he parked in front of the newspaper again. The moment he shut his door Miss Case rushed out of the newspaper, wide eyed.

"Casey, what's wrong?"

"It's a girl, Mr. Reid. Mike was back from following up on a lead about the Green Hornet and he found her lying in middle of the street. She doesn't seem to be hurt."

"Is she awake?"

Casey nodded, "I think she hit her head. The moment she saw Mike she screamed and starting mumbling about everything being a dream."

"That's odd," Britt frowned and followed Casey inside. He hoped the woman was alright; whoever she was. The elevator ride seemed to take longer than usual but maybe that was because he was hoping there wasn't a crazy woman in his newspaper and television building. When the doors opened he headed towards his office, Casey close behind. A small red headed figure sat on his sofa, her arms clutched around her purse.

"Mr. Reid," Mike exclaimed, "This is the Green Hornet's fault and I know it!"

"How could it have been the Hornet, Mike? No one's seen anything of him, his partner, or the Black Beauty today." Britt watched as the older reporter scowled and crossed his arms. "You're a good reporter, Mike. The best I have," Britt reassured, "But this obsession with the Hornet has to stop."

Britt turned towards the stranger; she was short with an angelic freckled face. He had never seen glasses like the ones she was wearing, she must have painted them. Her denim jeans had embroidery of flowers along the legs with tiny sparkly gems making the stems. Must be home made, if it wasn't Casey would already have worn them to work. Her white blouse would have been plain if it weren't for the green hornets embroidered onto the lapels of the collar. No wonder Mike's blaming the Green Hornet for this.

"Hello Miss," he sat down beside her, "I'm Britt Reid, the owner and publisher of this newspaper. I understand Mr. Axford found you in middle of the road. If you don't mind me asking, what happened? Are you hurt?"

When Britt Reid walked into his office I knew for sure I was either in a coma or I had hit my head and I was mistaking Mr. MacDouglas for the former owner of the Sentinel. I paused and went with the first option, my boss always called his employees by their first names when they were hurt. I glanced at Miss Case and back at Mike, then to Mr. Reid. The clothing was outdated, even the furniture was old. I swallowed, I have to be in a coma and it's probably the 1960's. Hopefully there was a calendar stashed somewhere in this office.

"I….Um….I was getting off work and I was pretty upset. I just lost my job," I wasn't exactly lying. "The last thing I remember is seeing a delivery truck heading straight towards me…then…nothing," I shrugged. I didn't know what the heck had happened, I didn't feel any pain. Maybe my head hit the pavement and knocked me out before the truck….Aw Hell, I hoped it hadn't run me over.

Mr. Reid stared at me, "You don't remember anything?"

I shook my head.

"Where do you live? Mike or I can take you there."

"I um…Don't have a place here. I lived in Gotham City and I was looking for a job here…." I reached into my purse for my wallet and paused; the money I had was all stamped from the 1990's and 2000's. Great….Just peachy keen. I'm back in time, homeless, and bankrupt. Maybe I can sell my watch and necklace. They're gold; they should bring me some kind of money.

I glanced at Mr. Reid and finished pulling out my wallet, when I opened it I had a surprise; my cash, credit cards, and checkbook were missing.

"Oh no…."

"Do you have your bank account number?" Mr. Reid glanced at my wallet then back at me.

"No….It was brand new," I replied truthfully, "I didn't get time to memorize it." I had just switched banks a month ago.

"Well, I'll make you a deal," he gave a small smile, "You let us run your story in my paper and I'll give you two hundred dollars. That will help pay for rent and food."

I stared at him in amazement; he was willing to pay me that much just for a tiny article about almost being hit by a truck?

"Really? Thank you so much, Mr. Reid. Do you know of any good apartments around?"

"Well, Miss Case has been looking for a temporary roommate."

I looked over at the secretary. Did she really want me, someone she didn't know, staying with her?

"As long as you get a job, pay your rent, and help to care for the apartment its fine with me," she gave a warm smile. I returned the smile and wished more people in 2011 could be this kind, helpful, and trusting. But, then again, the future was a dangerous place.

Miss Case paused, "My name is Lenore Case, but everyone calls me Casey. You can stay with me for a month until my regular roommate returns from college, ok?"

I nodded, "Thank you so much, Casey. Everyone calls me Em or Emmy. I'll get one of your newspapers and look in the job section."

Mr. Reid nodded, "I saw a few good job offers in the paper. What's your strongest talent?"

"Writing, painting, and everyone says I'm a great helper."

"How are you with photography?"

