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"Is this happening? Is this fantasy?
All my dreams coming true…All because of you
I can't believe it's true…all because of you…"

~"All Because of You" by Blackmore's Night~

The police cruiser turned the corner, and Tad knew they were only three blocks away from the police precinct. He took a sharp inhale and glanced at Alejandro, who was sitting ramrod straight in his seat with his square jawed and massive fists clenched; the only thing controlling the giant was a measly pair of zip tie handcuffs. The Spanish man glanced in his direction and Tad gave a slight nod before rolling his eyes back in his skull and beginning to shake.

"Hey you!" Alejandro shouted, "My partner is going into a…what ya call that thing, an epy-letic seize! Ya gotta help him!"

The driver glanced in the rearview mirror, his eyes wide. Tad continued convulsing and lowered his eyes once and knew the driver was a relatively new cop.

"We….We gotta wait 'till we get to the precinct!" The gangly officer replied and focused his attention forward, his grip tightened on the steering wheel. Tad continued to convulse.

"Can't ya call an ambulance for somethin'! C'mon, man! He's gonna die! And if he does I'll hunt ya down and –" Alejandro didn't have a chance to finish; the remaining member of their gang, driving his old rusted out pickup truck, sped out of an intersection and straight into the driver's side door of the cruiser. The impact caused both men to grunt and fall to the side as the car was shoved sideways into a tree.

Tad sat up and flexed his shoulders, he watched as Laila backed her truck up and gave a thumbs up as she climbed out of the vehicle. Beautiful and dangerous as always, his girlfriend reached into the pocket of her Daisy Dukes (short shorts) and brought out her pocket knife.

"C'mon, baby, you can do it!" Alejandro exclaimed as Laila struggled to open the crushed door. When she couldn't get the door to budge, she tapped the glass and shouted for them to move towards the other door. She walked back to her truck and returned with a tire iron.

"Cover yer eyes!" She shouted and lifted the metal tool up into the air and slammed it into the glass. It took several slams, but finally the bullet proof glass shattered enough for Tad to lie on his back and use his legs and feet to push the glass window out of the door.

"Help me out, Laila."

"Don't tell me what to do," she snarled and pushed her black and purple streaked hair over her shoulder. She grabbed hold of Tad's shoulders and helped him to climb out the window.

"What about me man? I'm too big to get out of that puny window," Alejandro frowned.

Tad smirked and turned, "You've been useful, Alejandro. I appreciate that," he reached his hand out to Laila and she handed him his revolver. Smirking at the look of horror on his old comrade's face he exclaimed, "But you've outlived your usefulness." He turned towards Laila, who was looking away from the grisly scene towards Pine Street, where the Green Hornet's car was turning the corner. Smirking, Tad wrapped his arm around Laila's shoulders and whispered, "How 'bout you help me squash a bug?"

The drive to the police chief's home had been peaceful thus far, but Kato knew in life to expect the unexpected. He had expected to meet Emmalyn's mother in a more…public location, after all most police didn't like their family members around criminals (or those posing as criminals). However, this was not a normal situation; Kato glanced at the rearview mirror towards Britt. He was studying the remote control and was careful not to press any buttons. It was a strange looking device; white and rectangular and almost as thin as a sheet of paper. Only the middle part of the technology slightly bulged.

"This must be the power source," Britt held it up for Kato to see, "I've never seen anything like it. Judging from Emmalyn and her father's reactions, I assume they've never something like it either."

"Where could he have gotten it?" Kato's gaze returned to the road, "Unless he too is from another time?"

"I doubt that. If he had been, then he'd know how this entire situation panned out. He would have expected the undercover cops at the scene and would have probably escaped."

Kato was about to turn the corner onto the next street when an old rusted out pickup truck suddenly slammed into the front fender of Chief Briggs's car. Kato slammed on the breaks and reached for the driver's side door, his heart pounding.

"Kato, wait!" Britt shouted as he climbed out after him.

I cried out when the other vehicle slammed into the front fender on dad's side of the car. My entire body lurched forward, the seat belt tightened just before my head hit the front dashboard; the car's airbags exploded outward. I had my senses knocked out of me and I had no idea what was happening, other than the fact we had just been in a car accident. Groaning I slowly sat back, I placed one hand on the back of my aching neck, and used the other to undo the seatbelt, which was digging into me so badly I felt like I was bleeding. My glasses had been shoved back onto my nose and the arms dug into my ears.

"Dad?" I asked when the passenger door was opened. I turned, expecting to see the Green Hornet and Kato, "You gotta help dad, he's not saying anything…" My heart lurched into my throat; towering over me was not Kato or the Hornet, but Tad Dunning.

"Get away from me!" I shouted and reached for my father, I glanced at him and jerked back, "DAD!" His head was against the steering wheel, his airbag had inflated, but the air had escaped through a hole that had been punctured through it. I felt sick to my stomach; the top of my dad's head was bleeding, his eyes were shut, and his nose looked as if it might have been broken. Hopefully, that was all that was wrong. One of my friends was a psychologist and she had worked with accident victims whose brains had been thrown against their skull walls. I didn't have a chance to grab his gun when Tad pulled me out of the car and turned me around so my back was pressed against him.

