A collective sigh sounded through the classroom as the bell rang. I dropped my pencil and joined everyone in shoving stuff into my backpack. I grinned happily, and headed for my locker. it was Friday and school was over. Life was good.

On the way, I passed a couple of guys hitting on a tall redhead with green eyes.

"Come on, just give us your number. We only wanna chat."

"Hey, leave her alone." I said, stepping in front of her.

"Or what, you'll beat us up?" The leader said, glaring at me.

"No. I'll let her beat you up. It'll be much worse."

They muttered among themselves for a minute, and then decided we weren't worth the trouble.

"Come on, Rose." I said. "Why do you let them get away with that?"

"Hey, it's not like I can just go beating people up. I have to protect my secret identity, you know?" She replied. We walked down the hallway, talking and laughing. Suddenly, I noticed a blond haired, red-eyed man leaning against a drink machine and surveying the nearby people.

"Hey Sheik. What's up?"

"Hey guys. Thought you might want to hang out. There's a horror movie I wanted to see."

We all grinned at each other at that. 'Horror movie' was our code for a monster worth some attention.

"Sounds good. Meet you out back?" I said. We stopped by our lockers, and then walked to the small parking lot behind the main building. Sheik was sitting there in his blue camouflage jeep. We threw our bags in the back, and I pulled out the sword he'd brought me, buckling it on and drawing it once to check the balance.

"Man, Sheik, can't you get me anything better?"

"Sein, that sword is two hundred years old, supposedly crafted by the last of the Gorons. I don't know how you manage to destroy them so fast! The last one didn't last more than one battle when we went up against that Darknut. This one is supposed to be even better, but it's not like legendary blades are common. Or cheap. And it's not like an ordinary legendary blade could match up to the one you used to use."

"You should just use magic, like me." Rose said, shaping a sword out of thin air.

"Yeah, yeah. I just wish I remembered where I'd stashed one of the magical swords I picked up on my travels. I tell you, five hundred years ago, people made weapons, not these flimsy toys." I sheathed the sword again, and sat down.

Sheik gunned the engine, and we were off.

Life had settled down. It wasn't 'normal', but it was good. We spent at least one or two days a week hanging out, often times hunting up new artifacts, or hunting down monsters. When the Goddesses had returned us home, they'd replaced the Master Sword in it's pedestal like I'd asked, re-establishing the flow of magic as it had been five hundred years ago, and resetting the original magical defenses for the Triforce. Over the summer, we had traveled back to the desert and broken the Mirror of Twilight into four pieces, shutting off that doorway to the Light Realm. It would take a pretty high-level magician to reassemble it, and they'd have to find it, first. One piece was under my bed, one was under Rose's, one was under Zelda's, and one was under Sheik's.

Rose and I were official citizens of the Deeper World, as much as that was possible. We knew the neighborhoods around our houses completely differently now. I knew that the old man down my street made great potions, and I visited him often. Rose lived near a cobbler who could make you a pair of shoes overnight that would always fit and never wear out. In his sleep, he claimed.

Saria had gathered up all the medallions that had surfaced, and was working on recruiting Sages. Blind was the new Sage of Fire, and Kirio was the new Sage of Shadow. The Water medallion and the Spirit medallion hadn't turned up yet, and no-one they had tested so far had been able to use the Light medallion. The treaty holding the Deeper World together was still strong, largely in part to them, but also in part to Princess Zelda's new strike team.

They came and went like the breeze, accepting orders from no-one but the Princess, and working with amazing speed and efficiency.

I smiled. There were rumors spreading around the Deeper World, saying all sorts of things about us. They said I could cut through solid steel, that Sheik could fly, and Rose could breathe fire. That last one was even true.

We'd been pretty busy, lately. Zelda wasn't sure what to do about the flow of magic. Artifacts were turning up faster then ever, some of them truly powerful ones. Monsters, too, were becoming more and more common. The everyday world was going to find out soon, and if we didn't make a decision fast, we wouldn't have any control over how that happened. Rumors were already circulating widely. I'd even heard someone talking about how they'd found a rupee the other day.

I leaned back in my seat, and stopped worrying about it. That sort of thing could work itself out.

We had a monster to kill, and it was going to be a blast.


Well, I promised that this would be finished one way or another, and now it is! Sorry it took so long to get these last chapters up; I've been at a really low point in my life, and this has been a pretty low priority. This is officially The End; the next writing project I'm working on isn't Zelda related at all. If anyone is really interested in reading it, let me know with a PM or a review, and I'll point you guys to it if/when I start publishing.

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