"I love it," I beamed, "Back home I used to sell my prints."

"Well, Mike is always complaining that there's never any photographers around when he needs them. So consider that 200 dollars your first pay check; I'm hiring you under a month's trial basis. We'll see where things go from there."

I stared at him, shocked, "But you don't know me."

"Well, there's plenty of time to get to know you," he smiled and stood, "Don't look so surprised, this city's full of good Samaritans, I just happen to be one of them."

"Aw, boss! I don't want a woman –"

"Emma, do you mind if I call you that?" Miss Case glanced at me. I shook my head no. She continued, "We should go, let me get you a camera."

"That woman's right, you don't know her!" Mike exclaimed after Casey and Emma walked out of the room.

"No, I don't know her Mike. But I intend to get to know her," Britt sat down behind his desk and glanced at the articles his reporters had left on his desk for publishing approval. "And the next time you go off saying 'she's a woman' you remember something: Casey's a woman and she's one of the people who keeps this paper running."

Mike paused, "Alright, I'll give her a chance." His face softened, "I really thought she worked for the Green Hornet."

"Mike, if she worked for the Green Hornet she would have probably tried to run the moment she saw you. Now, I have quite a few articles to read…including…" he held up Mike's article, "The Green Hornet's Girlfriend? Mike, I'm not running this."

"Yeah, I know," the reporter grabbed the article, "I have another good one waiting."

Britt watched the reporter walk out and glanced up at Emma, who stood at Casey's desk learning how to use a camera. He leaned back and crossed her arms. If she was a photographer, she'd know how to use that camera. Who is she, really? Her story was good but fake; The Green Hornet needed to investigate that bank….But if there was a threat inside the Daily Sentinel he needed to know about it. He couldn't risk putting his friends and employees in harm's way.

It was almost nine o'clock at night by the time Casey and I arrived at her apartment; I was being careful with the money Mr. Reid had given to me. I had purchased a new pair of jeans, two blouses, a skirt, and other necessities. To my surprise it hadn't cost me an arm and a leg; but it did make a dent in my first paycheck. I jumped when a siren blared and passed the apartment house.

"Sounds like they're in a hurry."

"They may be chasing after the Green Hornet."

I paused, how could I have forgotten about the Green Hornet? This was the 1960's, of course the Green Hornet would still be around! Maybe my wish to finally meet him would come true one day.

"Have…You ever met the Green Hornet?"

Casey glanced over her shoulder as she unlocked the door, "Once."

"What was he like?"

"Quiet, thoughtful, always planning his next move. He's a dangerous man, Emma. I wouldn't go off wishing to meet him if you don't have too. Though, in your new line of work, you may very well run into him. Mike's always chasing him; in fact, one time he worked with the Hornet."

I gave a tiny smile and recalled that article, it was my favorite one. Then I paused and thought about that photograph Mike's son had donated to the museum. My mouth went dry. Could I have been the photographer who took that picture? Nah….I probably won't see him. If Mike's old school then he won't want a woman 'in harm's way'. But then again when someone wanted something so bad they could taste it, they would do anything to get what they wanted. In Mr. Axford's case it was getting the Green Hornet behind bars.

"Here we go," Casey smiled, "The lock is old and rusty so it takes a few tries to get it open." She walked in and I shut the door after us and went towards the room she had pointed out. After putting away my new clothing I walked out into the living room, it was then reality hit me: This was the 1960's. There were no computers, cell phones, iPods, and other technology I was used to.

"Emma?" Casey put her hand on my arm, "Are you alright?"

I jumped, "Sorry," I blushed. "Guess it just kinda hit me…everything's…really different now."

"It is….Do you have any relatives back in Gotham?"


"Not even parents?"

I shook my head, "Died in a car accident." I lied through my teeth and hoped it wouldn't affect the future in anyway. I didn't want anything happening to my parents.

"I'm sorry…." She frowned, "I hate to leave you like this, but Mr. Reid just called me back to the paper."

"At nine thirty at night? Oh, wait are you two an item?"

Casey stared at me blankly, "Pardon?"

I blushed, "I mean…Are you two going out, courting, dating?"

Casey laughed, "Hey, I'm not that old where I have to use my grandparents' term for dating. No, we're just good friends. He's working later tonight because he wasn't at the Sentinel yesterday, there's a lot he has to catch up on. Make yourself at home."

"OK….Thanks." I paused and watched as Casey grabbed her purse and left. I looked around Casey's small living room; it had a dark purple couch in front of a television, a bookshelf along the wall, and photographs of her friends and family. Seeing the comfortable room made me homesick for my own apartment.