"Miss me, sweet heart?" He whispered before reaching into his pocket and taking out a small syringe.

"What is that? What are you doing? Get that away from me!" I wiggled and struggled, I sent my fist flying at his crotch. He howled a second later and leaned forward, his legs buckled and his face contorted in pain.

"Bitch!" He glanced up at me as I ran towards the Black Beauty; I cried out a warning, and tried to slow down before hitting an Asian woman who was a few inches taller than me. As I stopped, I stared at her and flashbacked to the day I was thrown back into 1967. One of the comic book artists who wanted to make Kato into a woman!

"Hello," she purred and reached into pocket taking out a switchblade, "You shouldn't have done that. It was going to be painless for you. But, oh well," she charged towards me and stopped when Kato shouted something in Chinese. The woman and I both looked up, I didn't see the Green Hornet but Kato stood with a dart between his fingers, prepared to throw it at woman if she moved closer to me.

Kato felt sick to his stomach. The woman standing in front of him with her switchblade aimed at Emmalyn looked just like Mulan Lee, only her hair was dyed with purple streaks and she dressed in extremely tight and inappropriate clothing.

The woman smirked at him, her eyes flashing as she threw him a cruel and twisted smile, "Hello, Kato. I hope you recognize me somewhat, I guess you could say I'm to die for." She stepped forward, "Or at least, my grandmother was." Her eyes narrowed and the smile turned into a sneer, "You think my family forgot what you took from us? My grandmother loved you, and in return for that love, you killed her. My grandpapa remembers every second of it! Now I am to avenge my grandmother's death, I will take what is most precious from you! A life for a life!"

Kato glared at the woman, "Then you were given lies." Anger boiled through him as the vivid memories of Mulan Lee and the cruel game she played with his heart while his best friend almost died. His fingers squeezed the dart; one shot to the neck would be all it would take.

"Kato don't."

Kato looked over at Emma, her voice had come through as soft but firm. Tad was once again behind her, the tip of the needle only inches away from her neck. His mouth went dry, first he nearly lost Britt, now they were attempting to take Emma from him too? No. I will not allow this to happen.

"Put the syringe down," Kato exclaimed in a low and threatening tone, "Or I will kill this woman."

"Like you killed my grandmother! Ha! I think not!"

"Shut up, Laila!" Tad shouted, "This is my revenge! Yours comes after mine! First, I kill the bitch who took my life from me, then you get to kill him, and I get the best victory of all. I kill the Hornet and unmask him!" He grunted when Emma struggled against him and jerked his knee up into the small her back.

Kato felt his heart race with anger and prepared to throw the dart.

"Remember what you told me? Anger only clouds your judgment and allows your enemy to turn you into one of them! A cold and heartless person! Don't let them-"

"I said shut it!" Tad screamed at her and jerked her away from Kato.

Kato froze and glanced at the dart, then at Laila, and finally at Tad.

"You're just a coward like my grandfather said," Laila snarled and jumped when a high pitched metallic shriek pierced the air, causing Tad to jump. The switchblade was blasted into pieces by the Hornet Sting; Laila shouted and grabbed hold of her hand and wrist. She cursed and slightly bent over her wounded hand.

"He's not the coward," the Green Hornet exclaimed as he walked out from behind a tree, "But you are. You both are cold cruel people fueled by vengeance, anger, and hate. You both don't stand a chance in this world or the next! Now put the syringe down before I do something I may regret." The Hornet pointed the Sting at Tad and motioned for him to release Emma. Kato watched as Tad slowly and reluctantly let her go. She ran towards him as Chief Briggs's car began to move.

Kato ran towards Emma as her father stumbled out of the car but fell onto his knees, his hand holding his head.

"Dad," Emma whispered and began to slow down.

"Bye-bye Kato!" Laila shouted from his side. Kato jumped and his eyes widened at seeing Laila with a small pistol. Emma turned towards the scene, her eyes widened as she bolted towards him, the Hornet pressed on the Sting's trigger but it had been too late; Laila fired the gun the moment Emma darted in front of him.

Kato opened his arms and caught Emma as she fell backwards onto him; shock, anger, and grief coursed through him at all once, "Emma!" The bullet had pierced her stomach, if they didn't get help soon she would die. The Sting fired and Kato watched as Laila grabbed her chest and collapsed to the ground a moment later.

"Tad's gone, I can't find him anywhere," Britt exclaimed as he rushed over and knelt beside Kato. "No…."

Thomas Briggs waited until his stomach had settled and his head stopped spinning before he stood up and weaved his way over to Kato and the Green Hornet. His vision was blurred but he could make out the two men's form. Kato was kneeling on the ground with another person lying in his lap; the Hornet was squatting beside him. As he got closer, his eyes widened and his heart stopped. Emmalyn was lying on Kato's lap, her eyes shut, blood was soaking the front of her shirt.

"Emmalyn!" He stumbled over to the two men he reached for his cell phone and froze when he heard the click of a trigger. Thomas turned to find Tad aiming his pistol at the Hornet.