Casey held open the door for the Green Hornet and Kato, "Britt," she whispered, "She seems really nice…scared, but nice."

"She can be nice, Casey, but it doesn't mean she's good. We all know that."

Casey nodded, "She thought you and I were a couple."

The Hornet stared at her, "She's read us wrong."

"Maybe she has," she winked at Kato and walked out towards her car. The Hornet and Kato continued in. Casey glanced back at her apartment window; Emma didn't seem to be the damsel in distress fainting type and Britt and Kato would never hurt her.

"Okay, Casey, where the heck do you keep the bath soap?" I muttered as I searched under the bathroom sink. I slapped my forehead when I found it right in front of me. I grabbed hold of the soap wrapped in a light blue paper and placed it on the sink. I went back to my room for the pajamas Casey lent me and froze when I entered the hallway. The hairs on the back of my neck and arms raised and my stomach twisted. Oh shit, someone's in here with me.

I remembered what my father had told me: Get a weapon, get a phone, hide and call the cops. Only fight if you have too. I edged back towards my room and hoped there was something I could use if I had to defend myself. The moment I backed into my doorway two hands landed on my shoulders and held me in place. I shrieked and sent my foot flying backwards, the man ducked away.

"Easy miss," the voice behind me said softly, "We're not going to hurt you."

"WE?" I squeaked and winced; Nice one, Emmalyn. Just squeak like a mouse, how about screaming or something? I was about too but my breath was caught in my throat as my eyes widened…The Green Hornet turned on a lamp in my room.

"Oh my God." I had just gotten my wish. If the Green Hornet was sitting on my bed…that meant….I glanced over my shoulder. Surely enough, all clad in black, was Kato. He didn't look menacing or threatening, he was just doing his job and trying to keep me from attacking him again. From what the articles say, he could knock me out with just one punch if he wanted too. OK, note to self: Do not anger the Asian man.

"I don't have anything; I mean I have a watch and a necklace…" I babbled. The Hornet stared at me and glanced at Kato, who had finally let go. Great, I finally get my wish and I act like a total idiot!

"I'm not interested in your possessions, Miss Briggs." The Hornet said softly but sternly.

"You know my name?"

"I know a little about you. I know your name and that you're a new photographer at the Daily Sentinel." He stood, "What I don't know is where you come from. Where are you from, really?"
"How the heck did you even hear about me?" I was amazed, I was far from important.

"Please answer my question, Miss Briggs."


The Hornet stared at me.

"Emma," I replied, "Please call me Emma or Emmalyn."

He paused, "Alright," he shrugged, "Emmalyn, please answer my question."

I swallowed, obviously he didn't believe my Gotham city story, "Well, I came from Gotha-"

"I heard Reid telling this story to one of his reporters and I don't believe it."

"Why is it so important?"

"You have my insignia stitched into your clothing, why would it not be important?"

"You both are going to drop me at the mental hospital if I tell you." I crossed my arms and glanced behind me at Kato.

"We won't think you're crazy."

"Can you throw me my purse?"

The Green Hornet turned and handed it to me; I undid the clasp, took out my wallet, and grabbed hold of my Driver's license and handed it to him.

"I've never seen an ID like this before," he turned it over and stared at the magnetic strip, then looked at the front of it again. "You're from this city….In 2010?" He looked up at me.

"2011 now," I replied, "I work at the museum…Um what is the Wax Museum here. I…wasn't watching where I was going and a delivery truck was coming right towards me. When I woke up I was in the Daily Sentinel, I have no idea what happened. I don't know how I got here. And I have to admit I'm starting to get homesick….Time sick…..Not quite sure…exactly what to call it."

I stepped out of the way as Kato walked into my room and looked at the ID.

"What is it like in 2011?" He asked.

"It has its ups and downs like any time," I shrugged. "More dangerous….Lots of monsters out there that prey on adults and kids. But there are a lot of good people too, it's just….Kind of antisocial where I come from."

"Oh? Why's that?" The Hornet looked at me and reached for my purse. I handed it to him, I figure keeping him happy would mean being safe. He dumped its contents on the bed and picked up my iPhone. I quickly explained that people were glued to objects like the one he was holding. He pressed the button and jumped when the lock screen flashed on. I blushed knowing exactly what picture he was staring at.

"What is this thing and where did you get that picture?"

"It's a cellular phone, cell phone for short. You talk on it, you can send mail wirelessly, you can write and play games on it, listen to music, and a lot more. The picture is in the museum."

The Green Hornet handed it to Kato who stared at the picture and glanced at me. My face went beet red.

2011. No wonder the poor woman was scared out of her mind when she first woke up and kept muttering that she was dreaming. If she had come from the future, how many others had gone and arrived from other times? How? Britt glanced at Emma and noticed she kept glancing at Kato, each time his eyes returned her gaze her face would turn as red as a fire engine. It took Britt all his strength not to smirk; he had no idea how Kato was handling this woman's obvious crush on him.

"Alright, Emmalyn, I believe you," he glanced at Kato.

"I do too," he nodded.

Britt saw her relax and noticed the fear had left her eyes, "Do you know my reputation?"

"Of course, I was the person who gave the tours in the Green Hornet Hallway of the Museum. I've read as many articles about you that I could find."

Britt glanced at Kato and he shrugged.

"Hopefully she will not be another Mike Axford," Kato whispered.

"If you attempt to chase us, Emmalyn, I will warn you I will not be so nice." Britt placed her purse back down on her bed and walked back towards the living room.

"You're leaving?"

"Yes," Britt replied.

"Oh….That was….Fast."

"I'm afraid this isn't a tea party, Emmalyn. The last place I want to be caught is in Miss Case's apartment. Reid would personally track me down."

"Wait….I'm Mike Axford's photographer…"

I watched as the Green Hornet frowned.

"I see, well, we'll be seeing each other again then."

"I promise not to try to catch you physically, just on film." I pointed to the camera on my nightstand.

"I prefer you didn't," he replied. "Know this: We will not hurt you. Just stay back if you see us and leave us alone."

"But Mr. Axford-"

"Is an adult," the Green Hornet replied, "He makes his own choices." He nodded to Kato and they both walked out the door. I watched as they left….Today was officially the craziest, weirdest, scariest, and most awesome day of my life. Now….I really needed to find a way home.

Casey pulled up just as the Green Hornet and Kato were leaving the building.

"She's from the future, Casey," Britt said softly as he walked towards the Black Beauty. He saw her look of surprise and confusion, "She's lost and she's scared. Keep an eye on her. She may not be the only one whose here. I don't know how she got here and neither does she."

"Is she friend or foe?" Casey hoped it wasn't the latter.

"Friend," the Hornet replied as he and Kato climbed into their car. Casey watched as the Black Beauty sped away; probably off to find that crooked bank manager. If there were more people from the future, she hoped they were like Emma….

Tad Dunning smirked when Kyle Evans walked into the small apartment with another large bag of Cocaine and Heroin.

"You got everything?"

Kyle looked up, "Yeah dude. Everything," he dropped the gym bag on the floor, "I don't know how the hell ya got us back in time man, but it's awesome. If we get caught we just go to another time!"

"We don't go to another time other than 2011 you ass," Tad snarled. "That's not how the remote works." He paused, "You said you had everythin'."

"Yeah, I do," Kyle took off his fedora and scratched his short and spiky brown hair, "Damn, Tad, can't I change back into my own clothes? Not this damned suit. It itches!"

"Quit yer whining," Tad snarled, "Where's the girl?"

"The girl, boss?"

"The one I told you to get, Police Chief Briggs's daughter."

Tad winced, "Aw damn….I knew I forgot something. She was stepping in front of my truck and I thought by pressing the remote control she would be wherever I was." He shrugged, "I didn't know she'd wind up somewhere else."

"You asshole," Tad groaned and pushed a hand through his long black hair, "We're wanted murderers back in our time! Our ticket to complete freedom, at least in this city, is that woman! You messed up! Go find her and get her!"

"But Tad, she ain't no use to us here!"

"Get her NOW, Kyle….Or does Alejandro here need to convince you?" He pointed at the large muscular Spanish man leaning against the wall.

Kyle tensed; unlike Tad and Alejandro he was shorter and scrawnier…and dependent on the drugs he stole.

"Alright…." He eyed the gym bag of drugs, "But I need –"

"You'll get your fix when you find the girl," Tad snarled and grabbed the bag away from him. "Now go and do your damned job!" When Kyle had left Tad shook his head and pulled his hair back into a pony tail. Kyle was clueless to reason why he needed Emmalyn Briggs in this time. He glanced at the newspaper article he had stolen a year ago from the museum; it featured Emmalyn in the Green Hornet's Aide's embrace. "Believe me Kyle…" Tad grumbled, "That woman is our ticket to freedom in both 2011 and 1967."