"Chief Briggs, get down!" The Hornet shouted.

"Do you have that remote control thing of yours?" Thomas shouted.

The Hornet narrowed his eyes and reached into his coat's pocket, "Yes."

"Use it," Thomas growled, "And get my daughter out of here."

"She needs a hospital here-"

"Go! I saw you kill that woman, by law I have to arrest you. You'd never return home." He grabbed his gun from the holster, "Get in your car and go. Take good care of my daughter." He looked at Kato, "You take good care of her and you save her. You hear me? Save her." He turned towards Tad and watched as the man prepared to fire once again, sneering Thomas raised his gun and aimed, "This is for my daughter, you bastard." The moment he squeezed the trigger he and Tad were both blinded by a blazing blue light; Thomas glanced over his shoulder, the Black Beauty was glowing bright blue as white ovals surrounded and danced around it. With another burst of light, the car was gone as if it had never existed. Thomas glanced back towards Tad and shot him in the shoulder…he could have killed him. But it was as his daughter said to Kato: Don't become one of them.

Sirens pierced the air and Thomas turned around and whispered, "God speed, baby girl. I love you and I will figure out what to tell your mother….I promise."

Rosie was sitting in the chair at her parents' bedside when she heard the sheets rustle. She looked up, her eyes widened when she found her mother blinking awake, and her father sitting up.

"Mom, dad!" She shouted and heard Brittany mirroring her excited reaction.

"Rosie!" Her mother smiled, "What time is it?"

Her father yawned, "For a moment….I thought I was back with Britt squaring off against that woman Laila again…."

Rosie laughed, "It's past ten o'clock at night mom….I'm so glad you and dad are okay." Tears traveled down her cheeks in happiness.

"Of course we're alright, sweetie. We were just taking a nap," her mother chuckled.

"Yeah….That was some nap mom." Bruce exclaimed from the bedroom door, "Dad, mind telling us that story again where you and Uncle Britt were sent into the future?"

It had been a week since Dr. Hannah Thomas performed the surgery and saved Emma's life. Emma had been in a coma since then and Kato remained at her bedside during the visiting hours each day. He sometimes slept in the chair beside her bed or at times a nurse wheeled in a cot for him to sleep in; however, he was always close enough to hold her hand. This was a fight she didn't need to face alone; he was with her through every step of the way. He would remain here no matter how long it took. Britt Reid had come by twice a day every day and delivered flowers from Casey, Mike, and a few other reporters at the Sentinel.

"Kato," Britt sighed on Sunday afternoon, "You've been here each day for hours on end. I need you to come back now" he whispered, "The Green Hornet needs you back."

Kato glanced at him, "I know…And I will be return. But for now, I need to be here for Emma….I won't lose her again."

"…I didn't know you misplaced me…"

Kato jumped and looked down, Emma's eyes were half open and she was giving him a small smile. He smiled, stood up, and carefully wrapped his arms around her in a large and gentle hug. Happiness and relief traveled through him.

"I am glad you're well, Emma…." He pulled away and held onto her hand. He noticed she was looking around the room, "Is something the matter?"

"I didn't realize I was starting a nursery," she replied causing Britt and Kato to both laugh. "You were here with me, Kato. You too, Mr. Reid," she glanced at the two and both nodded.

"How did you know?" Britt asked.

"I heard you both….I was sitting on the drawbridge of a really pretty castle….The sky was purple and it was pretty but so lonely. You both were always there; I could hear Kato telling me stories and you reading to me from the newspaper. Mike was here too, he was telling me about the article he's working on-"

"And needs his photographer's help as soon as possible," Mike exclaimed as he walked into the room with a bouquet of flowers. "So stop sleeping on the job and get up!" He smiled.

"Mike!" Emma beamed and Kato laughed when her face lit up. He walked over to Britt as Mike walked over to Emma's bedside and began updating her on everything that happened while she was missing and in the hospital.

"So?" Britt smirked.

"So what?" Kato asked.

"It wasn't me she wanted to come back to this time for," Britt reminded, "What are your plans?"

Kato smiled, "One day I will marry her, one day. For now, we need to become better friends as our love grows. Then, when we are best friends, I will propose."

"Something tells me you had better hurry," Britt laughed, "The way Mike's going, he may try to get Emma and his son together."

Kato shook his head, "It will never happen."

"In one month there's a newspaper publisher's convention in Gotham…I also hear there's been some trouble at the Pinkston Stamp Factory," Britt paused, "How do you feel about going with me. Britt Reid can take Emma along as his photographer."

Kato nodded, "Will a month be enough time for her to heal?"

"Well, judging from the looks of it, I'd say yes." He nodded over to Emma and Mike, "You might want to do something about that."

Kato turned to find Emma sitting up and trying to get out of her hospital bed, already excited about the case Mike was talking about. Kato rushed over and Britt laughed when he heard him tell Mike to stop putting ideas into Emma's head. The first thought that came to Britt's mind when he saw Emma and Kato hugging was Casey….He needed to go by the local florist and pick up some chocolate and flowers and ask Casey to dinner.